The Air France First Class Lounge Paris In 10 Pictures

This has been a whirlwind travel week for me, as I’ve flown Iberia business class, LAN business class, Oman Air 787 business class, and Oman Air A330 business class. These were all new products for me, and I enjoyed the flights immensely.

After flying from Los Angeles to New York to Madrid to Frankfurt to Muscat to Bangkok to Muscat to Frankfurt, I booked Air France’s new business class from Frankfurt to Paris to Toronto.


While I was excited to finally try Air France’s new business class, I was equally excited to return to the Air France First Class Lounge Paris, which I’ve named the best first class lounge in the world.

While I was “only” traveling in business class, Air France actually lets passengers buy access to the lounge for 300EUR. The catch is that you have to be flying longhaul business class on a flight without a first class cabin, and you need to be on a ticket issued by Air France (regardless of whether it’s revenue or an award).

So, was I as impressed by the Air France First Class Lounge Paris this time as last time? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Air France offers the world’s best first class ground experience in Paris. Period.

And while 300EUR is a lot of money to simply improve your ground experience when you’d already have access to a lounge, I actually thought it represented a good value. Between being picked up at my arriving flight, having an incredible spa treatment, having one of the best meals of my life (I’m serious — not just at an airport, but best meals in general), to enjoying some fantastic champagne and wine, to getting driven to my connecting flight, it was an incredible experience.

Below are 10 pictures of the Air France first class ground experience, as a teaser before the full trip report. Now that I’ve finished my Hainan Airlines business class trip report, I’ll begin publishing the report from this trip over the weekend.

In the meantime, I can only recommend paying to access the Air France first class lounge. Yes, it’s a lot of money for a lounge, but if you can afford it and value experiences like this, it will be money well spent. Just make sure you plan a long enough layover so you can enjoy all the lounge has to offer.

Air-France-Lounge - 1

Air-France-Lounge - 2

Air-France-Lounge - 3

Air-France-Lounge - 4

Air-France-Lounge - 5

Air-France-Lounge - 6

Air-France-Lounge - 7

Air-France-Lounge - 8

Air-France-Lounge - 9

Air-France-Lounge - 10


  1. Lucky, are you sure the FCL purchase is limited to tickets issued by AF?
    I might be wrong, but I thought the ticket stock didn’t matter.

  2. Wow. This blog has been very lucrative for you. 300 Eur for a lounge. I couldn’t afford it even if I had the money.

    Did you agonize whether you should tip the limo driver 2 euros or not 🙂

  3. @papa smurf, it’s 300pp.

    I did it and my experience I’m sure will completely differ from Lucky’s. I thought it was a complete waste of money. I can’t even comment on the service as there was no one there to begin with outside of the waitress who took my order and brought the food, but even she disappeared. Also wasn’t driven to the plane. I could understand if it was close by the lounge but the gate was hella far away.

    To be fair to AF, I did file a formal complaint and they refunded me.

  4. Lucky – I’m not sure how you paid for this ticket, but recently you had an interesting post about the increasing prevalence of cheap business class fares (reducing the value of miles potentially). Is there some good place or places to ‘search’ for those fares other than constantly monitoring blogs etc to learn of the existence of a new fare? I’d be interested in cheap fares to Europe and the like but whenever I search premium cabins fares seem really expensive.

    thanks as always – have been reading this blog since 2010 and very happy to see you’re up to more than 1 million people a month. I know for sure that this blog has totally changed my approach to travel and hope others can benefit too.


  5. “Air France offers the world’s best first class ground experience in Paris.”

    I’m pretty sure it’s the only first class ground experience in Paris, no?

  6. Okay I’m whining again but I wish you have reviewed the whole Business Class product – i.e. with the appropriate lounge. It’s not much use if one is actually coming to the blog looking to decide whether to travel Air France J class. So I think the review of AF will be skewed unfortunately.

    Having said that I’m sure you had a good time and I know you were tired from all the previous travel.

  7. @ Leo — That’s fine, and you’re welcome not to read that part. Tens of thousands of people visit this site every day, and I won’t ever please everyone. A lot of people expressed a preference for trying out the first class lounge as a business class passenger. If you feel differently I totally respect that, and it’s fine. But if I had reviewed the business lounge someone would have said “I wish you had reviewed paid access to the first class lounge.”

  8. I actually think that EUR 300 is rather cheap – at least if you spend some hours in the lounge. If you think how much money you would pay for champagne, first class food and a spa treatment & so on, EUR 300 doesn’t seem that much in my opinion.

  9. I appreciate the review. Noting John’s reply – I suppose it is like fine dining – the experience can vary tremendously day to day, and the price point tends to set high expectations.

  10. Looking forward to full reviews of the lounge and your AF flight.

    Will a ticket on an AF flight issued by KLM qualify for this?

  11. Since you booked the ticket on Flying Blue, can we take this as you putting your trust back into the program after the fraud accusation/account shutdown incidents in the past? (Maybe put a post up on this since the only other way we’d use the F lounge is if we book tickets on AF)

  12. @dan AF has been operating their new J on CDG-YYZ for a while now. I flew it ex: YYZ last Fall. In other positive AF/KL YYZ news, they are *finally* updating their very worn and dated lounge in Terminal 3. It’s underway now, and expected to re-open in March.

  13. @Philipp — Haha. I was thinking the same thing. I haven’t experienced the AF first lounge at CDG, but if what Ben says about the quality of the food, spa, service, etc., is in fact true, then EUR 300 is a very good value.

  14. I was at the Air France lounge @ AF on a first class ticket to NYC. I loved the experience. You really feel special when you’re there. Other than paying 300 EUR for access to this wonderful service, Flying Blue members can also pay with miles. If I’m not mistaken the price is 40K FB miles.

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