Starwood’s Improved 2016 Brand Bonus

For the past several years, Starwood has offered a bonus to SPG members who stay at a pre-determined number of brands over the course of a year.

The bonuses sometimes vary between different accounts, though here’s my version of the offer from last year:


As you can see, I could earn 9,000 bonus Starpoints for staying at nine brands, 10,000 bonus Starpoints for staying at 10 brands, or 11,000 bonus Starpoints for staying at 11 brands.

That promotion was enough to encourage me to make my first “mattress run” of the year, so I could earn the 9,000 bonus Starpoints for staying at nine brands. Without it I would have ended the year having stayed at eight brands.

In early January I wrote about how Starwood was bringing back a brand bonus for 2016, though it wasn’t as generous as last year. At that point the offer was simply for 500 bonus Starpoints after staying at five brands. I’d easily stay at five brands anyway, though if I hadn’t, 500 Starpoints is hardly enough of a bonus to go out of my way for.


Well, much like last year, it looks like Starwood has just improved the terms of their 2016 brand bonus, based on looking at the SPG Dashboard. SPG members can now earn 11,000 Starpoints for staying at all 11 SPG brands in 2016.


Given that we have over nine months left in the year, I’ll be planning my stays more carefully for the brands I frequent less often (Four Points, Element, Tribute Collection, and Design Hotels).

So far this year I’ve only done three brands, though with my upcoming stays I’ll be making an effort to stay at brands I wouldn’t otherwise frequent.


I value Starpoints at ~2.2 cents each (well, at least until the merger between Marriott and Starwood is completewho knows at what rate Starpoints will convert into Marriott Rewards points), so 11,000 bonus Starpoints is worth ~$240 to me. The promotion isn’t a reason to make a bunch of stays unnecessarily, but it is enough motivation to maybe switch around a few stays to brands I frequent less often.

To be sure you’re eligible for the offer, simply check your SPG Dashboard. There’s no need to register for the offer.

I’ll be going out of my way to stay at brands I frequent less, like Aloft

Bottom line

11,000 Starpoints are worth ~$240, so if you’d be close anyway, it’s definitely worth taking advantage of this offer. Furthermore, I tend to think these types of promotions are pretty fun. It’s a nice way to try all of Starwood’s brands and be rewarded in the process.

Do you plan on completing Starwood’s 2016 brand bonus?


  1. Couple of things in the T&C that caught my attention:
    1) “Members must log in to the SPG Dashboard between January 4 and December 31, 2016, 11:59 p.m. ET to be eligible for this promotion.” Lets hope people who will go for this promo will check the dashboard at some point in the year.
    2) “Bonus points will be credited to the member’s account by January 31, 2017.” Safe to assume NOTHING is happening to starpoints/spg until this timeframe 🙂

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