My Oman Air 787 Business Class Flight In 10 Pictures

Over the past couple of days I’ve shared pictures of my Iberia business class flight from New York to Madrid, as well as my LAN business class flight from Madrid to Frankfurt. Both were pleasant flights, though they weren’t the part of the journey I was most looking forward to.

This is where the journey gets really fun for me, and it’s also the motivation for the trip (the flights to and from Frankfurt were simply to position for this, though I tried to make my airline choice as interesting as possible).

At this point in the journey I was rather tired, after having flown in from Asia a day before starting my trip, then taking a redeye from New York to Madrid, then spending the day in Madrid before my afternoon flight from Madrid to Frankfurt, just in time to hop on yet another short redeye to Muscat.

My flight from Frankfurt to Muscat was operated by one of Oman Air’s Boeing 787s, which is the Oman Air plane on this journey I was least excited about flying. It has Oman Air’s new business class product, which I assumed was a downgrade over the old product (which I’ll talk about in the next installment). What I found instead is that the window seat in this configuration is my single favorite business class seat out there.

While the flight was only 5hr30min long, I enjoyed every minute of it.

With that in mind, below are 10 pictures from my Frankfurt to Muscat flight on Oman Air. Of course I’ll have a full trip report upon the completion of my trip, after I finish my Hainan Airlines trip report. Two things I’ll note, without revealing too much:

  • There was just something so fun and “exotic” about flying Oman Air. Oman is a gorgeous country, so I’m not sure if that’s it, or if it’s simply that Oman Air isn’t a very extensively reviewed airline. But there was something about the whole experience which felt so “exotic,” sort of like flying SriLankan.
  • Oman has a different standard of living than the UAE and Qatar (the locals mostly actually work), so I found it interesting that almost the whole business class crew was actually Omani. You’d never find an Emirati as cabin crew on Emirates or Etihad, or a Qatari as cabin crew on Qatar Airways.

With that out of the way, below are 10 pictures from my flight. Stay tuned for the full report!

Oman-Air-787-Business-Class - 1

Oman-Air-787-Business-Class - 2

Oman-Air-787-Business-Class - 3

Oman-Air-787-Business-Class - 4

Oman-Air-787-Business-Class - 5

Oman-Air-787-Business-Class - 6

Oman-Air-787-Business-Class - 7

Oman-Air-787-Business-Class - 8

Oman-Air-787-Business-Class - 9

Oman-Air-787-Business-Class - 10


  1. @Lucky, whoever the marketing genius who came up with the idea to do these “trip report teaser in 10 pictures” posts–give them a raise. And if it was you, kudos! Literally double the blog traffic (from me at least) and solid foreshadowing of exciting posts to come. This is next level–keep up the good work!

  2. Actually your assumption is not true. I know an Emirati women working for EY. Well…..she is officially flight attendant , but is rather used as model for EY promo vids*hehe*. Anyway..WY is such a great airline…with the window seat on the 787, the old C-Class to BKK and one of their offers (sometimes 1600€ ex MUC) you fly more or less first class for a superb price.

  3. Out of curiosity, are the Etihad staggered business seats (on their A380 and a few other products) same as this and the JAL SkySuite? Or are they different? The seat layout seems extremely similar.

  4. Lucky, with all these exotic TR’S, any plan to fly more South Asian airlines (ie – Pakistan Intl Airlines, Biman Bangladesh, Jet Airways, Air India, etc.)? I believe all of them have 5th freedom routes, so no need to travel to the respective country. A review on a lesser reviewed airline is always appreciated.

  5. I did MUC-MCT-MUC in the old C-cabin and I loved it.
    This was done on concessionary tickets, and the service was even better ex. MCT
    I love the airline, and how they struggle to compete with the 3G operators in the Gulf (EK,EY&QR).
    If, however they do want to compete, they would need some COO/CEO with sufficient operational experience from a larger carrier.
    That in mind, I would mind spending 8-10 years in the MEA area developing an airline.

  6. Ben,
    As I will travel with my gf in JAL J, DFW-NRT, I’m wondering which seats will you suggest? Will you still recommend the side ones? It seems nice to have a window seats for a 13-hour flight, but it’s also “disturbing” that these two seats are not exactly side-by-side.

    Thank you!

  7. Hi lucky
    A list of airlines to consider.

    1.angolan airawys business
    2. Air algeria
    3 . tunisian airways
    4.somalian airlines
    Fabulos products look forward to the reviews.

  8. “whoever the marketing genius”

    You do realize this whole set-up is one big marketing plan, right? Facebook and twitter feed people to here, this place feeds people to Lucky’s consulting business and CC sign up referrals, not to mention he banks a decent amount of change for all the views and comments people make here (hence more clickbait lead-ins on the main page, “controversial” topics, etc)…not taking anything away from him, it’s a great set-up and business model for him, actually. He definitely got his money’s worth from his business classes in college.

  9. Looks absolutely spectacular! I am doing my trip report for ANA First Class, Thai Business Class (4 flights), and Eva Air Business Class. I definitely want to try Oman Air. This looks great!

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