My Iberia A340 Business Class Flight In 10 Pictures

Buenas Tardes from Madrid! I just flew Iberia’s business class from New York to Madrid, as the start of my latest journey, where I’ll be reviewing business class on Iberia, LAN, Oman Air, and Air France.

I was excited to finally check Iberia off my list. I’ve flown them shorthaul a few times in economy, though this was my first time flying with them in a premium cabin, let alone on a transatlantic flight.

And I was especially excited about it because I’ve now sampled all transatlantic oneworld business class products, including airberlin, American Airlines, British Airways, and Finnair.

By the end of the week I’ll have finished publishing my Hainan Airlines trip report for my trip to Changsha, so you can expect the Iberia trip report early next week.

In the meantime, I figured I’d share 10 pictures of the journey as a “teaser,” before I publish the full trip report.

Anyone care to guess in which order I rank transatlantic oneworld business class products?

Here are the pictures:













  1. I know!
    Your favorite is the reverse herringbone — ie American.

    And you haaaaate British Airways business 🙂

    Going to have more churros? I could do with some about right now.

  2. AA (Fanboy), AY (A350 plus free Wifi in J), IB (too bad they don’t have someone’s fav reverse herringbone 😉 ), AB, BA

  3. All transatlantic, you say? What about Qatar in business to any of North/South American cities? Technically, it is a transatlantic flight…

    Also, what about Royal Jordanian?

  4. All transatlantic, you say? What about Qatar in business to any of North/South American cities? Technically, it is a transatlantic flight…

    Also, what about Royal Jordanian? They fly to Chicago, Detroit, etc

  5. Hi lucky,

    I’d just like to say that I’m sorry for being an absolute tool in the comments on your blog, I actually really like this blog and enjoy reading it a lot.
    I guess after losing the love of my life today to another guy, I’ve come to realise that I am actually quite a douche.
    Anyway, sorry and I’m looking forward to your new trip reports 🙂

  6. I’m guessing you wouldn’t have said how do you rank these products unless IB has thrown a spanner in the works. The meal services look good from your shots why can’t IAG replicate in CW on BA.

  7. lucky, will you be writing a review on your New Zealand travels? in particular, the AA first flight from Sydney to LAX?

  8. Really looking forward to this. I’m doing my first ever transatlantic business flight in a few months, MAD-ORD so I’m really interested in what you have to say, especially as the cabin looks much better than BA and how much cheaper it cost to book a reward flight 34,000 avios & £90 as opposed to 50,000 & over £300 to fly from London on BA

  9. Never been on Finnair (would like to check it out though) but I’d rate AA and BA above IB and AB. Both AB and IB can be terrible unless you are super careful in selecting your seat, the only really good seats are the ‘real’ window seats and those make a very small fraction of the seat count. Of course, QR leaves them all way behind but for all practical purposes I think we are talking about North America to Europe.

  10. Curious your thoughts on IB. Had a great experience with them on my last JFK-MAD flight, although the A340 is noisy beast…

    AA (WiFi+rev.herringbone), finnair, Iberia, Airberlin, BA.

  11. Wow — reminds me of a 90s Hyundai Accent…could the interior be any duller, greyer or more sleep inducing…?

  12. I’d say you would rank them: Finnair, Air Berlin / American (can’t make my mind up on this), Iberia, British, in which case, I’m totally on board (lame pun but I had to). You mentioned in several AA trip reports the inconsistency of their soft product – and you couldn’t be more on point. Depending on route and your luck, there is a solid chance you will wind up having either the best or the worst FA’s. I would, however, say the same thing about BA although it’s more predictable. Flying out of LHR, chances are that service will be at least solid. On their inbounds, they are usually downright bad (not that it should matter to passengers but the CC get a night’s rest before flying back and we are talking almost ultra long haul in the case). Haven’t flown Finnair but to me it looks like a clear winner.

  13. So long as you don’t check bags, have irregular ops, or really have to interact with anyone on the ground, IB is a decent product.

  14. The reviews have gone from a single review to one with pictures, one for the pickup and drop, check in, lounge, seats, food,recap…..oh boy! All about the clicks! How about a single review soup to nuts?

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