Swiss’ Stunning New Brand Video

While I obviously love airlines and airplanes, I also love marketing. Good marketing, at least, especially in the airline industry.

For example, while it’s from a slightly different era, I think Lufthansa did a pretty good job with their brand video a while back (again, keeping in mind that it’s probably from about a decade ago):

At least I have the song “Symphony of Angels” stuck in my head every time I watch it.

This week Swiss uploaded what must be one of the most gorgeous brand videos I’ve ever seen. It’s not just interesting because it covers so many aspects of their operations (from cabin crew to the legal team to the social media team), but it’s also visually stunning in terms of the flow of the video. Here’s how the video is described:

Over 100 employees from more than 30 divisions are joined together by one story. “The people behind SWISS” conveys the diversity of our employees and their wide range of responsibilities. They do their work with unparalleled passion and commitment for SWISS customers. Day after day. The movie was shot over a four-week period in Zurich, Basel and Geneva. A 5 minute movie was compiled from over 20 hours of footage, giving viewers unique insights into a fascinating company and its people.

And here’s the video:


(Tip of the hat to Alejandro)


  1. A well-produced video, though rather bland-looking. I suppose that was the intent, as the look of SWISS – other than the red tail – has for years been mostly earth tones; beige, cream, brown, white, grey… and they have infused the video with those earth tones. Swissair, which I flew frequently in the 80’s and 90’s, had a similar look. Their aircraft interiors were a sea of pale and dark browns and even the livery featured a brown and a black stripe along the fuselage. It was all very *subdued*. (Like the Swiss!)

    With that said, I have always been treated superbly when flying to and from Switzerland (I have family in Geneva). In the early 80’s I was badly hurt in a hiking accident in Greece. When I got out of the hospital, partially immobilized with plaster casts, and flew from Athens to New York, via Zurich, the staff at Swissair all treated me with the utmost care and compassion. They even had a special cast support for my shattered leg, fitted to an exit row window seat on the upper deck of the 747-300. Really, you’d have thought I was a VIP. In actuality, I was an airline employee (with a U.S. carrier) flying on a reduced-rate ticket priced at only 10% of the standard fare. Needless to say, that experience made me a Swissair/SWISS fan for life!

  2. I love the cause and effects, if you play detail attention, it try to showcase the fact that everything is connected, something done by someone else in the company will have an effect on someone else’s job, which is awesome, as it portrait teamwork and the interconnection of an airline in a very unique way.

  3. Definitely one that kept me engaged at every second, without explicitly trying to sell me something. Very well done video!

  4. I agree with Peter. I love how the video connects everything together showing how one’s work can easily affect others’ work. Kudos to SWISS. Makes me want to fly them again.

  5. stop giving free publicity to an airline that not only does not let partners redeem miles for their first class, but also limits it to their own elite.

  6. Have a F flight to Dubai coming end of march…I’m super exited, also to check out the new lounge.

    Last week Swiss F was bookable without status for M&M members for a few days because of a system upgrade 🙂

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