Earn 30x Bonus Miles For Your Valentine’s Day Flower Order!

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday, and whether you like it or not, you may be on the hook for some flowers, unless you want to end up in the doghouse (or just move into hotels full time — either works!).

Many people use the big online flower “retailers” for their orders, given that they’re easiest to use, and in many cases are sourcing from local flower shops. So you’re often getting similar quality at a better price, given the volume of business they’re doing.

But most importantly, these online retailers let you earn bonus miles for your flower purchases, which can represent a great value. Let me frame that in the context of something which happened to me a couple of weeks ago.

I was sitting around with Ford, and he did the unimaginable. He was on ftd.com ordering flowers for a friend’s birthday, and I thought to myself “ahhh, he has learned so quickly, already earning bonus miles for his everyday purchases.” When I told him how proud I was, he said “what do you mean?” As it turns out, he was using FTD but not earning bonus miles. That’s a thing people do?!?


I quickly corrected the behavior, and within days he had the following miles in his American AAdvantage account:


Be sure you don’t make the same mistake this Valentine’s Day, as you can earn up to 30 miles per dollar for flower orders. What are the best offers this Valentine’s Day? I always use evreward.com to look up the best online shopping bonuses. It’s not always 100% accurate, but it’s pretty close.

With that in mind, here are the best bonuses for shopping with FTD this Valentine’s Day:


Earning 30 bonus miles per dollar spent is pretty incredible. If you value American or United miles at ~1.5 cents each, that’s like a ~45% return on your flower purchases, which is pretty awesome.

As usual, you’ll want to check the terms of the promotion you’re taking advantage of, but in general the terms are as follows:

Miles are not applicable on (i) product customizations including vases or product add-ons, (ii) FTD Gold Membership fees, (iii) gift card purchases, and (iv) service, delivery or shipping fees and applicable taxes. Offers cannot be combined.

The process of taking advantage of these bonus offers is easy as well. You don’t need to download a browser extension or go through an airline shopping mall. Just follow one of the above links to FTD, and as you make your purchase, each item will indicate how many bonus miles it’s eligible for.


Then on the purchase page just enter your loyalty program number.


If you want delivery by Valentine’s Day you’ll generally want to order before the end of the day today, so don’t delay.


Bottom line

If you’re ordering flowers this Valentine’s Day, be sure you pick up some bonus miles for doing so. Of course you should always comparison shop and make sure you’re actually getting the best deal & quality, though I’ve generally found FTD to be quite good. And when you’re earning 30 miles per dollar spent, that’s almost the equivalent of a 50% discount, the way I see it.

Will you be picking up bonus miles with your Valentine’s Day flower order this year?


  1. I’ve gotten so many miles by doing this. I buy my mom flowers for Vday, Mothers Day, and her birthday, each time I’ve gotten 1200 miles per purchase. FTD has other items as well if you want to switch it up or add a bear or candy. I was going to spend the money anyway, why not get points. And now that I’m PLT and have the AA/Citi card, I’m really racking up the points maximizing the money I already budgeted.

  2. Does anyone know if I have to use the AA Credit card for the purchase to qualify for the bonus, or does only holding an AA Citi card and using another card (American Express) to make the purchase work?

  3. lol, just had a call from Teleflora, placed an order there yesterday for 30% off via an AMEX offer. The flowers I chose are not available. But they were on the website. Be careful if you’re ordering for a tomorrow delivery! Either way I’ll get some flowers, maybe not roses, but they’ll also be refunding my service charge (another thing to watch out for with any online floral order).

  4. I wasn’t going to get my girlfriend flowers because we leave for Paris next Wednesday. BUT I literally can’t pass up a deal like this! It’s a win win for everyone involved! I hope she’ll enjoy these roses as much as the Cathay Pacific business class flight we’ll be taking with these AAdvantage miles.

  5. Alaska Air is also offering a 1,500 miles bonus with any bouquet.

    And you can also get TrueBlue points with 1-800flowers on orders over $30. I’m not sure if this will work (I will try it out tonight) but you could possibly buy a 1-800Flowers gift card from Raise.com (currently at 23.3% discount) and use it to pay for this promo, even better value.

  6. @Credit – Sending flowers to a woman is sexist? Since when? What if I’m a guy and sent flowers to another guy. Still sexist? It seems these days EVERYTHING is sexist, racist, offensive, etc. People need to lighten up and enjoy living their lives.

  7. Credit doesn’t realize there are two types of sex–the kind when you didn’t buy her flowers and the kind where you did. If he’d ever had the latter, he wouldn’t be making ridiculous comments about sexism.

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