Etihad Guest Offering Up To Triple Miles

While airline loyalty programs can still be extremely rewarding, we certainly don’t see as many promotions as we used to. That’s because for the most part airlines don’t need loyalty programs to fill seats anymore, so instead they use the loyalty programs as a profit center in and of themselves.

In general US loyalty programs are still more generous than non-US loyalty programs, at least when it comes to elite perks and the ability to easily earn miles.

However, there’s one non-US carrier which consistently has extremely generous promotions with their loyalty program, which doesn’t get enough credit. And that’s Etihad Airways.


Etihad is back with their latest promotion. Etihad Guest is offering the following to members who book by February 20, 2016, and travel between February 10 and June 30, 2016:

  • Double elite qualifying and redeemable miles for flights in economy
  • Triple elite qualifying and redeemable miles for flights in business/first class


The bonus is only valid for travel on Etihad Airways flights, and not for travel on codeshare flights. Bonus miles should post within two weeks of the end of the promotion. Registration is required by emailing Etihad at, which seems like a rather strange system for registering for a promotion. I’m guessing not all that many people take advantage of these promotions, or else they’d have a more streamlined registration process.

As a reminder, Etihad normally awards miles at the following rates:


The above bonuses apply to base miles. For example, this means a saver business class ticket which ordinarily earns 130% of flown miles would instead earn 330% of flown miles. Etihad has some great business class fares, like the below itinerary, which is over 17,000 base miles:


When you factor in the 330% miles you’d earn, you would get a total of over 56,000 elite qualifying and redeemable miles for the ticket. That’s pretty incredible.

As a reminder, Etihad’s elite tiers are as follows:


As you can see, with the promotion, the one roundtrip above would get you Gold status, and you’d be well on your way to Platinum status. The benefits of Etihad status aren’t huge — ultimately you’re just getting priority services, like expedited check-in, security, boarding, lounge access, etc. Platinum status even comes with access to the first class lounge, when it hopefully opens in May.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of status with Etihad is that it increases your odds of receiving an operational upgrade, as they’re often oversold in economy.

Bottom line

While Etihad Guest isn’t my all around favorite loyalty program, they offer more generous promotions than any other program I can think of when it comes to earning miles for flying. This isn’t a one off promotion, but rather we see double to triple miles promotions a few times per year (though usually they’re only offering bonus redeemable miles, and not bonus elite qualifying miles).

If you’re someone who flies Etihad on revenue tickets frequently, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this promotion.

(Tip of the hat to Roger)


  1. Ok, my math skills suck, I admit, but I’m still confused. 3x points on 130% seems like it would be 390%, not 330%.

  2. @Credit, depends what you plan to use EY miles for. From what I recall from an old OMAAT post, the sweet spot in EY award tickets is premium cabins for short-haul flights. For longhaul flights, they are pricey.
    @Lucky. This is good to know. Thank you. I haven’t looked at the EY loyalty program that closely. Though EY miles expire 3 years from activity, it may actually be realistically possible to earn enough EY miles (~2 million) to redeem for EY Residence for those who frequently travel in EY business class.

  3. One of the problem with Etihad promotion is ‘unreliability’. For example, as instructed, I emailed to with my Etihad guest number in the subject line. Thrice. No confirmation of promotion registration and absolutely zero response. What’s this? I intended to take an advantage of the promotion, but with zero response, I didn’t book. And I heard many stories one has to chase around Etihad CSR over 0.6-1 year to get promotional bonus miles correctly deposited to the account.

  4. This promotion was around in January too. You had to book the travel before Jan/10.

    I did. I am supposedly signed up for the promotion. But I don’t have proof. No email. No notif cation in the account. Nothing.

    Etihad website sucks. I was on their guest website looking for award tickets and suddenly the page is half Italian and half English. I think too many bugs on their website.

  5. Those never ending promotions are extremely tough to deal with. At first point, as it was mentioned before you have no proof of registration. This email “system” came alive late 2015 replacing conventional registration system by the link on a website where you were supposed to enter your number. I did a screenshot of successful registration message however it did not contain my EY number or even name of the promo. Now it’s even worse. You just send you emails to nowhere.
    Second, those points almost never post on your account as should be. Have you eve tried to deal with Etihad Guest contact centre? You send your email, wait 7-10 days just to get a response that clearly indicate they didn’t read your message. It takes month to solve any issue with them. Here it’s getting worse, coz:
    – you have no proof of registration
    – you (and poor EY staffs) don’t even know what promo you’re asking about, coz there are multiple of them annually

    I know the most of people just give up with those promotional miles. I was able to get mine credited after 4 months of emails exchange and only after I emailed James Hogan directly.

    Lucky, it would be nice if you at least try to gather some experience before promoting something. It must be you have very limited experience with Etihad Guest. It’s ok. However please do you homework before suggesting crediting to EY. It’s non stop pain from getting your miles credited to burning them (when you have to call for every partner and every single staff has it’s own rules and availability, they could easily say: “Sir, You cannot redeem miles for Alitalia. Etihad only” – that happened to me several times, just to give you understanding of their skills level).

  6. and the lounge.
    Gold status gives you lounge access. However it’s not EY flagship lounge. The same way as QR does they have “special” lounge for their Gold members in Abu Dhabi.

    Those ME3 carriers are fantastic for fancy bloggers to write home about, but extremely tough to deal with for frequent flyers. Customer service is just something non existent.

  7. Etihad Guest promos are utterly useless. At least half the time you never get the promo miles credited (let alone getting the regular miles credited for other flights). Partner credits are even worse and forget about partner redemptions at all.

    I’m a former Etihad Gold who gave up on the program because over half my flights required at least 5-6 follow ups just to get the miles posted (and about 25% never posted at all even after over a year of trying). On the redemption side, I got tired of being told that “all partner flights on all airlines are sold out forever” by every call center agent who was too lazy or badly trained to actually know what to do.

    Please don’t write about promos like this without actually knowing how the program operates in real life because it does a disservice to the readers who may mistakenly think they actually benefit.

  8. @Lucky – even better story – Qatar are offering certain Privilege members up to QUADRUPLE QPoints and QMiles and up to 40% discount on reward redemptions at the moment!!! Based on the amount of sectors you fly with them by April. I’ll be hitting Platinum easy in no time!

  9. @MH
    I got the same QR promotion – but after some serious thought decided against it. While it sure is an easy way to OWE status, it seems a rather sad waste of redeemable miles otherwise. QR has horrible redemption rates and availability, not to mention a rather low tech system of booking – request online and wait for email reply (which nearly invariably contains at least one sector of ‘no availability’ if booking with partner airlines after taking a week or so), or by phoning up the PC call center (with same lack of award space). Funny thing is, award space is available with BA Avios, CX AM, etc. QR seems to book award tickets on a very strange (and rare) fare code.

    I’d rather stick with another OW program while flying with QR and its low fares.

  10. Etihad FF program is a joke. They could give 10x miles and still no where near what you need to redeem, which you never can. Stupid promo as FF program is worthless.

  11. I’ve got 130% for business consists of 100% plus 30% bonus, so the math is 100%x3+30%=330%.

    How about Y? Breaking deals give us 30%, which comprehends to 100%-70%? And the base miles are multiplied, so the math comes to 100%x2-70%=130%, really?

  12. Hi Ben, I’m trying to book an London to Australia flight LHR –> AUH –> BNE on Etihad through American Airlines. AA is pricing the award at 75k in business class, even though from Europe to South Pacific is 60k miles due to the stopover in Abu Dhabi. I’ve never heard of this – are they pricing it correctly??

  13. @Tiffany – thanks, but the same routing on Qantas (through DXB) prices in at 60k on the website- does AA differentiate between Dubai vs. Abu Dhabi? Or Qantas vs. Etihad?

  14. This was confirmation enough for me.

    Registration Confirmation – Etihad Guest Bonus Miles + Tier Miles Offer

    Thank you for registering for the Etihad Guest Bonus Miles + Tier Miles Offer campaign.

    Provided that your Etihad Guest number is mentioned on the subject line of your email, you will be included in the list of participants for this offer. Bonus miles will be credited if all the offer conditions are met.

    For any queries regarding this promotion or Etihad Guest in general, please email

    Thank you for participating in this campaign.

    Etihad Airways Marketing

    PS – Please do not reply to this email as it is an automated email and will not be responded to.

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