Great Deal: $294 Flights To Chile On Star Alliance

Via The Fare Deal Alert, Star Alliance airline Copa is offering terrific fares between Orlando and Santiago, at just $294 all-in.

While Orlando isn’t the most convenient airport for most of us, this is a great fare, especially if you took advantage of the Copa ConnectMiles status match last year.

Or, you know, if you just want to go to Chile.


How to book

No tricks on this one! The easiest way to book this fare is by using Google Flights, making sure to select “Copa” as your preferred airline:

Availability is excellent over the next few months, and you can choose between short connections in Panama City, or a longer stopover if you want to do some quick sightseeing.


You can then book directly with Copa or an assortment of online travel agencies.

Upgrade your flight

One of the things that makes this fare so compelling is the ability to upgrade to business class. Copa has a slightly-better than domestic first product in their business class cabin:


For Copa ConnectMiles elites, these flights are eligible for complimentary upgrades. Your companion can even be upgraded as well, though those upgrades will only be processed at the airport, so I wouldn’t count on them clearing. It is worth noting that as this is an “L” fare, you cannot use ConnectMiles upgrade certificates on this fare.

For United MileagePlus elites, Copa flights are eligible for Regional Premier Upgrades and Global Premier Upgrades.

How many miles will I earn?

Despite the connection in Panama City, this is a pretty direct routing, at ~8,624 miles for the round-trip.


If you’re crediting to Copa (which you’ll need to do in order to take advantage of their complimentary upgrades), you’ll earn ~8,624 redeemable miles, a bonus ~8,624 for Platinum members, and ~8,624 Elite Qualifying Miles.


For United elites, you’ll earn ~4,312 base miles before your elite bonus, but as this is a partner fare you’ll earn the full ~8,624 Premier Qualifying Miles.

Bottom line

This is a great fare, and one that is scheduled to expire today. So if you’re at all interested in this deal, it’s best to book ASAP. You can cancel within 24 hours with no penalty.


  1. Deal looks to be dead already – had seen this earlier at noon when they were still available but wasn’t ready to book yet.

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