$1,100 New York To London Business Class Fares

It has been a while since I’ve written about La Compagnie, the all business class airline flying between New York and London/Paris.


Now that their operations seem to have stabilized quite a bit (unlike when they were flying chartered planes between New York and London, and offering a milk run to serve both of their routes with one plane), I do think it’s worth pointing out some of the great fares they have:

  • New York to London for two roundtrip — $2,200
  • New York to London for one roundtrip — $1,300
  • New York to Paris for two roundtrip — $2,900
  • New York to Paris for one roundtrip — $1,600

That New York to London fare in particular is a fantastic deal, at just ~$1,100 per person.


The fare is valid for bookings through February 29, 2016, though travel can be on subsequent dates, through the end of the schedule. While not every date has availability for the fare, in general there’s really good availability.


For those of you not familiar with La Compagnie, they’re the airline which has been around for less than two years, and has been operating with an interesting business plan which historically has never worked, though low oil prices are keeping them alive and (I suspect) profitable. I took one of their first flights between Paris and Newark, and found the ticket to be an exceptional value, though La Compagnie does offer a somewhat sub-par business class product. Still, for the price, it’s absolutely unbeatable.


I’d have more faith booking La Compagnie now than in the past. When they launched their routes between Paris and New York, and then later between New York and London, they were a disaster operationally. However, they seem to have smoothed things out quite a bit, so I’d feel comfortable booking with them.

Furthermore, they launched operations when oil was $100/barrel, and I thought they had no chance in hell of surviving. However, with oil prices where they are, I’d feel fairly confident in them continuing to operate and probably even turn a profit given the current environment. It’s tough for airlines to go wrong with oil prices as low as they are.


Bottom line

While we sometimes see great business class fare sales from major airlines, they’re usually limited time and pretty restrictive. The business class fares being offered by La Compagnie are consistently excellent, and this ~$1,100 per person roundtrip fare between New York and London is especially good.

As a point of comparison, if you redeem American or British Airways miles between New York and London, you’ll pay $1,150+ in taxes and carrier imposed surcharges. So redeeming miles for British Airways business class between New York and London costs more than a paid ticket on La Compagnie.


Is anyone considering flying La Compagnie with these great business class fares?


  1. Off subject but I’m curious. When you travel with just a carry on what do you pack? I know you have posted what gadjets you pack but what about clothes and toiletries?

  2. Flew them last year RT EWR-Luton. Had an equipment swap on the way out. Instead of their 757, ended up on a A-340 they chartered. I believe it was a former Ethiad plane. They used only the business/first class section – so it was a bit of a ghost plane flying across the Atlantic with 100+ empty seats in coach. Return flight was on their plane. Everything was mostly on time. Overall, for the price, it was a great and unique experience. You can’t really complain when you are flying business at (near) coach prices. Luton is also reasonably easy to get to/from via train or bus (I recommend train). Luton is also a big hub for the discount carriers for a lot of transfer opportunities beyond. I would fly them again… I’m looking to book my parents on them this fall at the promo price.

  3. Ugh airlines needs to get more realistic with their surcharges.
    It’s good to have new entries like La Compagnie shake things up.

  4. It’s not New York to London. It’s Newark to Luton. Big difference if either of those airports are hard for you to get to/from.

  5. I’m interesting in flying with them. Maybe they can lock in some low oil future prices and keep it going. I think they stand a real chance of success if they can keep overhead low and service decent. It’s like a low cost carrier that does business class. Not the best but the cheapest. Works for me. I just wish I lived closer to NYC so the positioning flights didn’t hurt as much.

  6. I remember flying MaxJet in 2007 from Las Vegas to London Stansted. Same idea – an all business class flight. I think they used refitted 767’s with about 100 seats.

    Pretty bad, and they went bankrupt a few months later. No lounge at LAS. Recliners not lie-flat. And a tablet for entertainment.

    Hopefully this one is better, although Luton isn’t a great airport destination – mostly charter flights from there.

  7. @Martin – have you actually ever been to LTN? “mostly charter flights from there” – where’s your stats & evidence to support this made-up statement?

  8. @Martin – just to save you I’ve got the latest confirmed figures for LTN pax (Nov 2015)

    Total Pax: 844,944
    of which – Scheduled Pax: 833,459 Charter Pax: 11,454

    So that’ll be ~1.37% of LTN’s total pax were charter pax.

    I’ll just leave my source here for you….. https://www.caa.co.uk/uploadedFiles/CAA/Content/Standard_Content/Data_and_analysis/Datasets/Airport_stats/Airport_data_2015_11/Table_08_Air_Pax_By_Type_and_Nat_of_Op.pdf


  9. @mckol,

    Take a look at the airlines operating from Luton. A major percentage of the flights are EasyJet and RyanAir – i.e, super discount airlines. Not a probable change for long-haul business class travelers.

    The other airlines are a ragbag of other discount airlines like Wizz and quasi-charter airlines like Thomson and Monarch. There isn’t a single major national airlines that uses Luton apart from El Al and, seasonally, Iberia.

    No BA, KLM, Air France, Swiss or Lufthansa, for instance. It’s cheap and 30 miles from London. But it would be my last choice.

  10. @Martin Think you’d best re-assess your definition of a charter flight. With the exception of Thomson, all the other airlines you’ve mentioned are scheduled.

    You are now drawing other elements into your flawed discussion to try to prove your incorrect point. Distance from London is irrelevant. Travel time & accessibility is. Heathrow is half the distance that Luton is, yet does not take half the time. Gatwick is 4 miles closer than Luton yet takes longer.

    Finally – it’s Ryanair, not RyanAir.

  11. @mckol.

    Well, I guess we are just going to have to agree to disagree here. I have flown to or from all five London area airports, and Luton was far and away my worst experience. Your mileage may vary.

    I just wish they had more than six runways between them, but that’s another topic.

  12. Or @Martin you could be the bigger person by admitting that your closing statement in your initial response was factually incorrect, as proven by the stats I’ve researched for you.

  13. @mkcol,

    I believe Luton is the least desirable airport near London for a variety of reasons and evidently the major airlines think so too. I’m sticking to that.

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