Qantas’ New Airplane-Less Safety Video

Over the past few years we’ve seen airlines get really creative with safety videos. They’ve done so not only in an effort to get people to pay attention to safety, but also as a marketing tool. I mean, there are some airline safety videos with millions of hits on YouTube, so that’s a pretty good indicator of what good marketing these videos can be, if done properly.

Air New Zealand is probably the airline best known for their safety videos, as they have a different themed safety video every three months. Most recently they released the “Men In Black Safety Defenders” video:

It seems like Air New Zealand’s friends across the Tasman have been taking notes, as Qantas just revealed their first “creative” safety video, which is described as follows:

Friendly Australians and stunning destinations are the stars of the new Qantas safety video that showcases Australia as an amazing place to visit.

Here’s the video:

It’s interesting that the safety video doesn’t have a single airplane in it, which seems to be the trend airlines are moving towards with these types of videos.

The video also isn’t “laugh out loud” funny, though is still captivating. Their choice of talent is also a nice contrast to Air New Zealand’s recent safety video featuring Sports Illustrated models. 😉

Bottom line

It’s nice to see Qantas come up with a unique safety video, even if it is a bit on the long side. Qantas’ slogan is “Spirit of Australia,” and this video perfectly captures the essence of that.

What do you make of Qantas’ new safety video?


  1. Im new to the points and miles game, but am not a newbie (I am a fast learner). First I’d Like to say the if I’ve ever considered anyone a role model then Ben Schlepping is is definitely at the top of my list.

    The Qantas video was great, I’m originally from Queensland (right near Whitehaven Beach) and this brought back memories. Definitely some place in there I need to visit on my next trip over.

    As far as Air New Zealand goes … My favorite safety videos are the Hobbit themed ones. Those were so fun to watch!

  2. I wonder if regulators will crack down on these airplane-less videos at some point. You can debate how much value safety videos add in general, but I’ve got to think that seeing these activities done in a non-airplane setting in the video creates a significantly weaker connection in passengers’ mind than seeing a more traditional safety video.

  3. I find United’s new videos to be cheesy but I’d take those over this Qantas one any day…and boy is it long. I definitely prefer the ANZ Surfing Safari video though (sorry +1 for the models / surfers over “everyday” Australians).

  4. I love this new Qantas safety video, they’ve really stepped up their game against the old, dull one without leaving out any important details. That being said, it does seem that the video may be distracting as it tells you to watch the crew at some points, though people may be too fixated on the view!!

    You know you’ve flown with an airline too much if you can remember their whole safety demonstration and the words off by heart, at least this one will be a good little challenge for a while!

    Can’t wait to see it rolled out, though perhaps the sound of screaming (in a happy manner) at Bondi Icebergs when you are advised how to use your life jacket then jumping into the water is a little inappropriate and should be removed.

  5. I really like the way the video highlights parts of the airline’s home country (and its diversity), unlike a lot of the ones in the US.

    But, wow — is it long.

  6. This is the ‘promotional’ version of the safety demo. The on-board ones will be shorter, and there will be different versions depending on destination.

    I think any safety demo that gets a few more people watching and hopefully listening is a plus.

  7. I do like this trend of airlines getting really creative with their inflight safety videos and also hitting 2 birds in one stone – safety and promotion.
    To frequent fliers, it’s very entertaining and it’s a great way to catch passengers’ attention.
    However, I also can’t help but think that most of the videos are veering more and more towards entertainment and pizazz rather than focusing on safety. As boring as the ‘standard’ videos are (shot in an aircraft), I think there has to be a safety standard on these videos where they need to demonstrate it in the aircraft setting. As hard as it is to imagine, airlines need to remember that there may be people on board who’ve never flown yet, or who’ve only flown a handful of times.

    Qantas’ new video is quite similar to Hawaiian Airlines’ one , though Qantas was made grander, in a Baz Luhrmann-ish kind of way.

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