Great Deal: ~$500 Tickets On American To Asia!

This certainly won’t last. Via The Flight Deal, American has a bunch of great fares for travel to Asia over the coming months. I know that’s very broad, but the fares are available out of a ton of markets in the US, and also to a bunch of markets in Asia.

There seems to be the most availability for outbound travel through early May, and then again starting in August through December. You have to purchase your fare at least 28 days before departure.

The Flight Deal references fares of $350-600 for travel to Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City, Bali, Jakarta, and Hanoi.

For example, I see ~$500 fares between Los Angeles and Seoul, routing via Dallas:


But I also see great fares to other markets. For example, Los Angeles to Beijing is also available for under $600 roundtrip:


The great thing with American is that all revenue fares can be upgraded with systemwide upgrades, so these fares can potentially be upgraded to business class quite easily. That’s why I’m more interested in fares to American gateways, rather than ones with connections on other airlines.

These fares won’t last, so if you’re interested I’d hop on these as soon as possible. Keep in mind that in most cases American allows 24 hour holds on tickets, so you can always hold a ticket while you decide.


  1. Have you gotten these to ticket? I’ve tried, orbitz, kayak etc and although they show $501 for the flights I need, every time I try to book, it says “The flight(s) or fare selected is no longer available. Please modify your request.” I search again, and it shows the $501 fare again. I’ve done this a dozen times on several dates. Not sure if this is a sale, or a software glitch?

  2. AVS – I see those flights listed on Google Flights, but I can’t get any of them to price out on Did you have success?

  3. David – I didn’t buy the ticket, but went all the way to the page right before purchasing it to make sure it was indeed real. It was active until a short while ago – now none of them seem to appear even on Google Flights. Clearly it was a mistake and has been taken down

  4. I found $508 on AA for ORD-PEK on their new 787 over Spring Break (3/30-4/4). It was $488 but it already increased. I also found $499 on MU via PVG to ICN on the same dates. There are also many other MU and UA fares to Asia out of ORD. I found them using Google Flights and checking them on ITA Matrix.

  5. Booked two tickets ORD-PEK in April for $508 each, that was all I was able to get to price out on Was gifted a couple of SWUs that I’m hoping will clear for this trip.

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