Limited Time: Buy A Discounted Amazon Prime Membership

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There are certain products that aren’t directly travel related, which are still invaluable for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road. For me, one of those products is Amazon Prime. I buy virtually everything non-perishable through Amazon, and Amazon Prime saves me a bunch of money on those purchases. I’ve also saved quite a bit on recent Amazon purchases thanks to the Chase Freedom 10x points promotion as well as the Amazon Amex Offers promotion.

Amazon Prime ordinarily costs $99 per year, but through 11:59PM PT on Sunday, January 17, 2016, you can purchase a yearly Amazon Prime membership for just $73!


For those of you not familiar with Amazon Prime, it comes with the following perks:

  • FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items
  • Unlimited, ad-free access to over a million songs
  • Instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Video
  • Free unlimited photo storage in Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Read free books each month through Kindle First and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

Frankly the only perk I’ve used is free two day shipping, which I use an average of at least once a week. Sometimes it’s even faster than that. For example, on Tuesday I realized I needed a new memory card for my camera, and it arrived at my hotel on Wednesday.

The great thing about Amazon Prime is that two day shipping isn’t limited to just one address, but if you’re moving around you can use it to ship items to anywhere in the US. I can use it to send myself things in different hotels, to send gifts, etc.

You only have a couple of days to take advantage of this offer. Also keep in mind that Amazon Prime auto-renews, so if you don’t want it to automatically renew, be sure to update your preferences as soon as you sign up.

Bottom line

Amazon Prime is an extremely useful program, and one which I find even more valuable when living in hotels. Having stuff shipped quickly is important when you’re making short hotel stays, and Amazon Prime’s free two day shipping really helps with that.

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership, I’d recommend signing up using this promotion by Sunday.

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  1. You forgot a key airline perk which is the ability to download a limited selection of movies onto your ipad for viewing on the airplane. This is critical for those of us who fly airlines that do not have reliable IFE or just don’t like the movie selection. Particularly as most planes don’t offer reliable wifi streaming. Downloads are free with Amazon Prime.

  2. I am really surprised that you shop with Amazon. I rarely do because I prefer to go through a miles or points portal when shopping online. Amazon isn’t available throug any portal. To my knowledge.

  3. Hmm thanks for the post. I may buy into amazon prime for the movie/tv show selection given the reduced rate.

  4. @Siggi, Just get the address of the hotel and add it to your shipping address list on Amazon. I have about 6 different address on Amazon for family and friends that I send gifts to. I also have one hotel on the list that I regularly stay at.

  5. @ Robert D – I don’t know about Amazon and miles and points portals but there are plenty of cash back portals (eg Fatwallet and Topcashback) that offer cash back through Amazon. Generally it’s rotating categories, so not everything Amazon sells, but on the categories offered it can be quite high (often 8% cash back).

  6. Downside is that Amazon Prime is not available outside the US. So, no downloading or streaming a movie while you are in your hotel room in Johor Bahru, even if you have a US address.

  7. I have amazon prime and have not found ANY movies that offer the download button. Have tried to find a list, have searched the site. No luck. anyone know the secret?

  8. As a heavy user of Amazon (and a Prime member) that lives abroad I can offer a few tidbits of advice for ( international) travellers;

    – If you are using a Kinde Fire or Kindle App on a tablet like the iPad, you can download Prime movies beforehand (as mentioned above). Once they are downloaded to your device you do not need Internet connectivity to watch them. But you cannot download to the computer variants (i.e laptops, MacBooks, etc) through a web browser, you have to do it though tablet devices/phone apps.

    – You cannot stream/download Prime movies (or Amazon specials) outside of the U.S. without using a VPN.

    – You CAN stream/download any movie/series that you have purchased to your library while overseas (no VPN needed). If you have a decent library of movies or shows, this can make the Amazon Fire TV Stick a very good device for hotel stays, as many hotel TVs have an accessible HDMI connector. It’s small compact and can stream your whole library (plus any new purchases you make while travelling). Like the Kindle device/apps you CANNOT stream Prime if you are abroad. But your purchased library will be accessible (provided you have decent in-room wifi.

    – Prime membership value abroad is lost with regard to the shipping benefits, but I try to make use of this for sending gifts to friends in the U.S. And it is super useful when I do get stateside for a few days.

    – While I won’t discount the usefulness of the cards mentioned in Ben’s post, for myself the best value (as a heavy user) is the staight up Chase Amazon rewards card. No annual fee and a 3% return in the form of Amazon credit given at the end of each month, for all Amazon purchases. You can of course get better points bonuses at times through other cards, but have to offset this with the annual fee and the ability to use those cards for other things when those bonus windows close.

    Amazon throws out these discounted Prime memberships a couple times a year. My one lament (as a long time member) is that they never offer this to existing customers, only to new members. It would be nice to get a loyalty perk once in a while 😉

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