Last Chance To Request A Hilton Diamond Status Match

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Since November 2015, Hilton has been offering outright status matches, all the way up to their top tier Diamond status. They seem to be matching top tier status with their biggest competitors to Diamond, while most other status levels are being matched to Gold. Best of all, the status is valid through March 2017, so there’s the potential to get quite a bit of value out of it.

Hilton even lets you request the status match directly through their website, by filling out a short form.


While Hilton’s status match system was already simple, they’ve made it even easier, as they let you request a status match directly through their website. Just fill out this form and Hilton will process the status match for you.

This status match frenzy presumably came in response to Hyatt offering Diamond status matches, following the announcement of the merger between Marriott & Starwood.

While I wasn’t originally going to status match to Hilton Diamond, I did in the end. My experience was great — I received acknowledgement of my status request within 30 minutes, and was matched within a few hours.

As I explained at the time, the reasons I status matched to Hilton HHonors Diamond status included the following:

  • While status matches are “once in a lifetime,” it’s not often that Hilton status matches; I’m not convinced they’ll offer it again anytime soon, and with the rate of consolidation in the hotel industry, who knows how much longer this program will be completely independent
  • My post a few weeks back about the supposed “secret” to Hilton Diamond suite upgrades had me wanting to try my luck with Hilton once again
  • While I’m primarily loyal to Hyatt and Starwood, they don’t have properties everywhere; having top tier status with a program which has a larger global footprint is useful
  • If I do find there to be more value in Hilton Diamond this time around, it’s not that tough to qualify — $40,000 of spend on the Citi® Hilton HHonors Reserve Card will do the trick

Anyway, my reason for this post is that Hilton’s status match promotion ends on January 11, 2016, meaning you have to request a status match by Monday if you want to be matched to Gold or Diamond status.

Bottom line

I’m actually writing this post from a suite at a Hilton. More on the bizarre phenomenon known as Hilton suite upgrades shortly. 😉


Regardles of how I feel about Hilton HHonors in relation to Hyatt Gold Passport or Starwood Preferred Guest, there’s no denying that Hilton has a global footprint which Hyatt and Starwood lack, which is why they’re worth seriously considering, in my opinion.

If you want to take advantage of the most generous status match promotion I’ve ever seen Hilton offer, you have until Monday to do so.

Do you plan on status matching to Hilton before the deadline?

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  1. Maybe not the right place to put this, but I am HH Diamond and for years was HGP Diamond. This year when Hyatt allegedly was status matching I sent the Twitter PM as directed and they replied that they were only matching to gold (which you can get with a credit card). I over 40k at Hyatts in 2014 and was shocked they were allowing people to match but not me (and I had never matched before). With Hilton I’ve only received one benefit from being a diamond – access to the lounge in Conrad Bali.

  2. As a diamond, I think HH does not offer much to keep me every year. Rare suite upgrades (have gotten approx. 1-2/year), half-helpful diamond desk and nothing else.

    The problem is that HH caters to a wide variety of guests. Folks spending $80 on Hampton Inns 25 times an year are expected to be treated the same way as those spending $500/night at Hiltons/Waldorfs etc. Infact, I suspect HH has a huge number of diamonds in the former category who just enjoy some minimal benefits, and are quite happy. The latter keep cribbing about no benefits.

    I frankly use HH only for diamond force (on points). If it were to go away, I would never stay with Hilton.

  3. I keep getting an error message using the link to the form so I tried going their website directly and they are doing maintenance this weekend so if you haven’t already signed up like me your a#*out. Bummer…

  4. Please people,,,dont waste your time. Diamond and Gold are pretty much the same…I get more recognition as a Hyatt Diamond member in a Hyatt Place thata HH Diamond in a full service Hilton.

  5. @Lucky sez: “I’m actually writing this post from a suite at a Hilton. More on the bizarre phenomenon known as Hilton suite upgrades shortly.”

    At least it sounds like you scored a suite upgrade, but I can’t wait for that post… 😉

    For those claiming that they have never gotten a suite upgrade at a Hilton property, that’s simply appalling because it seems that you are not playing the miles/points game with a “full deck.”

    Heck, as I reported about a week ago, I was upgraded to a full suite at Grand HYATT Singapore as lowly HGP Platinum! How hard can it be to get a suite upgrade as HH Diamond? In fact, I am writing this from a harbor-side suite upgrade at Conrad Hong Kong, where I checked in a couple of days for a 1-night revenue and 2-night award stay (total 3 nights) and was automatically upgraded to this gorgeous full suite [you know the upgrade was automatic when (a) they tell you that “as a valued Diamond member we upgraded you to a suite….” before you even ask, and (b) you get to the suite and you find personally addressed welcome letter(s) [ I had three of them welcoming me BACK!] signed by the manager.] Before this stay, I was in Beijing where I stayed at the brand new Waldorf Astoria and also scored an automatic suite upgrade on 3-night AWARD stay [try that trick with a HGP DSU!].

    Anyone who bitches about how they have never gotten anything as HH Diamond is simply not making the most of their status…really.

    G’day from my harbor-side suite upgrade at Conrad HKG!

  6. DCS…you are probably the only one in the world pitching HH Diamond…so you either work for them or they know that you are the only one and because of that they give you the upgrades :0). I just spend 5 nights at the Hilton Waikiloa Village….no upgrade (I emailed them and asked them at check in), not even full breakfast…just a $10 voucher a day per person for a $33 dollars breakfast buffet.

    Maybe you beg to get suite upgrades…good for you. But i think that asking 2 times
    is enough. So, you can say whatever you want…but the truth is out there.

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