SPG’s 2016 Promo For Visiting Different Brands

For the past few years, Starwood has offered bonuses for members who have visited a variety of their brands over the course of a year. With the introduction of Tribute Portfolio and Design Hotels, Starwood now has 11 brands (which still pales in comparison to the 30 brands Marriott/SPG will have when the merger is complete).

Royal-Palm-South-Beach-Starwood - 42
View from Royal Palm South Beach, a Tribute Portfolio property

Last year the brand bonus was pretty awesome. For my version of the offer, I could earn 9,000 Starpoints if staying at nine brands, 10,000 Starpoints if staying at 10 brands, or 11,000 Starpoints if staying at 11 brands.


That was enough to actually encourage me to make my first mattress run of the year at the Element Miami Airport, given that I had only stayed at eight brands without it. But it was totally worth spending ~$120 to stay at the hotel to qualify for this bonus, as well as a few other year end bonuses that Starwood was offering. The bonus still hasn’t posted, but I assume it will soon.

It looks like Starwood is back with their brand bonus for 2016, which is available in the SPG Dashboard. While the offers can sometimes vary by account, my offer is for 500 Starpoints after staying at five hotel brands in 2016.


That’s something I’ll easily accomplish without any effort, though also isn’t exactly that rewarding or exciting. I value Starpoints at ~2.2 cents each, so that’s like an ~$11 bonus for staying at five brands.

Bottom line

I’ve always enjoyed the SPG brand bonuses, since it was a nice incentive to try the different brands. I’m sad to see the offer watered down a bit this year, but then again from the loyalty program’s perspective I get why. What they care about is that you spend and stay as much as possible with the brand, rather than where in particular you’re staying.

Did you receive the same 2016 SPG brand bonus, and if so, are you happy to see an offer which is easily achievable, or sad to see how low the offer is?


  1. Nope, no “Big Brand Bonus”offer in my (SPG Plat) account. They also cleared the map to 0’s which until recently showed stays at each brand since 2006 IIRC.

  2. I think this is the same offer they had last year – but you may not have gotten it because you had already stayed at 5 or more brands. I received this offer when I had only stayed at 4 brands late in the year and received 500 points for the 5th brand. Then, they offered the much higher 9,000 points for 9 brands etc. once I unlocked 5 brands. So it seems like same idea but they up the ante significantly after 5.

  3. Interesting. Mine gives me a 500 point bonus if I book my next stay through the app. Seems like they’re just throwing out points for super easy tasks. Mine even says “Super-easy Starpoints”

  4. I have been a Platinum member for many years and have never seen this promotion. I just called the Platinum Elite services and they said it is only during a short period between December 1 and January 15.

  5. @NP – That’s correct.
    @Brett – Just login to the Dashboard from time to time see any targeted promotions.

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