Watch The Best Airline Holiday Video Of The Season

Holiday videos have become pretty popular for the airlines. If there’s a way they can capitalize on the emotional feelings people have towards the holidays and by extension have them associated with their own brand, that’s a big win.

WestJet possibly had the most popular airline holiday video ever, with their 2013 “WestJet Christmas Miracle” video. It was so well produced and creative, and has nearly 45 million views on YouTube:

I’ve gotta be honest — this year I haven’t been especially impressed by airlines’ holiday videos. While many airlines have published videos, they all lacked that magic “touch.” That’s to say they came across as quite staged and weren’t actually that creative. I felt like they were showing us what they thought we wanted to see, and emotion was lost in the process.

Well, Aer Lingus just published their holiday video, and it’s spectacular. It’s called “Bringing people home for Christmas since 1936,” and it follows Irish Americans going home to Ireland for the holidays courtesy of Aer Lingus. Here’s the description:

We’ve been bringing people home for Christmas since 1936. This year, we wanted to make Christmas extra special for families across the world, who couldn’t make it home to see their loved ones. Taking to social media, we quietly sought out five families for a very festive homecoming.

From Chicago, we brought Nigel and his family home, so that his mother didn’t have to spend Christmas on her own. Niamh came home for the first time in 14 years with her daughter. From New York, we brought Clare home to her family in Cork, while Tomás flew from Toronto to be reunited with his family in Galway. Fintan flew home from New York to give his mother a truly special Christmas surprise.

And here’s the video:

What makes this video so awesome? It doesn’t feel staged. It’s totally “amateur,” and you can feel the genuine emotions of the people traveling home for the holidays, and the reactions from their families. The video almost made me tear up.

Bottom line

While a lot of airlines try to capitalize on the “holiday spirit,” Aer Lingus takes the cake this year. Nothing beats seeing the genuinely positive emotions which airlines can create by flying people home for the holidays. Airlines aren’t just in the business of transporting people, but rather are in the business of bringing people together. And that message is brought home with this video.

A special shout out to Nigel, who does a hell of a job in the video. I love how he got the other passengers and crew involved.

Anyone love the Aer Lingus video as much as I do?

(Tip of the hat to Conor)


  1. Love the videos, thanks for bringing them to my attention. Definitely got a tear out of me.
    Where are you spending Christmas Ben? You might have already said but I may have missed it.

  2. Yeah, I cried. Well played Air Lingus. Well played.

    Also Matt, that BA video is great as well. It may have gotten dusty on my porch when I watched that one too.

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