Lyft Beats UberX To LAX

While the rate of growth of ridesharing apps has been incredible, they’ve been facing uphill battles when it comes to the right to pick up at the nation’s larger airports. While UberBLACK has historically been allowed to pick up at airports, the battle has been much tougher for UberX and Lyft, which have been struggling with gaining such permission.

Los Angeles is the city I spend the most time in, and I’m extremely frustrated by the fact that UberX and Lyft can’t do pick ups at LAX. Instead you can either use UberBLACK or you can try to catch an UberX or Lyft from somewhere off the airport premises. Neither option is ideal.

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The good news was that in July the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners approved UberX and Lyft to pick up passengers at the airport, though they’d be subject to a $4 airport origination fee. The hope was that they’d launch by late August, though unfortunately that seemed to be optimistic.

Several months later they’ve still not launched… though it looks like that’s finally changing.

Via LA Mayor Eric Garcetti:

To make mobility in Los Angeles easier for residents and visitors, Mayor Garcetti announced that pick ups from transportation network companies (TNCs) will officially launch tomorrow – just in time for the rush of holiday travel.

At 8 a.m. tomorrow, December 23, Lyft will begin pick ups at LAX, making the rideshare company the first TNC to be licensed for this service at the airport, and expanding transportation options for travelers who already enjoy access to taxis, shuttles, and the popular FlyAway ® service.

“Tomorrow, we will have ‘Lyft-off’ at LAX, giving our passengers what they have been asking for, another safe and convenient way to get to and from the airport,” said Mayor Garcetti. ” As we continue rebuilding nearly every terminal at the airport, and work to bring rail to LAX, our passengers deserve access to all available options to ensure they have an excellent experience.”

As you can see, Lyft will be able to offer pick ups at LAX starting at 8AM on Wednesday, December 23, 2015.


On top of that Lyft is offering a promotion for those who ride with them to or from LAX soon. You can get $5 off your first two rides to or from LAX using promotion code FLY2015. The promotion code is valid through January 1, 2016.


UberX and Lyft in Los Angeles are both extremely reasonably priced and generally good quality, so I’m really excited about this. For example, I jut did fare estimates from LAX to West Hollywood. For a taxi the fare estimate is $67, while for Lyft it’s $24.

Bottom line

I’m excited to finally see the “budget” ride sharing services to be able to pick up at LAX.

It’s interesting to see Lyft beat UberX to the punch at LAX. The same happened in Las Vegas, where Lyft got permission to operate out of McCarran Airport in late-October, while UberX only got permission to operate out of the airport in early December. Something tells me UberX will follow more quickly in Los Angeles, given the size of the airport.

I’ve actually never used Lyft before (given that I find UberX to be comparable and available in most of the same markets), but this will cause me to give them a try when I return to LAX in early January.

Are you excited about finally being able to use Lyft at LAX?


  1. I live near LAX and use lyft all the time so am so excited they can pick up now. I live so close that I’m below the minimum cab fare so I always have to pay that even though the ride should be cheaper and I get attitude from the cabs when I give them my address. This will save me a ton of money.

  2. About time — just in time for my return to LAX! I bet Uber is losing drivers and riders for being so tardy in the LA area. Lucky and anyone who wants to use my referral code below feel free. $30 for us both. Remember to use the “FLY2015” promo code which you input under payments as well for a $5 discount off any airport ride.

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  4. I’ve always just used UberSELECT (why are there so many different sub categories out there?) in LA. It’s about the same rate as UberX in NYC and the cars are pretty nice, generally lower-end Mercedes, Lexus, etc.

  5. I use both Uber and Lyft. I probably use Uber 66% of the time and Lyft 33%. I hope Lyft is able to survive long term to provide some competition.

  6. I’ve taken UberPool many times out of LAX by taking the Hilton LAX shuttle, and sitting in the bar for a drink while catching up with the world using their wifi. Thus, I’m legitimately a customer, and don’t feel bad for using their shuttle. (And at the price of the lobby bar drinks, they’re getting their money’s worth.)

    It’s not clear whether UberPool will be allowed at LAX though. I like UberPool because the cost is fixed before we start (at market rates), so even if we get in unexpected traffic (like the 405 parking lot), I’m not taking a hit for it. I just have to be a bit flexible on my arrival times, which I generally am.

  7. Shame on garcetti for not allowing the pool and line products when LAX traffic is so terrible already. Doesn’t he want people sharing cabs?

  8. Hi! Lyft is really excited to be able to pick you up and drop you off at LAX.

    Use code ‘AFFORDABLE’ for a free $50 credit on rides for new users!

    Just go to this link – and download the app and you’ll automatically receive your free $50 of credit. ($10 off of each of your first 5 rides!)

    Happy Lyfting!!!

  9. Lyft has a new promo code for new users in the Los Angeles area.


    $50 off your first ride for NEW USERS ONLY

  10. Hi! Lyft is really excited to be able to pick you up and drop you off at LAX.

    Use code ‘AFFORDABLE’ for a free $50 credit on rides for new users!

    Just go to this link and download the app and you’ll automatically receive your free $50 of credit. ($10 off of each of your first 5 rides!)

    Happy Lyfting!!!

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