Select Your 2015 Alaska MVP Gold Thank You Gift

Of US airlines, Alaska Airlines is the one which feels most like a “ma and pa” business in terms of how they treat their customers. While they’re a quirky airline, they sure know how to make you feel valued.


For years Alaska would send MVP Gold members cookies around the holidays as a thank you for their loyalty. A few years back they changed that up to instead offer electronic gifts. While perhaps not as personalized, I’ll take a couple of upgrades over a couple of cookies, personally.

Alaska is once again offering MVP Gold thank you gifts in 2015, which can now be selected on Alaska’s website. Once you log into your Mileage Plan account, scroll down on the right side to the section under “Mileage Plan.” The third thing down should read “Thank You Gift.”


Click it and you’ll be brought to a page which indicates that you can select your elite thank you gift until January 22, 2016.


This year MVP Gold members have three options for their thank you gift:

  • 2 Gold Guest Upgrades, valid through December 31, 2016
  • 2 Board Room Day Passes, valid through December 31, 2016
  • 2 Gogo Flight Passes, valid through December 31, 2016


In terms of value, the upgrades are hands down the best option, as they can be used to confirm a first class upgrade at the time of booking. Not that Alaska first class is that great, but some routes can otherwise be tough to upgrade nowadays.


Bottom line

Kudos to Alaska on offering these gifts to MVP Gold members every year. They might not be life changing, but they really do set them apart from the competition. Alaska is the only US airline I know of which offers something so generous to their top customers at year end. Heck, I’d settle for the other carriers just not constantly taking away benefits at this point.

If you’re an MVP Gold member, which 2015 elite thank you gift did you select?


  1. My wife is Gold for 2015 but only will be MVP for 2016. If she selects the upgrades will she still be able to use them?

  2. I went for the upgrades, though I have a question: I am currently MVP G, though I have not requalified, so I will only be MVP next year. Will I use my newly issued MVP G Guest upgrades at year end when my status expires?

  3. “In terms of value, the upgrades are hands down the best option, as they can be used to confirm a first class upgrade at the time of booking”

    … in some, but not all, fare classes. (If you booked in G/T/R class you’re screwed.)

  4. @David – you should have no problem using these even if your wife is an MVP. You can use them for anybody.

  5. @Jackie – MVP Guest Upgrades are only valid on revenue fares (so purchased with money), except on the three cheapest paid fare classes (G, T, and R).

    So unfortunately, you can’t use them on award travel.

  6. This is a nice gesture on Alaska’s part, but is there a reason they didn’t send out an email this year like last year. I have been wondering if they were going to do it again, checking my inbox about twice a week, and finally I went online only to see that it was (a) buried in the left hand side of the web-page for members and (b) with a deadline of 1/23/2016, but no email notice to members.

    Isn’t the point of a gift that you tell someone your giving them the gift? I guess this is a good way for Alaska to say they were giving something to their MVP Golds/75Ks without having to worry about a significant redemption rate since many members didn’t know about it.

    Color me unhappy about this, and I’d say Alaska messed up on this one.

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