Silvercar Holiday Discount For New And Existing Renters

I’ve written extensively about Silvercar, including about the rental experience at LAX. Silvercar is an innovative rental car company available in roughly a dozen locations, with only one type of car in their fleet, the Audi A4.


Each A4 is equipped with free GPS, wifi, and satellite radio, and Silvercar has a fair fuel plan, whereby they’ll fill up your tank for the “market price” plus a $5 refueling fee.


I feel like they charge a reasonable premium for what they offer, though admittedly everyone values things like this differently.

As of now, Silvercar is available in the following markets:

  • Austin – AUS
  • Chicago – ORD
  • Dallas – Love
  • Dallas – DFW
  • Denver – DEN
  • Ft. Lauderdale – FLL
  • Las Vegas — LAS
  • Los Angeles – LAX
  • Miami – MIA
  • New York City – Manhattan
  • Phoenix – PHX
  • San Francisco – SFO

Silvercar has a great referral program, whereby they offer $25 in cash after your first rental if you’re referred by an existing member (the member referring you gets the same bonus).

On top of that they often have further promotions which offer huge discounts to first time renters. These discounts can make first time Silvercar rentals super cheap. I recently wrote about the $75 off promotion Silvercar was offering in conjunction with Virgin America.

Well, Silvercar is back with another great promotion, this time valid for rentals through January 10, 2016.


Through this promotion, Silvercar is offering the following:

  • First time renters: $75 off a rental of two or more days with promotion code JOLLY75
  • Returning renters: 15% off a rental (even one day rentals count) with promotion code JOLLY15


For first time renters you’re looking at a total of $100 off a two day rental by stacking the $75 off promotion with the $25 in cash after your first rental if you’re referred by an existing member. For example, that lowers the cost of a two day rental at DFW Airport to $61 before the $25 in cash you get for being referred, which would bring down the real “out of pocket” to $36.


$36 for a two day Audi A4 rental is pretty darn good, if you ask me.

To recap, to take advantage of this:

  • Sign-up for Silvercar using a referral, so you get $25 in cash after your first rental
  • Once registered, go to the Silvercar homepage and make a reservation using promo code JOLLY75
  • The $75 discount will be knocked off right away, while the $25 in cash will be sent to you by email after your rental

Bottom line

If you’re traveling for the holidays and staying in one of the markets in which Silvercar operates, I highly recommend giving them a try under this offer. With a $100 discount on a two day rental, they’ll in many cases be substantially cheaper than the competition, not even factoring in the huge difference in quality between the two.

Silvercar facility at LAX

I’m headed to Miami this week and plan on renting from Silvercar.

Will you be renting from Silvercar over the holidays?


  1. I just signed up with your referral and placed a reservation out of Phoenix. The car will cost me $95 which does not include the $25 I get back. I had a full-size car rented for the exact same price so thank you for the article.

  2. Thanks for your code @jmiller14 as I used it!! Feel free to use mine if anyone wants. It is rwheeless

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