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As I’ve been covering over the past several weeks, Hyatt kicked off a bit of a status match frenzy several weeks back, when they initially began status matching just about anyone with any status with a competitor to their top tier Diamond status. Given the volume of status match requests they eventually began limiting the promotion to those with SPG Platinum status, which makes perfect sense, given that they were originally targeting those who were worried about the merger between Marriott & Starwood.

Hilton responded by also offering status matches to elite members in competing programs. I was impressed by how clearly they published the terms of the status match promotion. The promotion is valid for status match requests through January 11, 2016, and matched status is valid through March 2017.

While I wasn’t originally going to, I ended up status matching to Hilton Diamond status, and my experience was great — I received acknowledgement of my status request within 30 minutes, and was matched within a few hours.

As I explained at the time, the reasons I status matched to Hilton HHonors Diamond status included the following:

  • While status matches are “once in a lifetime,” it’s not often that Hilton status matches, and the promotion ends in a few weeks; I’m not convinced they’ll offer it again anytime soon, and with the rate of consolidation in the hotel industry, who knows how much longer this program will be completely independent
  • My post last week about the supposed “secret” to Hilton Diamond suite upgrades has me wanting to try my luck with Hilton once again
  • While I’m primarily loyal to Hyatt and Starwood, they don’t have properties everywhere; I’m planning some upcoming travel where the two brands don’t have any properties, and I’ll end up staying at Hiltons (like in New Zealand)
  • If I do find there to be more value in Hilton Diamond this time around, it’s not that tough to qualify — $40,000 of spend on the Citi® Hilton HHonors Reserve Card will do the trick

Receive guaranteed lounge access as an HHonors Diamond member, like at the Conrad Hong Kong

While Hilton’s status match system was already simple, they’ve made it even easier. Hilton is now letting you status match through their website. Just fill out this form and they’ll process the match for you.


The form is very simple, and just requires you to enter your name, email address, HHonors number, and the status you have with another program (along with proof of that status).


The listed programs from which they’ll match include the following (though they do state at the beginning they’ll match from “any other hotel loyalty program”):


Bottom line

I’ve been really impressed by Hilton HHonors this year, and the clear and simple way in which they’re offering these status matches is the perfect example. If you’d like to take advantage of a Hilton status match, you have until January 11, 2016, to do so.

Have you matched to Hilton Diamond yet (or do you plan on doing so)?

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  1. I like your logic. My only argument is that since so many are status matching this year. It might be better to wait until after March 2017 to try and get them to match status. Just my personal theory that the benefits will be degraded and less available room upgrades if so many are “elite”

  2. Matched to Hilton, as my travels in 2016 Will be to locations where My “go to” chains, Hyatt and Clubcarlson have lilited presence

  3. I did the status match and just did my first stay with Hilton @ the Double Tree Inn in downtown Pittsburgh.. Upgraded to a corner king suite. But perhaps the best perk was despite a full parking garage (due to the Steelers/Broncos game) as a diamond elite I was able to still park at the hotel site vs having to search for parking elsewhere.

    @Ben – is the CITI HHonors reserve better than the AmEx HHonors Surpass ?

  4. One data point… I used the site last week to request my match, using my IHG Spire Elite status (obtained from the Chase IHG card).

    Automated response back in about 10 minutes confirming my match to HHonors Diamond!

  5. Already as a HH Diamond, I have NEVER been given an upgrade to a better room in all my Hilton portfolio stays.. Hilton, Embassy Suites, Double tree.. Not asking for a suite but never even asked that I was upgraded to a slightly better view room even…
    Got matched to Hyatt Diamond this past month so I have changed most of my plans to Hyatt… then the Hyatt GP website goes down and now my Diamond shows it’ll expire at the end of 2/29/16.. lol.. I can’t win!!

    Ben, do you have any info on if/when Hyatt will fix their GP website?

  6. @Juno sez: “I have NEVER been given an upgrade to a better room in all my Hilton portfolio stays.. Hilton, Embassy Suites, Double tree”

    You ought to consider quitting the miles/points game altogether if you have NEVER been given an upgrade to a “better room” as HH Diamond, because you must be lousiest player of the game in the universe!

    The HHonors T&C guarantee Diamonds at least an upgrade to the executive floor and there has never been a single time when I was not offered an “upgrade” from the room type that I had booked, which always the lowest standard room, to the next-best room on the executive floor — of course, when that happens, I would make a pitch for a suite upgrade, of which I have cleared better than 90% since 2012.

    I checked in this past Friday at Hilton Shanghai on 3-night AWARD stay and was upgraded to a “Panorama Suite”, although I had to overcome an initial resistance by the property, which insisted that the room they had originally upgraded me to was already a “tripled upgrade” from the one that I had booked. And just today, I checked in at the brand new Waldorf Astoria Beijing for another 3-night AWARD stay and was pleasantly surprised because I had already been automatically upgraded to an absolutely stupendous full suite, avoiding another pitch for a suite upgrade!

    Do you see why you should just consider quitting? You articulated it perfectly: “You can’t win” and I suspect that’s because you just play the game badly…

  7. In Auckland, I got a nice room upgrade. It wasn’t a suite, but it had an enormous private balcony with views in all directions. Otherwise, upgrades of any kind have been rare.
    But the same has also been true for SPG.

  8. @Matt — are you sure your IHG Spire Elite status is due to the Chase IHG card? The published benefit of the Chase card is Platinum status, not Spire.

  9. Hi Ben, you mention “Once in a lifetime”, do you really think they would never let the account holder status match ever again?

  10. @DCS @Juno
    I notice that most of your stays are in Asia. Maybe Juno’s stays are in the US. As a Hilton Gold I have always received great upgrades in Asia, but in the US I seldom receive even lounge access. Marriott also comes through with great upgrades in Asia with my Gold status, but in the US Gold gets me a better view of the parking lot. I matched to HH Diamond, so I am anxious to see what my next US upgrade is.

  11. anyone know who i can contact at Hilton on status of my application ? I filled out the form beginning of last week and still haven’t heard back from them .

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