2,500 Bonus Miles When You Check-In Early For Your Etihad Flight

Etihad Airways is back with a similar promotion to what they offered during Ramadan.

To deal with what will presumably be crowded airports over the holidays, Etihad is giving people an incentive to check-in early at Abu Dhabi Airport through December 28, 2015.


The promotion is called “Moonlight Check-In,” and through it Etihad is offering select passengers the following:

  • 5kg extra luggage allowance
  • A voucher for 2,500 Etihad Guest miles
  • 1 hour of free parking

So how do you qualify?

  • You have to check in between 1AM and 6AM, or between 1PM and 6PM (sort of funny that’s considered “Moonlight Check-In”)
  • You must be traveling between December 13 and 28, 2015
  • You must check-in “well in advance” of your flight
  • You must be departing Abu Dhabi, and can’t be flying to the US

Here’s how the program is described:

Check in during moonlight hours and we’ll give you an additional 5kg of checked baggage allowance, an Etihad Guest Miles voucher preloaded with 2,500 miles per travelling guest and one hour’s free parking at Skypark, allowing you to complete the check-in process.

Located in the terminal entrance of Skypark Level 3, Moonlight check-in will begin at 1pm on 13 December and is available 24 hours prior to departure between 1am to 6am and 1pm to 6pm.

Moonlight check-in incentives are only available if you are booked to travel on Etihad-operated flights (excluding flights to the US*) where you check in well in advance of your flight. For instance, if your flight departs at 5pm and you check in two hours earlier on the same day, you are not entitled to the incentives. However, if you check in at 5am that morning, then you will receive the additional benefits.

They don’t seem to specify how early you have to check-in, though do give the example of checking in two hours before departure not being eligible for the promotion. The intent is that you first go to the airport to check-in, and then separately return to catch your flight.

Etihad first class check-in Abu Dhabi Airport

That being said, if you’re someone who is big into “lounging” and you show up five or so hours before departure during eligible hours, presumably you’d qualify for the bonus. Since I can work from anywhere, I’d probably be happy to show up way early and sit in the Etihad Premium Lounge for five hours. 😉

Etihad Premium Lounge Abu Dhabi Airport

Bottom line

For most people it probably won’t be worth schlepping out to the airport early for 2,500 bonus miles. And for that matter I’m not sure this is actually the most efficient system for either party. But if you’re flying out of Abu Dhabi over the holidays and like Etihad Guest miles, it’s worth at least being aware of this promotion.

If you do enjoy hanging out in lounges, showing up four or five hours early would probably be eligible for this promotion, and then you could pass your time in the lounge.

Would you show up at the airport “well in advance” of your flight for 2,500 bonus miles and an extra baggage allowance?

(Tip of the hat to @dougcutchins)


  1. Would I turn up early to ‘lounge it’ ……for a Qantas Club in a heart beat – for an Admiral’s Lounge not a chance!

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