Hyatt Gold Passport Is Back In Business

As I first wrote about a couple of weeks ago, Hyatt Gold Passport has undergone some system maintenance this past week. They were transitioning to a new server, which meant all Gold Passport functions were unavailable from December 15-18. That’s a pretty substantial downtime, given that you couldn’t redeem points, suite upgrades, free night certificates, etc., during that period.


While the system issues were initially only supposed to last through December 18, this morning Gold Passport remained unavailable.

The good news is that it looks like Hyatt Gold Passport is once again “up,” so if you’ve been waiting to make a booking or perform any Gold Passport functions, you’re good to go. From looking at Hyatt’s website it doesn’t look like anything has changed on the front end.

Keep in mind that while the system is back up, any account activity accrued after December 12, 2015, won’t be reflected in your account until the week of December 28, 2015.

While I thought I had my travel mapped out for the rest of the year, I’m happy the system is back up, as I needed to make a last minute booking at the Hyatt Regency Capital Gate Abu Dhabi, which I was going to redeem my Chase Hyatt Visa Card annual free night certificate for.


Have you been waiting for Hyatt Gold Passport to be operational again?


  1. I tried the mobile app only at 12 noon est, will not allow me to sign in to my HGP account. After a 3 -day complete shutdown….Ridiculous.

  2. Is that night in Abu Dhabi a one night layover? I have 12 hours of layover overnight and have a Hyatt cert but I thought the Radisdon is more conveniently located. Where would you stay (arrive 9pm at AUH, depart AUH at 9am)?


  3. The website is back up but they changed the Diamond Tier Expiration. We were matched for Diamond till 2017 but now it has changed to 2016. Is it okay for Hyatt to take away a whole year of Diamond Status?

  4. Site is still down for me. I’ve been trying all morning. BUT, it says you can call in and make award bookings and such.

  5. Hilton did do a rare match of their HH Diamond status, which travel bloggers, by the way, keep saying is “no materially different” than the HH Gold status. However, anyone who bought in that canard is stupid because it should clear by now that the mature program between the two is HHonors: HGP attempted a Diamond status match and made mess of it. HHonors just did the same thing and it went as smoothly as silk.

    Cheers from a “Panorama Suite” upgrade at Hilton Shanghai!

  6. My stays went down by 5. Maybe they deleted the 5 stays from my spending $40k on my Hyatt card? I’ll give them a few days to see if they return. I need those 5 stays to requalify for diamond!

  7. The Hyatt Gold Passport system is undergoing maintenance at this time. The Hyatt Gold Passport system is undergoing maintenance at this time.

    It may only be open to bloggers.

  8. I just contacted Hyatt on Twitter and they confirmed they would NOT change the expiration dates on any status match accounts. So they are all still valid until 2017. The account monitor confirmed my account was fine but if yours is showing 2016, I suggest contacting Hyatt as they wont be changing any. (I took a screenshot of the conversation but can’t post it here by the looks)

  9. Also had the night and stay problem. Rep didn’t see on her end the same number I saw on my end, and assured me I had requalified as Diamond. Scary when I saw 24 stays, though!

  10. Screw them….it’s Relais and Chateau for us from here on…………silly faux Diamond offers…….piss off Diamond………..

  11. System down. I lost a critical stay that arrived by the 12th, wrote them. Clearly they botched the back up and server move, and lost details on many, not just me. I enjoy the hotels, but the website has been painful for a long time. Hope they can make the mend.

  12. tried at noon on Dec 20 and can book online, but I can’t call in. Want to book a suite with points and while a suite is available, can’t online. this is quite frustrating…

  13. Locked out since Hyatt did whatever to their website. Can’t get into my account. Password does not reset. Call customer service and I’m told that the system is “glitching-out” right now try back later.

    Looks like Hyatt completely destroyed their website. Now it doesn’t function at all.

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