My Incredible IHG Accelerate 2016 Promotion

IHG has just announced the details of their first promotion of 2016, entitled Accelerate 2016. The promotion is valid for stays between January 1 and April 30, 2016.


The promotion is targeted, so there are different offers for different members. This promotion is similar to the ones they’ve offered in the past — IHG is offering a similar promotion at the moment, valid through the end of 2015.

To see which version of the Accelerate 2016 offer you’re eligible for, you’ll want to log-in to your IHG Rewards Club account on this page.

Once logged in you’ll be prompted to register, and will then be shown the number of points you can earn, the number of offers you can complete, and the number of days left.


I only very rarely stay with IHG, so I seem to have gotten a really generous version the offer. Clearly they think they have to incentivize me to stay with them (and they’re correct). Through my offer, I can earn a total of 55,000 points, as follows:

  • January Bonus Offer — 5,000 bonus points (stay once in January)
  • Stay Once Get 5,000 — 5,000 bonus points (stay once during the promotion period)
  • Stay More, Earn More — 10,000 bonus points (stay five nights during the promotion period)
  • Earn More, Faster — 2,000 bonus points (book a bonus points package during the promotion period)
  • Spend On Your IHG Rewards Club Credit Card — 1,500 bonus points (pay for a stay with your co-branded credit card)
  • Your Achievement Bonus — 31,500 bonus points (complete three of the four offers — excluding the January Bonus Offer — and earn this bonus)


Okay, now here’s a deal which is actually worth mattress running for. If I’m reading this all correctly, if I book a paid stay in January using a bonus points package and pay with my IHG Rewards Club Credit Card, I should earn 45,000 IHG Rewards Club bonus points.

As an example, I could book a stay at the Candlewood Suites Clearwater with a 1,000 point bonus package for $81.99 for one night, and as far as I can tell that would complete three of the four tasks, and therefore unlock the achievement bonus as well.


This is a promotion I can’t turn down. Goodness, sometimes it sure does pay to not have a history of staying with a hotel program!

Bottom line

It’s interesting to look at some of the insane “goals” people are reporting on FlyerTalk. Some people need to stay 40 nights to earn their bonus, others have to book 17 nights with a corporate code, while others have to spend certain amounts on hotel dining.

Meanwhile I need to book a single stay with a points package. This is a promotion I’ll absolutely be taking advantage of.

What does your 2016 Accelerate offer look like, and do you plan on taking advantage of it?


  1. The offer you got this time is very similar with one that I got for 2015 Winter Accelerate – 50,000 pt in total (achievement bonus 28,500). Like yours, I can complete the offer just with one ‘bonus point package’ booking and IHG credit card payment. I haven’t completed this promo yet as I plan to do so during the second half of December.

    Then today I found my 2016 Spring Accelerate promo (55000 in total, achievement bonus 28,500), which I found is pretty similar with the previous one (see below). But instead of”bonus point package” stay, it requires joining of Ambassador membership. lol. So with one stay in Jan and Ambassador membership joining (I guess, it’s possible to do so with 32500 point instead of $200?), I can get 55000, which will basically pay my membership fee then. Still NOT SURE it’s worth it. For the last 4-5 months, I only stayed at ICs from time to time (only award stays) so I guess, this promo kinds forces/entices me into Ambassador membership.

    5,000 January Bonus Offer
    Stay once in January and get 5,000 bonus points. Terms
    5,000 Stay Once Get 5,000
    Thank you for choosing IHG. We’d like to see you again soon. Stay once and earn 5,000 bonus points.
    10,000 Stay More, Earn More
    Get closer to the rewards you want when you stay 5 night(s) and earn 10,000 bonus points
    1,500 Spend on your IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card
    Book and pay for one stay with your IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card and earn bonus points.
    5,000 Become an Ambassador Member
    Earn 5,000 points when you join our Ambassador programme.
    28,500 Your Achievement Bonus
    Complete 3 of the 4 offers above and earn (an additional) 28,500 bonus points (excluding the January Bonus Offer).

  2. Seems the key to yours is to complete 3/4 tasks. The “bonus point” option is the key. My offers seem to require 3/3 and have the “5 night” deal-killer and NOT the “bonus point” requirement.

  3. Any idea if this works for previously booked stays? Have a trip in January that was booked in November that will hit 3 of the targets assigned for me.

  4. Hi lucky- Sorry to disappoint you, but your offer clearly states that paying with your IHG card only gives you 1,500 points and not 15,000 points.

    So with that said I am not sure what the new calculation would be, but if the stay once in Janurary and the stay once over the promotion deal can stack that is 10,000 points, and if you pay with your IHG mastercard you get an additional 1,500 Points. If you add the extra 2,000 points from booking a points pacakge you now complete 3/4 and get the additional 31,500 points. Now lets do the math!

    5,000( Janurary Bonus, doesn’t count toward the 3/4 promotion) + 5,000 (stay once) + 2,000 (Points package) + 1,500 (Using IHG Mastercard) + 31,500 (completing 3/4 of the of the offers) – 1,000 (having to use on points package) = 44,000 IHG points.

    If you value IHG points at least $.07C a piece than that is worth ~$308

  5. Will IHG disallow the first of the 3 completed tasks under the clause “excluding January bonus offer”?

  6. I got one for 78,500 points, with 6 of the 7 being able to be completed with 2 stays. I was shocked since I have stayed at IHG 17 nights this year which is the most since I started travelling.

  7. Well I’ll be staying in IHG this quarter it seems.

    5,000 for staying in January
    5,000 for staying once
    8,000 for staying 4 nights
    38,400 for staying in 4 different brands
    3,000 for a bonus points package
    2,300 for using my IHG credit card on 1 stay
    24,000 for completing 4 out of the 5 above offers

    So if I use all the offers (which shouldn’t be hard) I’ll earn 85,700 points! I usually only use IHG points to stay in Holiday Inns or Expresses to keep vacations cheap so at 15-20K a night I’m looking at at least 4 nights which doesn’t include my measily 10K current balance.

  8. got the same offer as you (essentially) – achievement bonus is 29,900, but earn more/faster is 3600 – so 45,000 in total also!

  9. @JJ not sure why you’re deducting 1,000 points from the math. If you see the sample booking Ben posted, the points package is where you pay an extra $5 to earn an additional 1,000 bonus points. He should actually earn 46,000 if you count those, plus the actual base points for the paid stay and the credit card points.

  10. My wife’s offer is too embarrassing to post. My offer:
    5,000 January bonus
    Stay once, earn 6,000
    5 nights, 10,000
    1,500 credit card spend
    3/3 above excluding January bonus, earn 32,500
    Total: 55,000

    I have a 5 night stay in January that would be perfect for 55,000 points. The catch is having to stay at an IHG hotel.

  11. My apologies I did misread the points. Yes it would be 46,000 points. I also forgot to mention I purposely did not include the amount of points Lucky would receive from his stays into my calculation. My math wasn’t too bad for 6:54am my time =P

  12. Strangely, I got a similar offer (not as good), and I’ve stayed at HI a few times this year.

    More strangely, my wife has 0 stays at IHG (ever!) and she got some wack ladder-type deal. Stay 1 night… Stay 3 more nights… etc.. Until 15 more nights, with no achievement bonus.. for a grand total of 35k bonus points. LAME!

  13. I hit Spire status earlier this month, and have 1 goal left on my 2015 accelerate for 2015 (3 nights for additional 30K). Sadly for 2016 I got one of the “insane” ones. I can get 10K bonus after 1 stay and it being in January to double up like Ben, but then my next one is a 22K bonus after 11 nights, then the usual 3 night increments up up 23 nights for only a total of 56K (LESS than my 2015). No bonuses at all for any card spend on a stay. Disappointing for sure.

  14. This is total BS! I still have yet to get any good usable offers in my accelerate promos. AGAIN they made one of my tasks “download the IHG app,” which I already have, so presumably that disqualifies me from being able to complete it, and then the rest of my tasks are things like “book a 2 night stay, get 2,000 points” or “stay at 2 different holiday inn hotels, get 5,000 points.” My MAX if I complete all the offers is 33,500. Of course, the bloggers (who are already points-rich and have elite status with every single hotel and airline) get the sweet offers so they can advertise…

  15. My offer is very similar to 2015 except I have to complete all challenges instead of picking a few. For some reason IHG wants me to stay in Crowne Plazas.

    5,000 Jan Bonus
    5,000 Stay Once
    10,000 Stay 5 nights
    9,600 Stay in 2 Crowne Plaza Hotels
    25,400 Achievement Bonus

  16. Sounds like a lot of fuss for what would probably be just enough for one “free” nite at a better property.

  17. Man! The most I can earn with a single stay is 6,000 points. Amazing how lame my offers are compared to yours.

  18. Not everybody is getting good offers. Mine would require me to stay 18 nights within the next 13 nights to earn 52,000 points. (Huh?) My wife’s is identical.

    5k for 1st stay
    5k for 3 nights
    3k for 3 more nights (6 total)
    3k for 3 more nights (9 total)
    3k for 3 more nights (12 total)
    3k for 3 more nights (15 total)
    30k for 3 more nights (18 total)

    So if I can find a Delorean with a flux capacitor and then waste about $1800 at a nearby Holiday Inn, I might earn enough points for a single night in a top-tier hotel. I’ll pass.

  19. Whoops, I haven’t had enough coffee today. That was the 2015 promo. The 2016 promo is similarly weak. 41k points for 15 nights:

    6k for 1st stay
    6k for 3 total nights
    3k for 6 total nights
    3k for 9 total nights
    3k for 12 total nights
    15k for 15 total nights

  20. My offer: Best so far for my acct

    5,000 January Bonus Offer
    Stay once in January and get 5,000 bonus points. Terms
    5,000 Stay Once Get 5,000
    Thank you for choosing IHG. We’d like to see you again soon. Stay once and earn 5,000 bonus points.
    10,000 Stay More, Earn More
    Get closer to the rewards you want when you stay 5 night(s) and earn 10,000 bonus points.
    20,800 Discover Our Brands
    Stay at 3 number of brands and get 20,800 bonus points.
    36,000 Your Achievement Bonus
    Complete 3 of the 3 offers above and earn (an additional) 36,000 bonus points (excluding the January Bonus Offer).

  21. My offer:

    Complete all of your Accelerate 2016 offers and earn 75,200 total bonus points.
    My Offers
    Points Value Offer Description Status
    5,000 January Bonus Offer

    5,000 Stay Once Get 5,000

    22,000 Stay More, Earn More

    Get closer to the rewards you want when you stay 11 night(s) and earn 22,000 bonus points.

    1,400 Book with IHG

    Book 2 stays directly through IHG and earn 1,400 bonus points.

    4,000 A Bonus Weekend Stay

    Stay with us for the weekend and earn 4,000 bonus points.
    A Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday night stay required.

    3,600 Stay for Less and Earn

    Earn 3,600 bonus points when you book 1 stay(s) using Points and Cash.
    We’ll reward you with more bonus points when you use a combination of points and cash.

    17,600 Globetrotter Bonus

    Earn 17,600 bonus points for staying at 3 IHG hotel(s) outside of your country of residence.
    You’ll earn for one hotel stay per country.

    600 Eat, Drink, and Earn

    Spend $50 on food or beverages at IHG hotels and earn 600 bonus points.

    16,000 Your Achievement Bonus

    Complete 6 of the 7 offers above and earn (an additional) 16,000 bonus points (excluding the January Bonus Offer).

  22. Kind of a shitty offer in terms of points, but I think they all can be accomplished pretty fast. Total of 33,500+ points from stay

    500-Download IHG app
    2,000- Stay 3 nights
    2,000-Book 2 stays
    2,000- Stay at 2 different Holiday Inns
    2,000- Stay the weekend (Fri/sat or Sat/Sun)
    10,000- complete 3 out of 5
    15,000 complete 5 out of 5

    Doing this the best way I would stay 2 nights at the cheapest H.I. on a weekend then stay at another H.I. on another night and complete everything? If I value the points at $.07C like TPG then if I can book this all for under $234 I will come ahead. Not likely I will complete except for the app.

  23. Pretty easy on mine, but my January offer DOES NOT county towards my 32,500 offer. Need to stay five nights for that.

  24. Maybe I’m just illiterate or too lazy to read the full conditions, but has anyone seen/states if these are stackable? I could knock out 4/7 of my requirements in my next upcoming stay in January, and work towards my goal of a possible 83,700 points. But I can’t find in the terms on the page whether or not my 3-day stay in January will knock out all 4 of the requirements or just the January stay deal.

    Here’s my offer:

    5,000 January Bonus Offer
    6,000 Stay Once Get 6,000
    18,000 Stay More, Earn More – Get closer to the rewards you want when you stay 9 night(s)
    9,600 Change Your View®
    6,000 A Bonus Weekend Stay
    10,800 Corporate Account Bonus – Stay 4 time(s) using your negotiated rate and earn 10,800 bonus points.
    6,000 Stay a Little Longer
    2,300 Spend on your IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card
    20,000 Your Achievement Bonus – Complete 6 of the 7 offers above and earn (an additional) 20,000 bonus points

    As mentioned, I can hit 4 of these with my stay in January if they’re stackable. Even if they aren’t, I can hit 6/7 by the end of March. But they have to be stackable. Would love to be able to claim 83,000+ points, though.

  25. My offers are:
    Stay once in January and get 5,000 bonus points
    Stay once and get 5,000 points
    Earn double points starting with your second stay up to 30,000 points.
    The headline says earn 40,000 total bonus points. I’m not sure what exactly I have to do to get 40k points. It says complete all my offers to get 40k points but I’m not sure if I have to earn the 30k points completely with stays at a double points rate until I reach 30k in points?

  26. I think some people are interpreting the “excluding the January bonus offer” language in different ways. The way I’m reading this is that you get x number of achievement bonus points IN ADDITION to your January bonus, if you were to complete that one. The January bonus is a “separate” offer from the others, but stackable at the same time.
    Ben, can you confirm or shed some light?

  27. I had four ways to earn points, one of which was the January bonus. But to earn the main bonus I had to complete 3 of 3 tasks. The January stay is not a task according to that math. It was also a white row whereas the other three were grey. So I think it’s 5000 points to stay in January. But I don’t get task credit unless I stay a second time etc.

  28. Mine is easy enough:

    -500 points for downloading the app
    -2,000 points for a 3 night stay
    -2,000 points for booking 2 stays through IHG directly
    -2,000 for staying at 2 Holiday Inn Properties
    -2,000 points for a weekend stay (F/S or S/S)
    -10,000 for completing 3/5
    -15,000 for 5/5
    Grand total: 33,500

    I could stack this really easily.

  29. After getting crappy offers since they started these targeted promos (and ignoring them), I’ve finally gotten a decent one. It’s the same as yours, Ben, except instead of a bonus point package, I have to book a points + cash stay. I can get 45,000 from 1 points + cash stay in January paid with the IHG card. This one is worth it.

  30. I received 3 offers, but it doesn’t make any sense how I earn the total 41,000 points. The terms of #3 state that I will receive the points after the specified number of nights/stays are completed, but it’s nothing explicit. Do you understand this?

    1) (5,000) Stay once in January and get 5,000 bonus points.
    2) (6,000) Thank you for choosing IHG. We’d like to see you again soon. Stay once and earn 6,000 bonus points.
    3) (30,000) Earn double points starting with your second stay (up to 30,000 bonus points).

  31. If I stay once in January at a Crowne Plaza, then again at a Crowne Plaza at any time (two crowne plaza stays) I can get 39,000 points (that’s not counting the points I’d earn via credit card spend with their credit card, so let’s round up to 40,000 points).

    Now off to find the cheapest Crowne Plaza I can in either Philadelphia, New York, or Michigan…

  32. I doubt I’ll do this, even for 55k bonus points. Must stay at 2 different Crowne Plaza hotels, and there are none in my state. I do have an upcoming trip but not sure I want to pay more than a Hyatt plus schlep across town to the 2nd property. The only property I would ever use IHG points would get me 1.5 nights, not sure this is really worth a free night…

  33. January Bonus Offer
    Stay once in January and get 5,000 bonus points.
    Thank you for choosing IHG. We’d like to see you again
    soon. Stay once and earn 5,000 bonus points.

    Get closer to the rewards you want when you stay 5
    night(s) and earn 10,000 bonus points.

    Stay at 3 number of brands and get 20,800 bonus points.

    Book 2 stay(s) with the IHG® App and earn 3,200 bonus

    Earn 2,000 bonus points when you book 1 Bonus Points
    Package stay(s) and get to your next reward faster.

    Earn 1,000 bonus points by purchasing IHG® Rewards Club

    Your Achievement Bonus
    Complete 5 of the 6 offers above and earn (an additional)
    16,000 bonus points (excluding the January Bonus Offer).

    My offer above, I have tried to put this in English, can someone help to confirm if I do the following I will have done all

    1 NT stay using App at Brand A

    1 NT stay using App at Brand B

    1 NT bonus point stay at Brand C

    2 NTs stay at any IHG


  34. Does anyone understand what an Intercontinental Alliance resort is? How does this affect points? I’m traveling to Vegas in March and staying at the Palazzo (ICA resort). However, when I try to book at the Palazzo with my IHG Master card I don’t get the 5x points. Has anyone stayed at the Palazzo in Vegas and have an points experience to share?

  35. Do you think a 4 night stay booked with Citi Prestige card would count toward the 5 nights and 2 stays at a Crowne Plaza part of the promotion? Worried about this part of the promotion.

    Bonus points are not issued for Non-Qualifying Room Rates or Non-Qualifying Stays. “Non-Qualifying Room Rates” or “Non-Qualifying Stay” include the following: any stay at a Kimpton Hotel, net wholesale individual and group rate, certain package rates, employee discount rate, friends and family rate, crew rate, special discounted contract rates, seasonal worker/crew rate, 50% travel club discount rate, travel industry discount rate, distressed passenger rate, IHG® Rewards Club Reward Nights/Airline Hotel Reward rate, rates booked through third party web sites, complimentary hotel Stays and any other rates not defined as a Qualifying Room Rate at IHG’s sole discretion

  36. My Offer in India is
    5,000-January Bonus Offer-Stay once in January and get 5,000 bonus points.
    1,000-Stay Once Get 1,000-We’d like to see you again soon. Stay once and earn 1,000 bonus points.
    30,000-Double Points-Earn double points starting with your second stay (up to 30,000 bonus points).
    is it good enough for a mattress run ??
    I can book a Holiday Inn in Pune (city in India) for approx $50 per night using a promo from a local hotel booking website.

  37. It should be noted that all these bonus points are not elite qualifying points. I may generate over 100,000 points this year but lose the Spire Elite status.

  38. I’ve been trying to figure that out. I’ll have the same issue. Bummer. Not that spire offers anything great anyway.

  39. Quick question. My accelerate includes the 1500 points for paying with my ihg visa but I also have one for doing a points & cash stay. I am curious if I can combine these two into a one night stay. I would do points and cash and pay with my ihg visa. This would complete 4 of my 6 offers… would this work? Thanks

  40. My offer is:

    Stay once, get 1,000 bonus points
    Stay a second time by April 1, get 30k additional bonus points.

    I just cancelled a hotel reservation I had elsewhere for the 1st of March and 4th of March, and booked 2 nights, for a bonus of 31k points.

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