Hilton Double Your HHonors Promo Returns In 2016

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Hotel promotions for 2016 are in full swing as of this week! Yesterday we learned about the first quarter 2016 promotions from Starwood and IHG, and now Hilton has unveiled their first quarter 2016 promotion as well.

Hilton Double Your HHonors promotion is back in 2016

Hilton will be bringing back their Double Your HHonors promotion for 2016, valid for stays between January 1 and April 30, 2016. This promotion is almost identical to the promotion Hilton offered early last year.


Through this promotion, members can choose either double HHonors base points or double airline miles for stays at qualifying hotels between January 1 and April 30, 2015.

To qualify, members must register for the promotion prior to checking out from their first stay. At the time of registration you have to state whether you’d like to earn double points or double miles, as you’ll have to keep that preference for the duration of the promotion.


In order to earn double miles you need to select “Points and Miles” as your MyWay earning style preference, and must select your preferred airline partner.


Unlike last year, however, all properties are participating in the promotion. Hilton deserves huge kudos for that. Up until the middle of last year they had among the most properties of any loyalty program “opt out” of promotions, while now all properties are participating.

1,000 bonus points for those with Hilton’s co-branded card

On top of the above, Hilton is offering those with the Hilton HHonors Card from American Express or the Hilton HHonors Surpass Card from American Express an added bonus (there doesn’t seem to be a bonus for those with the co-branded Citi card).

HHonors members with either of these cards can earn an extra 1,000 HHonors bonus points when they use their card at check-out on their first stay during the promotion period.

You do need to register for these promotions independently, so:

  • If you have the Hilton HHonors Card from American Express, register here
  • If you have the Hilton HHonors Surpass Card from American Express, register here


Should you earn double miles or double points?

Through this promotion, Hilton is offering the choice between double HHonors base points or double airline miles.


You ordinarily earn 10 HHonors base points per dollar spent at Hilton hotels. That means if you choose to earn double HHonors points you’d earn an additional 10 HHonors points per dollar spent. I value HHonors points at ~0.4 cents each, so that’s like an incremental return of ~4% on Hilton stays.

If you choose to earn double miles, you’d have to select “Points and Miles” as your earning preference. When you do that you earn 10 HHonors base points per dollar spent, plus one airline mile per dollar spent. So if you choose airline miles you’d earn an extra mile per dollar spent. Unless you value a mile at more than 10 HHonors points (at more than ~4.0 cents), that’s not a good deal.

So in almost all cases I think you’re better off earning double HHonors points instead of double miles.


HHonors has good earnings rates for hotel stays

As much as I like to joke about Hilton, they’ve really been improving HHonors promotions lately, and the points earnings rates for stays are quite good.

If you choose to exclusively earn HHonors points for your hotel stay during the promotion, you’d earn:

So all things considered you’re looking at earning 40-42 HHonors points per dollar spent at participating Hilton properties if you’re a Diamond member with one of their co-branded credit card.

Most Hilton properties might not be that glam, but at least you earn lots of points!

Bottom line

Kudos to Hilton for offering a promotion with all hotels participating. Exact details of the promotion aside, to me that’s at least within the spirit of a loyalty program, rather than having a bunch of hotels not participating. I’m loyal to the hotel group as a whole, so it’s nice when the hotel group as a whole rewards that loyalty.

In terms of the actual value of this promotion, you’re basically earning an extra 10 HHonors points per dollar spent. I value them at ~0.4 cents each, so by my valuation this promotion offers an additional return of ~4% on hotel spend. That’s hardly a reason to switch any business to Hilton, though it is more or less in line with Starwood’s promotion (which offers an additional two Starpoints per dollar spent, which I value at a return of ~4.4%).

Regardless, some bonus points are better than no bonus points!

What do you make of Hilton’s Double Your HHonors promotion?

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  1. I normally spend about 100 nights per year in hotels – all domestically. My loyalty pattern is 1 small footprint chain (Hyatt – Diamond), and I have 2 large footprint chains (IHG – Platinum, and Hilton – Gold/Diamond). I tend to work to renew Hyatt Diamond first, and then pivot to maxing IHG and Hilton promos. My current thinking is that this Hilton promo will probably be a tie-breaker over using IHG for those stays that can’t reasonable access a Hyatt property in Q1 of 2016.

  2. Odd only the first stay is good for the 1000 point bonus. Doesn’t work for me as my first stay is a 4th night free from Citi prestige.

  3. @Lucky sez: “I value HHonors points at ~0.4 cents each, so that’s like an incremental return of ~4% on Hilton stays.”

    Please stop, you are killing me! the purported 0.4 cent that each HHonors point is worth is the AVERAGE value when you redeem the points and NOT when you earn them. Therefore the above statement is utterly meaningless.

    Here’s what I mean. If I EARN 2,500 HH points from this or any Hilton promo, according to you, it would would be worth about 2,500pts * $0.0004/pt = $10, which is ridiculous.

    Why? Because in order to EARN 2,500 HH points, a general HH member would have to spend $250 at a Hilton property. Therefore, the “face value” of a promo the offers 2500 HH points is at least $250 and not $10, because on the EARN side $10 would get you just 100 HH points and not 2500!

    The constantly peddled value of 0.4 cent for HH points is the average REDEMPTION value and it should not be used to estimate the monetary value of points on the EARN side of the equation.

    Please get that right or stop writing about it altogether…

  4. Ooops!
    “There was a problem.
    We noticed you are eligible for this offer because you have the Hilton HHonors™ Card from American Express or the Hilton HHonors™ Surpass® Card from American Express, but you have already registered for Double Your HHonors through one of our other promotional pages.+,* If you would like to upgrade your registration to include the additional 1,000 HHonors Bonus Points when you use your American Express® Card at check-out on your 1st stay during the promotion period, please contact us at 1-800-HHONORS.+,** ”

    That is what I just got when I tried to (re)register using the AMEX Surpass link so that I would get the additional 1K HH points. At least there seems to be a way to correct an initial choice….

  5. @Lucky — Do or do you not you agree that the peddled 0.4 cent is the average REDEMPTION value of HH points?

  6. Just like comparing “raw” loyalty points, which are not created equal, this one trips bloggers all the time… At least at TPG they acknowledge that their monthly valuations are REDEMPTION values, unlike others who use them interchangeably to estimate the value of earned and redeemed points…

    Anyway, gotta get packed to fly out tomorrow morning to PVG, the first stop on my 3-week, 5-nation 2015 Year-end Asian Escapade(tm).


  7. @lucky

    If you want to get signed up for the CC bonuses you must go to the CC link only. If you do the normal promo sign up page first it will give you an error.

  8. Typically crappy HH IT. If you registered for the promo first and then try to register your card, you get an error, instead of, oh, I don’t know, having that as an option on the initial page, or an additional option once you’ve selected points or miles. It’s 100% not worth bothering with a phone call for a few measly miles, so I guess Citi gets my business instead of Amex. Some day, Hilton will hire actual IT professionals, instead of high school kids.

  9. @ DCS The value of something like points is the redemption value. If you earn them but never redeem them, and your heirs don’t/can’t redeem them, they are worthless.

    If you are saying the value of the point redemption now may be different from the value of the points when you redeem them at some future point, then I agree.

  10. DCS, agree with Lucky and others that your logic makes no sense — all the more cringeworthy in light of the vehemence with which you state it.

    The value of points is their redemption value: no one would ever (rationally) pay you $250 for your 2500 points; they would use their $250 to pay for a hotel room. It is completely irrelevant how much you had to spend to “earn” those points. And in any event, the main thing you were paying for with your own $250 was the room you stayed in, not the points — so even if “EARN side value” were a meaningful concept, $250 wouldn’t be the right answer.

  11. @shza — It is that same faulty logic of equating the value of points with their redemption value that has got everyone comparing 2.4 cents per starpoint vs. O.4 cent per HH point and claiming the former to be worth more, not realizing that nearly all loyalty points are worth almost exactly the same when adjusted for their relative earn rates…

    But I have not got the time to rehash that debate. Just search the site for your edification.


  12. Let me make this really simple. The value of points/miles is how much one needs to spend in real money to afford an award night/ticket. It incorporates everything that needs to go into valuing points/miles, even the subjectivity of what one chooses to spend their money in to earn the points/miles…

  13. The further offering of a Double points promotion reduces the impact of Hilton’s 2014 massive devaluation which doubled the number of points at many of Hilton’s best properties. I am a Hilton loyalist due to the scope and number of their locations which are well suited in many global locations. One may be surprised at the difference in Hilton hotels in the US( which does have good hotels) and those in Europe and Asia, where elite treatment, amenities, and hotel quality are often significantly of higher quality.

  14. I vote for redemption value but I made my own chart based on midgrade and high end redemption value based on where I typically stay and compare based on both values. The spread can vary quite a bit between programs.

  15. DCS clearly hasn’t heard of MS. If points are valued at what you spend to earn them, then half of my hilton points are worth $0.

    Everyone in this game knows that some points are earned at slower rates than others and that some points are redeemed at different rates than others. The notion that a starpoint valued at 2.4¢ is not worth more than a hhonors point valued at 0.4¢ because it’s harder to earn starpoints is illogical.

    The value is placed at what you can get for your points, not the time, money or effort you choose to spend to earn them. If I were to work a 60hr week to earn $1000 and you were to work a 32 hour week to earn 921 euro, that doesn’t mean my $1000 is inherently worth more or less than your 921 euro just because I worked more and your euros were easier to earn. The value is what you can purchase – and as I’m writing this, that means they’re roughly equal value.

  16. I was hoping for a bit more with this promotion, this sort of seems to be the standard. Nothing to get upset about or wowed about. I liked the triple points on weekends / double points on weekdays. I usually get close to qualifying for Diamond on either stays or nights and unless there is a promotion that discourages hopping between hotels, I’ll probably be qualifying on stays again this year.

  17. “Please stop, you are killing me! the purported 0.4 cent that each HHonors point is worth is the AVERAGE value when you redeem the points and NOT when you earn them. Therefore the above statement is utterly meaningless.

    Here’s what I mean. If I EARN 2,500 HH points from this or any Hilton promo, according to you, it would would be worth about 2,500pts * $0.0004/pt = $10, which is ridiculous. ”

    @Lucky: You recently posted an article that will fuel his delusions for another decade. I’m not sure why you choose to give him airtime on your blog. He is literally so stupid he can’t do basic Math.

    0.4c is 0.004 $ not 0.0004 $ and no I don’t believe it was a “simple typo” because the result (10$) should have immediately tipped him off. After all, while they are a fraction of a value of SPG points, even Hilton’s points are not so worthless that 2500 of them are only worth 10$.

    Also for people wondering what everyone is on about. The points and miles worth calculations account for both earning and spending side to come to a consensus value that is largely agreed to by most people who have crunched the numbers within similar ranges. DCS with his low IQ chooses to account for earning side twice.

    He can’t convert temperatures.
    He can’t even do basic cent to dollar conversions.

    And it doesn’t stop at math, he has no understanding of the meaning of “confirmed” “subject to availability” “at hotel’s discretion” and “may”.

    Classic case of “should have kept your mouth shut and allowed people some doubt regarding your stupidity”. But no, go on, confirm and broadcast it to the world.

  18. @Andy — you are clearly too stupid to address if you do not believe that the the extra ‘zero’ was not a typo, when the result of the intended multiplication was correct!!! The only thing such an error could be, moron, is a typo and not some mystical ‘tip off’!!!


  19. @Paul
    From the FAQ page:
    “Will I receive Double Points or Double Miles for any stays within the Promotion Period that I completed PRIOR to registering for the promotion?
    No. Only members registered at the time of check-out will receive either Double Points or Double Miles for eligible stays within the Promotion Period.”
    “If I check-in before January 1, 2016 or check-out after April 30, 2016, do I still earn credit for that stay?
    Registered HHonors members will receive a bonus only for the nights of an eligible stay completed during the Promotion Period, regardless of a check-in date before the Promotion Period begins or a check-out date after the Promotion Period ends.”

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