Awesome Deal: Discounted Nordstrom Gift Cards

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Link: $100 Nordstrom Gift Card and $20 Gift Card

Here’s an amazing deal which won’t last. For $100, Amazon is selling a $100 Nordstrom gift card plus a $20 Amazon gift card.


Keep in mind that the Chase Freedom is offering 10x points at Amazon for the last few weeks of the year, so in my case I’ll be earning 1,000 points for the purchase.


Those are points I value at ~1.6 cents each, further bringing down the cost to $84. When you subtract the $20 Amazon credit you’ll be getting (which can be applied towards a future purchase), to me that’s like picking up a $100 Nordstrom gift card for $64.

This deal won’t last, so if you’re interested I’d recommend buying as soon as possible.

(Tip of the hat to Points, Miles & Martinis)


  1. Thank You Very Much !

    I was expecting when I tried to order a second pair Amazon would say “you’ve already done that”. But no, the second order went right through. 2000 Chase points, and $40 in Amazon gift cards for the $200 in Nordstrom cards I was going to give as a Christmas present anyway. 🙂

  2. @Dan – True, but Amazon has QC25 for the same, plus you get 10% back and if you really want to, you can use Chase UR to offset the cost through Amazon.

  3. @Adam – Well, you get 10% back on the nordstrom gc’s as well. And some might not find much other use for the nordstrom gc’s

  4. Deal got even better this morning…bought 3 yesterday, they shipped the amazon cards to the wrong carrier facility which means they’ll be late a day getting to me. On chat with a CSR they’re handing me more promo credits for the delay. I love Amazon!

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