Hyatt Diamond Benefits: What You Need To Know

Something tells me there are tons of new Hyatt Diamond members over the past few weeks. Back in mid-November, Hyatt started offering a very lucrative Diamond status match program, whereby they outright matched many people to Diamond status through February 2017. Over 10,000 people expressed interest, though I’m guessing only a fraction of them were matched.

I’ve been a Hyatt Diamond member for many years, and figured I’d share some tips for new Diamond members, given how many questions I’ve been asked about Hyatt lately. Hyatt Gold Passport and Starwood Preferred Guest are my two hotel loyalty programs of choice, and I more than double qualify for top tier status with each program. One of the things I love about Hyatt is that I think they do a good job of under promising and over delivering.

Hyatt Diamond benefits

To start, here are the published Hyatt Diamond benefits:

  • Achieve rewards even faster with a 30% point bonus when choosing points
  • Enjoy the best room available upon arrival, excluding suites
  • Receive exclusive access to the Regency Club or Grand Club lounge featuring complimentary continental breakfast and evening hors d’oeuvres. Enjoy daily complimentary full breakfast in hotels without a club lounge
  • Treat yourself to a suite upgrade at the time of reservation four times annually on eligible paid nights
  • Receive a special welcome point bonus or food and beverage amenity during each stay
  • Receive a nightly room refresh
  • Stay connected with complimentary premium Internet access where available
  • Expedite check-in at a dedicated area for elite members
  • Ensure a room is always available with our 48-hour guarantee
  • Extend your stay until 4:00 p.m. with a late check out request
  • Book reservations through an exclusive Diamond line
  • Enjoy two complimentary one-time-use United Club passes annually
  • Now with Guest of Honor, share your Diamond benefits with friends and family when you redeem points for a free night for them in 2015

Diamond status ordinarily requires 25 stays or 50 nights, so is one of the more achievable top tier hotel status levels, in my opinion. While the above are the published benefits, let’s talk a bit about how they work in practice, based on my years of being a Diamond guest.

Before I get started, always remember not to be that type of Diamond guest:


Hyatt Diamond room upgrades

If you’re not using a Diamond Confirmed Suite Upgrade (more on that below), you’re entitled to the best available non-suite.

This could be an upgrade to a room with a view…

View Room at the Andaz West Hollywood

…or a larger “executive” or “deluxe” room, which is considerably larger than the standard room.

Opera Deluxe Room at the Park Hyatt Sydney

Opera Deluxe Room at the Park Hyatt Sydney

In some cases I’ve also received complimentary suite upgrades, like at the Hyatt Olive 8 Seattle, though that’s not a published benefit, and it’s not something I’ve ever asked for.

Complimentary suite upgrade at the Hyatt Olive 8 Seattle

I find Hyatt associates are pretty good about proactively offering Diamond upgrade. Typically during their check-in “speech” they’ll say something along the lines of “thanks for being a Diamond member, we’ve been able to upgrade you to a ______ room.” If they don’t mention your room type, or if they don’t proactively offer an upgrade, it can’t hurt to nudge them — “do you by any chance have any Diamond upgrades available today?”

Keep in mind that in some cases the hotel is sold out and there’s not much they can upgrade you to. But it still can’t hurt to ask.

Hyatt Diamond suite upgrades

As a Hyatt Diamond member you receive four confirmed suite upgrades each year, which are the most valuable suite upgrades in the industry. You receive these when you qualify for status, and then receive four more on March 1 of the following year, assuming you requalify for status.

Hyatt Diamond Match DSUs

Suite upgrades expire at the end of February of the year after which they’re earned, though can be used for an upgrade after February, as long as the upgrade can be confirmed before the expiration date. In other words, if you were just matched to Diamond status you should have received four Diamond Suite Upgrades valid through February 29, 2016, and then should receive another four on March 1, 2016, valid through February 2017.

Each can be used to confirm an upgrade to a base suite for a stay of up to seven nights. All paid rates booked directly with Hyatt, as well as Points + Cash bookings should be eligible for these suite upgrades. American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts and Virtuoso bookings are also eligible for Diamond Suite Upgrades.

Park-Hyatt-Vienna - 14
Park Suite at the Park Hyatt Vienna

Park-Hyatt-Vienna - 24
Park Suite at the Park Hyatt Vienna

Hyatt Diamond suite upgrades have to be applied by calling up Gold Passport customer service, at which point they can instantly be confirmed by phone. You can’t beat being able to confirm any “base” suite at the time of booking.

It’s worth noting that if a suite isn’t available for sale when you go to book, be sure to check back, as they often become available as the arrival date approaches. That’s because people booked in suites may cancel.

Lastly, Diamond Suite Upgrades can’t be used at the following properties:

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort, Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa, Park Hyatt Sydney, Andaz Tokyo, Hyatt Regency Kyoto, Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort, Hyatt Regency Tulsa, Hyatt Regency Wichita, Hyatt Paris Madeleine, Hyatt Herald Square, Hyatt Key West Resort and Spa, Hyatt Manila City of Dreams, Hyatt Santa Barbara, Hyatt Residence Club resorts, Hyatt Place and Hyatt House hotels and M life resorts

Hyatt Diamond club lounge access

Hyatt Diamond members receive lounge access, assuming the hotel has a club lounge (most Hyatt Regency and Grand Hyatt properties have lounges, while a few others do as well). If you have access to a club then you’re not automatically entitled to complimentary restaurant breakfast (though some hotels still allow it, like the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, which gives Diamond members restaurant or club lounge breakfast).

Grand-Hyatt-Hong-Kong-Grand-Suite - 37
Grand Club at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

One “trick” is that when a Hyatt club lounge is temporarily closed, you get restaurant breakfast plus 2,500 bonus Gold Passport points per stay. This is an extremely generous promotion, and something I’ve taken advantage of often, like at the Grand Hyatt Tampa, where the lounge is closed on weekends.

The Grand Club at the Grand Hyatt Tampa is closed on weekends

This FlyerTalk thread has a pretty comprehensive list of which hotels have closed club lounges on weekends.

Hyatt Diamond complimentary breakfast

In the event a hotel doesn’t have a club lounge, you automatically receive complimentary restaurant breakfast. This is advertised as a full breakfast, and should include tip.

Different hotels approach this differently. Some hotels offer Diamond members the buffet, while others let you order whatever you’d like off the menu, while others even let you do room service. Each hotel will explain the breakfast benefit at check-in.

Diamond breakfast at the Andaz Liverpool Street London

Diamond breakfast at the Blue Duck Tavern Restaurant at the Park Hyatt Washington DC

In general you’ll have to sign for the bill when you’re done with breakfast, and can add a tip to the total. It should all be taken off at check-out. Other times they’ll just ask you for your room number when you arrive at breakfast, and then won’t even make you sign when they see you’re a Diamond member.

Hyatt Diamond 4PM check-out

Hyatt Diamond members are guaranteed 4PM check-out at all non-resort properties. This is a guaranteed benefit, so just let them know at check-in if you’ll need late check-out and they should be able to accommodate.

See this page for a full list of Hyatt resorts, at which late check-out is on a space available basis. It’s worth taking a look at that page, because some of the properties categorized as resorts may not appear as such (like the Grand Hyatt Doha). If a non-resort gives you trouble over late check-out stand your ground.

Late check-out isn’t guaranteed at resorts, like the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi

Hyatt Diamond welcome gift

At full service Hyatt properties you receive a welcome gift of either 1,000 Gold Passport points or a food & beverage amenity.

I value Hyatt points at 1.5 cents each, so by my math the amenity has to be “worth” at least $15 for it to be a better option than the points.

As a general rule of thumb I find the amenities at more “aspirational” properties to be worth more than $15, while at non-aspirational properties I’ll almost always select the points.

For example, at the Park Hyatt Sydney we chose the amenity, and were asked what type of wine we wanted — I value a bottle of wine with a view of the Opera House at much more than $15!

Park Hyatt Sydney drink with a view

Meanwhile at the Park Hyatt Vienna we were offered a bottle of champagne, a gorgeous cheesecake, and some fresh strawberries.

Park-Hyatt-Vienna - 39
Park Hyatt Vienna Diamond welcome amenity

Maximizing the Hyatt points you earn

With Hyatt you ordinarily earn five points per dollar spent, and as a Diamond member you earn a 30% bonus, for a total of 6.5 Hyatt points per dollar spent. Valuing those points at ~1.5 cents each, that’s a return of ~10% on your Hyatt spend. So what are the best ways to earn more Hyatt points?

  • Hyatt Gold Passport is a Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer partner, so you can transfer points instantly at a 1:1 ratio
  • Hyatt seems to run a few targeted promotions per year whereby you earn tiered bonuses on the purchase of points; be sure to maximize these best you can
  • Stay at hotels with closed club lounges on weekends, where you earn 2,500 bonus points per stay
  • Book Points + Cash stays rather than free night stays, as the former earn you points along with elite night and stay credit, while the latter don’t
  • Hyatt sells points with a bonus several times per year, which is a great way to top off an account as needed


Bottom line

I love both Hyatt and Starwood, and am thrilled with their elite recognition for top tier elite members. I am slightly concerned about Marriott’s takeover of Starwood, and the implications that has for their loyalty program.

Congrats to everyone who was able to take advantage of the Hyatt status match opportunity. Hyatt does a great job with on-property recognition, consistency, and not over promising. Coming in with the right expectations, Hyatt Diamond is awesome.

Were you recently able to get status matched through Hyatt Gold Passport? What questions can I answer?


  1. Regarding the breakfast where the hotel makes you sign for the bill. Are you saying you can add a tip of any amount and will be removed from your charges during checkout? What if you leave a tip of 100%? Do the servers actually get the tip?

  2. @ Luis — Like most things in life, you have to be reasonable. It does vary hotel-to-hotel, but generally if you add a 15-20% tip they’ll cover it. Otherwise some hotels will pass on any tip “overage” to you. I always tip 20%+, so sometimes there are a few dollars gratuity left on my folio when I check out, which I’m totally fine with. But it does vary by hotel.

  3. Good to know. Now I feel like an ass because on my last/first Diamond stay, I got a voucher at check in for the free breakfast and it said “gratuity included” so when I got the bill, I didn’t bother including any tip. ooops.

  4. @ Luis — Then you did it correctly! If gratuity is included then it will automatically be taken care of. You did nothing wrong.

  5. Hyatt finally matched my Hilton Gold benefit (which I matched with my Marriott Gold) with Platinum. Unfortunately it’s not Diamond. The whole process did take several weeks

  6. Is using Hyatt certificate considered as paid night for Diamond suite upgrade or at least upgrade to Club room with points?

  7. @alexisonsmith in theory you can use them for any day in the future as long as the room is available, but since the Hyatt calendar doesn’t open more than a year out, in practice you can’t.

  8. @ Tatyana — What do you mean by Hyatt certificate? Like the one you get with the credit card? That wouldn’t be considered a paid stay.

  9. @ alexisonsmith — FreeTravelGuys is exactly correct. You can use it for a future stay, but only as far as the calendar is open.

  10. @alexisonsmith just checked and it looks like calendar opens 13 months out, so that’s as far as you’d be able to book into the future, so 2/29/16 can probably book through 3/28/17 as long as the hotel is available.

  11. i have not received my 2 united passes and was wondering if others experienced the same. i requalified for diamond last year (2014 for 2015 year), and my wife was status matched recently. neither of us have received any united passes yet.

  12. Thanks for putting this together Ben. Is there any way to accurately identify the base suite to check for availability for the DSU? I was looking at the Andaz 5th recently and assumed that it would be the Andaz Suite or Loft suite which were the cheapest options but turned out it was the Andaz Splash Suite which was actually pricier. Do you just have to call in to GP to get that info?

  13. @ lucky – I mean those Classic, Choice, …Ultimate Hyatt stay certificates. Are they considered as paid stays? Thank you.

  14. @ Gaurav — In some cases it is indeed tricky. While you can generally tell what the base suite is by looking at the rooms listed on the website, sometimes it’s not so straightforward. The only way to know for sure is to call Hyatt and ask.

  15. SPG Gold matched to Hyatt Plat. Pretty good attention. Hyatt City of Dreams, arrived at 4am so family had to book room for us night before (non-elite) I went to the desk the day I got there and asked for an upgrade. Since hotel was fully booked, she couldn’t upgrade me but wanted to. She gave me 3pm check out instead! Great! Don’t plats only get 2pm?

  16. Thanks for the post Ben. Can you clarify whether the 4 confirmed DSUs are for 4 nights, or 4 stays? I assume it’s 4 nights but just wanted to make sure. Thanks!

  17. @ Jonathan — Each Diamond Suite Upgrade can be used to confirm an upgrade for a single stay of up to seven nights. So that’s potentially 28 nights in a suite using the Diamond Suite Upgrades.

  18. Thank you @lucky Ben for the tips, I am Hyatt Gold now! Would you write another one on Hyatt Gold benefits?

  19. @Gaurav here is a Flyertalk thread that is updated with upgrade experiences at different properties.

    I believe Lucky also had an earlier article on this, but basically go to the hotel’s website, click on “Rooms”, then click on “Suites”, and usually the DSU books into the first one on the list (or the most basic suite), although I’ve had luck booking into better suite by either asking or just the hotel proactively booking a higher class. When in doubt, usually a DM to the Hyatt Twitter team can also answer a question about a specific property you’re looking to book.

  20. Do you get all the benefits of diamond status (excluding Suite Upgrades) even of you booked the hotel via Priceline’s Express deals?

  21. @Lucky cuts and pastes the same ol’: “One of the things I love about Hyatt is that I think they do a good job of under promising and over delivering.”

    LOL. You must have missed the many and very public displays of Hyatt GP incompetence, where they bit more than they could chew and came out looking like a program that’s not ready for prime time…

    For instance, as of tomorrow, Hyatt GP “goes dark’, completely for 3 days. If that firing offense at most places these days is a sign of a program that “under promises and over delivers”, then I have beachfront property to sell you in the Sahara desert!

  22. @FreeTravelGuys–that’s a great resource from FT. Thank you! I did use the method you describe and was surprised because the Splash suite wasn’t the first on the list.

  23. @Gaurav, it’s not an exact science for sure. Since you can’t book these online anyway and have to call or DM on Twitter, at least there’s no room for surprises. The resources listed and this method will give you a general idea, but the ultimate word and confirmation is from Hyatt, so once you’re confirmed that should be what you get at check-in. Enjoy the Diamond benefits!

  24. @FreeTravelGuys could you clarify what you mean by having luck booking into better suites. Is this via the DSU or just based on availability at check in?

  25. Is Hyatt still matching status from other brands? Wife and I are both HHonors Diamond, but I’ve been too busy at work to try for the match.

  26. @Gaurav, with our hobby my motto has always been, ask and you shall receive. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Sometimes I have asked the property in advance via email whether they could get me a larger suite because I’ve needed the space or have been traveling with a group of 4 and could use the suite with the extra half bathroom, etc, whatever the situation is. Sometimes they can do it, and sometimes they can’t, depending on availability. It’s up to each individual property, but doesn’t hurt to ask nicely when you need to. If it’s just my wife and I and I’m happy with the basic suite sometimes I won’t ask, precisely because I wouldn’t want to take up a larger suite than someone else might actually need.

  27. Hi Lucky

    Can you explain how to use the DSU in conjunction with the Amex FHR booking? Do I book through Amex first and then call the Diamond line to apply the upgrade? I thought it had to be applied at the same time as booking. Thanks for your help!

  28. Question about How the best available room benefit works… I Read your report at the PH maldives. Why werent you upgrades to an over water villa since it was available for sale. Sorry for the confusion AND Thanks for clarification

  29. @Lucky cuts and pastes the same ol’: “As a Hyatt Diamond member you receive four confirmed suite upgrades each year, which are the most valuable suite upgrades in the industry.”

    That claim is not only disingenuous in calling HGP DSUs “confirmed” when even Hyatt folks refer to them as “confirmable”, its constant repetition with the empty superlatives is offensive to those who know better.

    First, if HGP DSUs were truly “confirmed” rather than “confirmable”, then the claim would have some validity, except that HGP DSUs are no more “confirmed” than other programs’ top elite suite upgrades, because they ALL depend on availability. If HGP DSUs were “confirmed” then this scenario — which seems “borrowed” from what I recently wrote on this site about my approach to getting my complimentary HHonors suite upgrades to clear — would not be necessary:

    “Typically during their check-in “speech” they’ll say something along the lines of “thanks for being a Diamond member, we’ve been able to upgrade you to a ______ room.” If they don’t mention your room type, or if they don’t proactively offer an upgrade, it can’t hurt to nudge them — “do you by any chance have any Diamond upgrades available today?””

    Second, the tale of the tape tells a different story:

    Number of DSUs per year:
    HGP: 4
    HH: Unlimited

    Length of stay validity of DSUs:
    HGP: 7 nights
    HH: for the duration of a stay, no matter how long (i.e. unlimited)
    Implication: A HGP Diamond would need to burn at least two DSUs for single stays of more than 7 days!

    Types of stays eligible for DSUs:
    HGP: revenue or cash+points stays
    HH: revenue, cash+points or AWARD stays, i.e., any kind of stay

    So, in which universe are HGP DSUs “the most valuable suite upgrades in the industry”? Maybe in the highly biased and subjective universe of travel blogosphere, and not in the real world!! If anything, it seems clear that HGP DSUs are among the most restricted and restrictive suite upgrades in the industry!


  30. Hey Lucky- LOVE One Mile at a Time, and have been a loyal reader for a couple of years…way before you became famous!

    Anyway, I’m also a multi-year Hyatt Diamond (and United 1K), and am always sure to use my DSU’s every year. My experience with the suites I’ve received has been very mixed, depending on the property:

    – Andaz Liverpool Street in London:
    This was the worst BY FAR. Yes, I was upgraded to a suite-ish room, but wow was it small and unimpressive. No balcony. This is mostly due (I think) to the weird, old building this hotel is located in. I have heard some of the regular rooms are super tiny. The upgrade suite is a large bed in a room just barely larger than the bed, then a second very small study with a desk that is attached to a rather large (and great actually) old fashioned English bathroom. The bathroom was the best part of this suite. The breakfast benefit was rather awesome…could order anything off the menu or the buffet, and could also order room service. This specific breakfast benefit was fantastic and one of the best I’ve experienced as the food and the restaurant food and the service is all top notch. 4/10 for the suite upgrade and 10/10 for the breakfast upgrade.

    – Andaz 5th Avenue:
    As an earlier poster noted, they usually provide the Splash Suite for the DSU and this suite is freaking HUGE. I could have had a very fun party in this suite. I even forced myself to use the huge decorative bathtub in the middle of the suite, even though it was kid of awkward and got cold very quickly. The bathroom in this room is fantastic, with a great shower that also has a foot bath/shower that is quite satisfying and relaxing. The location of this hotel is also incredibly convenient, being just across the street from the NY Public Library. The breakfast benefit is very generous…$75 at either the small downstairs restaurant or room service (which is exactly the same menu). I tried both the restaurant and the room service breakfasts and they were great. The restaurant is so small that actually one morning I went down and there was a huge line waiting just for a table to open up, so I went back up and ordered room service…which was slow, but at least I got to sit down on my huge sofa. This Andaz experience was significantly better than my Andaz London experience. 10/10 for the room and 9/10 for the breakfast.

    – Grand Hyatt Singapore:
    Middle of the road as far as the room goes. Definitely larger than the Andaz London, with a nice sized living room, but a rather small bed room and an average bathroom. No balcony. The breakfast benefit is in the lounge and it does have a fairly good selection of drinks (especially), and they will make you an omelet, you have bread, fruit, sausages, etc. 6/10 for the room, 6/10 for the breakfast.

    – Hyatt Olive 8 in Seattle:
    Extremely unimpressive upgrade not to a suite but to a larger room. One room, with a huge bed, desk and attached bathroom. I realise this property is a semi-low end Hyatt compared to the Grand, Park, Andaz, etc. but wow it is really unimpressive as far as the room goes. But the they made up for it with the breakfast benefit, which is redeemed in the downstairs restaurant and is a full breakfast of anything off the menu up to $45 I think. 3/10 for the room and 8/10 for the breakfast.

    – Grand Hyatt Seoul:
    I love this hotel because it is where I began my now decade long loyalty to the Hyatt brand. The staff, the restaurants and JJ’s nightclub in the basement, are all great. The sauna is the best in the world at any Hyatt I’ve ever been to (though that is more of a cultural Korean thing than a Hyatt thing…). But boy are the rooms small. Really small. The DSU only gets you up on the club floor, but the room is still the tiny regular rooms they give to everybody…at least it feels that way. The bathrooms are also ridiculously small and unimpressive. Like not much better than a Japanese love hotel. The breakfast benefit is in the lounge on the club floor and I have to say it is not bad, but not fantastic either. Eggs, sausages, fruits, coffee, juice, pastries. So it is definitely enough, just not fancy in any way. (This club has a great free happy hour though…generous wine selection and amazing views over evening Seoul from high atop the mountain they are located on.) 4/10 for the room, 6/10 for the breakfast.

    – Grand Hyatt Berlin:
    I just stayed here last month for the first time. Overall the hotel is rather sterile…but not in any way bad. The room upgrade I got was moderately nice, but again not super fantastic. It was just up on the club floor, but was not truly a suite. The bathroom was quite nice however. The breakfast benefit was quite nice however, and could be used at either the club floor lounge or the full service restaurant down off the lobby. This place has one of the best buffets I’ve seen…even offering champagne as a standard part of the buffet. And you can also order off the menu. Very impressed. 7/10 for the room, and 9/10 for the breakfast.

    – Grand Hyatt Tokyo:
    Overall, I think the GH Tokyo is pound for pound one of the best in the entire Grand network. Incredible staff service (well, it’s Japan, right?), and an amazing lounge. The suite upgrade was sufficient, but not really in any way especially nice or surprising. In fact, the Tokyo suite looked almost exactly like the suite upgrade at the GH Singapore. A generous living room/study, a bedroom that was mostly taken up all with the bed, and fairly average bathroom. Not bad in any way, but not truly special either. The breakfast benefit can only (I’m pretty sure at least) be used in the lounge on the club floor. That’s OK though, as it is generous and varied with both western and Japanese breakfast options…and an amazingly attentive lounge staff. Seriously the best Hyatt lounge staff I have every encountered. 6/10 for the room and 8/10 for the breakfast. Plus an extra 10/10 for staff overall.

    I’ve stayed at tons of other Hyatts, but have never wanted to “waste” an upgrade on them. This includes Hyatt Regency Bellevue, WA, Grand Hyatt Denver, Grand Hyatt Seattle, Hyatt Place Midtown Manhattan, Hyatt Place Bellevue, and the Grand Hyatt Bejing. Going forward I will also probably forego using upgrades at the GH Singapore, GH Seoul, Olive 8 Seattle (unless they give me that suite you got Lucky), Berlin, and I don’t think I will ever stay at the Andaz in London again…probably switch over to the Regency, though I will miss that breakfast a lot!

  31. I’d love to be smoking whatever DCS has been rolling. As a Hilton Diamond, I never received any suite upgrades–EVER!! And getting a late checkout with HH is nearly impossible beyond perhaps a token 1:00 pm. As a Hyatt Diamond, DSU’s have provided me many thousands of dollars of value and I always get a 4:00 pm checkout at non-resort Hyatts.

  32. @Tommy Trash — “Trash”, as in “trash talk”, sounds about right because you cannot possibly be a HH Diamond.

    As a real HH Diamond, I cleared 100% (12/12) of my suite upgrades in 2014 [1] and have cleared 11 of 13 so far this year. About 50% of the upgrades have been on pure points-only AWARD stays, which would be a neat trick if you can pull it off with a HGP DSU. Moreover, I was upgraded at Conrad HKG on stays of 8 and 9 nights; try accomplishing that with a single DSU!

    Lastly, I have never been denied a late checkout request, including being approved for 6pm checkout three times in a row at Hilton Buenos Aires. My last late checkout request was a couple of weeks ago at Hilton’s iconic “The Drake” hotel in Chicago — approved without a fuss.

    If just 4 DSUs provide you with “many thousands of value”, how many more thousands of value do you suppose 12 suite upgrades out 12 — some at top-tier hotels like WA Shanghai on the Bund, Conrad HKG, Hilton Phuket — would provide me with?

    Like I said, yours is all trash talk because you cannot possibly be a bona fide HHonors Diamond. It’s like being a Republican and going to an online discussion to claim how ashamed you are to be a Democrat — the oldest trick in the book!


    [1] Just ask and I will provide you with a link to an online post that documents this feat with photos of every suite I was upgraded into.

  33. I sent Hyatt screenshots of my Hilton Diamond and IHG Platinum and within 24 hours they status matched me, but sadly only to Platinum.

  34. @ben can I pay my stay with Hyatt gift card and get diamond benefits? I have a upcoming stay n m not sure if I should use Hyatt gf(discounted)or my chase Hyatt card. Plz advice.

  35. @ DCS — Clarification question for you. When you check-in at Hiltons are you proactively offered these suite upgrades, or do you have to put up a fight? Just curious…

  36. @ Aaky — Because that’t not considered a non-suite for the purposes of the hotel. That hotel is specifically excluded from DSUs, so as a Diamond you’re upgraded to a room with a plunge pool on a space available basis. The overwater villas are specialty rooms, and require “buying up.”

  37. @ben Can I apply a DSU to a 4 night stay where 1st night is points+cash n rest 3 based on chase Hyatt free nights?

  38. I would be happy to provide a screenshot of my HH Diamond credentials and stay history if it would quash the misinformation DCS is putting out there. How is it that myself and hundreds of Flyertalk travelers are consistently denied late check outs and never get suite upgrades (yes there are detailed posts on this) and yet DCS “magically” gets suite upgrades? I’m sure most readers of Lucky’s blog would relate more to my experience with Hilton Diamond status than the fantasy wonderland DCS has alleged to have experienced.

  39. @Lucky — Complimentary suite upgrades almost by default are not offered proactively by any program; you need to request them. For the benefit of others or of impostors (that’s you @Tommy Trash) who have had a hard time clearing complimentary suite upgrades, I will do more than a clarification. I will provide fully the approach that has worked for me since 2012, which when complimentary suite upgrades became an official HHonors Diamonds benefit. The following is a cut and paste from a forum in which someone had posed me this question:

    ” I suppose the only thing left to ask is how do you frame the requests when you reach the desk? If it appears they are not going to address the topic of suite upgrade, what is your “go to move” for initiating the process?”

    To which I responded [I posted the following not too long ago in this space]:

    “Now for your query about how to frame the suite upgrade requests. Each situation is, of course, unique and different and must be “read’ carefully. My goal is always to get a property to check, in good faith and not just for show, whether any suites are available. So, when I am told that as a valued Diamond member I have been upgraded to a nice room on the executive floor, I would smile and say that I had really hoped to be considered for a complimentary Diamond suite upgrade because there seemed to be quite a bit of availability when last I checked. At this point if the person checking me in has managerial privileges s/he would say: “Let me check…”. Someone with no managerial privileges would contact the manager, who may respond by asking the agent to see what is available. If the search turns up something, I would be upgraded. Sometimes, I would be told that there was no immediate availability but if I was willing to wait for a day or two a suite would become available. This is usually a sign that the search for availability was genuine. Since my stays tend to be long, I have exercised the option to wait for a suite on a couple of occasions (it is how I wound up in an Executive Suite for 7 nights on a 9-night stay at Hilton Singapore last year).

    If I sense some reluctance, I would generally come out and say why a suite a upgrade is so important to me, especially on lengthy stays – I am an academic [I am a Very Serious Person] who does a lot work on the road, and since this is going to be my “home” for the next, e.g., 6 nights it would really be great to have room to work.

    If a property is fully booked, I would provide them with a rationale for upgrading me to a suite: it would free a more affordable standard room for someone else to book. It works well because I believe that is why I was automatically upgraded at Hilton Phuket, or at Hilton Melbourne or at HHV as a HH Gold. Each property was packed and in high demand so top elites likely got upgraded to free more affordable rooms. You just need to nudge them into doing something that they were probably already considering…

    Bottom line: the above is just a sampling but each situation is unique. What is certain is that you will miss 100% of the shots that you do not take. Do not expect to be automatically upgraded to a suite very many times because I suspect that the unspoken/unwritten policy is that suite upgrades should not be offered unless explicitly requested by a Diamond member.

    Just as important is that one must be good-natured about it all. Establishing a good rapport from the outset may, in fact, be the most important factor…

    “Pushy” won’t work. I ought to know because, after all, I have a perfect suite upgrade record 😉 ”


    Got that @Lucky — The worst thing one can do it to “out up a fight” and I never have.


  40. @Tommy Trash — I do not care about how many ad populi arguments you advance. My record is what it is and it is public [1]. Soon, I will do another post to report my 2015 HH Diamond suite upgrade successes and failures, with pictures of the inside of every suite I was upgraded into. Then you can point it and one from last year [1] to your Flyertalk buddies to show them that they are doing something wrong [therefore, they are not as good as they think they are!…]


  41. As a recent benefactor of Hyatt’s Diamond status matches, I was hoping you’d do a post like this – thanks!

    Another request – do you think you could do a post at some point about your favorite Hyatts, and also your favorite ones in particular at which to use the DSUs? I saw some commenters above were kind enough to offer their two cents (e.g. thanks @Niikusuke!), but I was hoping for your thoughts as well.

  42. @DJ same here. I was upgraded to Diamond and with only 175K Hyatt points I’m trying to figure out the sweet spots in the lower category hotels for 3 or 4 night stays.

  43. I recently tried to utilize one of my suite upgrades for a stay at Singapore. They told me that none are available – however when I went online – I could actually book the least expensive suite for the same period. I was under the impression that any non reserved suites were available for upgrade – not a per-allocated number of suites. Was I misinformed?

  44. @marty, each hotel designates a suite type that it uses for DSU. I would ask the agent what that is and monitor for it online. It is not always the cheapest suite.

  45. Question from a newly matched diamond member. I recently made a reservation and called the diamond line to apply a dsu. I was told there was availability and I will get an email confirmation shortly. Indeed, I soon received a changed reservation email with the suite but it is showing the true per night rate of the suite of ~$1k rather than the $250 per night rate that I reserved. When I look at my account, the dsu has not been deducted. Is this typical and should I just give it a couple of days? Or could they have made a mistake? Thanks (4 plus year daily reader but I think this is my first comment)

  46. Will not requalify as Diamond this year but am using my last DSU after Feb. 28, 2016. Will I receive diamond benefits for this stay even though it will be April? I assume not but thought you might have some insight.
    Thanks, Ben.

  47. @Lucky — here’s a question I have not seen a clear answer to. We are a family of four so in most US Hyatts we all fit in one room. Inconsistent answers to whether a breakfast benefit is per person or per room … the buffets suit us best when I can’t get a good answer :-). In Asia though we seem to require two rooms (GH HK, PH Tokyo, etc.). Each Hyatt employee seems to have a different answer as to whether all four of us get breakfast if we’re in two rooms. In the US, I’d just put my name on both rooms (sometimes we get two rooms for the space) but in Asia they want everyone to register individually.

    What is the royal truth here and how can I optimize? Thanks!

  48. Hi!
    I am Hyatt diamond and wanna book some stays for my parents. Will they receive diamond benefits if I won’t be there at check in? If not can I use the suit upgrade on their stay?

  49. Jagir: room refresh is like an enhanced turndown service that includes light housekeeping. They will likely empty trash and replace used towels in addition to making the bed perfect and closing the curtains.

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