Limited Time: Fly The Finnair A350 To The US

While I was on the first ever commercial A350 flight of Qatar Airways from Doha to Frankfurt, Finnair is the most recent airline to take delivery of the A350.

They have a brand new business class product on the A350, which looks top notch. The seats are in a reverse herringbone configuration, and I sort of love the simple and subtle finishes which feel very… Finnish (see what I did there?). 😉

Finnair A350 business class

Finnair A350 business class

As of now, Finnair only flies the A350 between Helsinki and Shanghai, and as of late December they’ll also fly it to Bangkok. At later dates they’ll be flying the A350 to Beijing, Hong Kong, and Singapore as well. Noticeably absent is the US, which just doesn’t seem like a very strong market for them.


While Finnair has about a dozen destinations in Asia, their route map to the US is quite limited (though they do participate in the oneworld transatlantic joint venture).

Anyway, if you’re in the US and want to fly the Finnair A350 without taking one of their routes to Asia, you may be in luck.

Via, Finnair will be flying the Airbus A350 between Helsinki and New York JFK over a limited set of dates in January 2016.

Between January 12 and 20, 2016, Finnair will fly the A350-900 to New York, replacing the regular Airbus A330-300 service. The schedule for this flight is as follows:

AY005 Helsinki to New York departing 2:10PM arriving 3:55PM
AY006 New York to Helsinki departing 5:45PM arriving 8:50AM (+1 day)

There’s plenty of award space on some of the days the A350 is operating the route, as many as five business class seats, even.

Finnair-Award-Space-1 Finnair-Award-Space-2

While Helsinki in January perhaps doesn’t sound like the warmest place, I went ahead and booked myself on the flight so I can review Finnair’s new business class product, which looks fantastic.

Bottom line

If you’re someone like me who enjoys sampling different premium products and even doesn’t mind “chasing” them, this is a great opportunity to try Finnair’s new A350 business class product for a bit over a week in January. Here’s to hoping they don’t have a schedule change and switch back to an A330 (fortunately I’m Executive Platinum, so it’s free for me to redeposit the award if I change my mind).

Finnair A350

Anyone else plan on booking themselves on the A350 Finnair flight to New York?


  1. I saw this yesterday, but I already have a YYZ-BKK trip through HEL booked (J fares to Asia from YYZ have been phenomenal). Excited to try the A350, fly to a warm destination in Jan, and get ~27,000 EQMs.

    YYZ-LHR is on BA, though, so may not be for you 😉

  2. “If you’re someone like me who enjoys sampling different premium products and even doesn’t mind “chasing” them, this is a great opportunity to try Finnair’s new A350 business class product for a bit over a week in January.”

    Lucky, the very reason we read this blog is to stay informed, without having to go to Helsinki in the Dead of Winter. Thanks for taking one for the team. Now go to a shopping portal and order your long underwear and electric socks. 🙂

  3. I am already eagerly anticipating the trip report.

    On a related subject…

    I am confident that very many loyal readers would be gleeful if one of the OMAAT crew would do a RTW trip on nothing but the business class offerings of some of the more obscure airlines. I certainly would be giddy to read about Vietnam Airlines’ new product. Or to hear if Hainan is worth the hype. Does Air India deserve its awful reputation? How is Magnifica Class now that Etihad is overseeing Alitalia? Is Aeroflot’s Presidents Class worth enduring the hassle of transiting through Sheremetyevo?

    A report for a trip such as this would be incredibly useful for many of us. These more unique carriers often have exceptionally reasonable business class fares. And it may be easier and more practical to redeem miles for business class on something other then one of the cool-kid airlines.

    And such an adventure would inject a burst of fresh air into the OMAAT blog. We all know that trip reports for long-haul business class on VN, SU, CI, etc are scarce on the internet. I would image a lot of people would flock to OMAAT to read a trip report about Air Seychelles new nonstop from Mahe to Paris!

  4. AY is a popular airline for Australian going to Europe! More connection points in Asia with Qantas, cheaper than CX and QF, much better service than BA! Really looking forward to A350 flights and your review Ben! Last year they were thinking to extend their Singapore flight to Sydney!

  5. Thumbs up to Imperator, let’see some more obscure airlines. Most readers here have probably flown most of the standard airlines already so something new would be interesting reading!
    Loved your ‘Finnish’ remark, just right for a Sunday afternoon, Ben….

  6. Good to hear! Excited about your upcoming review of AY’s A350. May a tour guide of Helsinki during winter times if you have a chance? Also planning a weekend jaunt to HEL.

  7. +1 @ Imperator

    Would love to see more reports of the rarely reviewed airlines like Avianca, Air Maroc etc. or even United’s & Air Canada’s 787 biz class!
    There’s just been too many Emirates and Quatar reviews, carriers I don’t particularly care for.

  8. Your Dec. 14 example (the first screenshot) is not an A350 but their EuroAtlantic wet lease due to the delayed delivery of the A350. I decided not to take that flight on a paid ticket because I had no interest in flying EuroAtlantic’s biz product. A shame because Finnair quite good and lots of AA bonus miles being offered for trans-Atlantic flights right now.

  9. I actually bought one of the YYZ-BKK fares and the return allows me to fly nonstop flight HEL to JFK, and accidentally I am flying that segment on Jan 13. I got a time change email a few days ago on the BKK-HEL segments and suddenly I noticed that the HEL-JFK is on 359 too. So I am happy…

    I am already scoring two A350 segments on HEL-BKK-HEL, and don’t mind a third one.

    Can’t wait to read your report on it!


  10. I have tried to get business class from Bangkok through Helsinki to New York for a trip in March 11 absolutely nothing available using American Airlines miles.
    I think most of one world partners except American Airlines are very tight with their miles awards from other reward programs

  11. The cabin of the A350 always looked strange to me, but I couldn’t describe why. I think I just figured it out: there are only overhead bins over the windows. There are no overhead bins in the center of the aircraft. It looks super sleek, but I’m curious if airlines will have enough space for everyone’s carry-on?

  12. I booked myself on the AY A350 inaugural HEL-AMS two months ago. Very nice. Had to pay cash, unfortunately.

    Enjoy your trip!

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