Cyber Monday Transatlantic Business Class Fare Sale

While not the greatest deal ever, this has the potential for anyone hoping to fly transatlantic over the upcoming holidays.

Earlier today oneworld carriers (American, British Airways, Finnair, and Iberia) launched a one-day Cyber Monday sale for transatlantic business class travel.


The deal is valid exclusively for tickets booked today, with the following terms:


The fares are advertised as starting at $2,400 roundtrip. Keep in mind that this is before the $400 AARP discount and the 10% off for those with the Chase British Airways Visa Card.

For example, take this ~$2,394 business class fare between Dallas and London:


With the $400 AARP discount it’s lowered to ~$1,994:


And then with the 10% British Airways Visa discount it’s lowered to ~$1,794:


Under $1,800 for roundtrip business class between the US and Europe is pretty darn good.

We’ve certainly seen better fare sales in the past, like a while back when British Airways was charging just ~$1,300 roundtrip after the AARP discount and 10% BA Visa discount.

Still, for the holidays this is a very good sale, and better than what we’ve otherwise seen over the past few weeks.

It’s worth noting that other airlines have matched the fare sale, so you can fly Delta, Virgin Atlantic, etc., for ~$2,400 roundtrip in transatlantic business class as well. That sale wouldn’t be eligible for the $400 AARP savings or 10% off using the BA Visa, however.

Bottom line

This sale is only available today, so if you’re looking to travel transatlantic over Christmas/New Years, this is quite a good promotion, as you can book business class for less than $2,000 roundtrip.

After my recent flight on British Airways I’d certainly choose American over British Airways for the transatlantic flight, especially if you can get on the 777-300ER. But I also know that others swear by British Airways business class, so I suppose it’s a function of personal preference.

American 777-300ER business class

British Airways 777-300ER business class

Do you plan on taking advantage of this transatlantic Cyber Monday business class fare sale?


  1. Ben, a bit off topic, but I’m flying DFW-LHR in late August next year on AA old first class product 777. What’s the likelihood that it will be swapped and converted to new business seats by then? Thx.

  2. In case anyone’s interested, here’s a listed of cities & dates from BA’s site:

    Transatlantic business class fares quoted are round trip, select “I” class fares for travel December 18th, 2015 through January 8th, 2016 (will all travel completed by January 11t5h, 2016) from select U.S. gateways to London and Europe on British Airways, American Airlines, Finnair, Iberia Airlines and OpenSkies operated services only. Flights are not included outbound from Miami 18DEC, 27DEC, 01-05JAN, 08JAN and return 19DEC, 22-23DEC, 04JAN; from Atlanta 18DEC, 25DEC, 02JAN and return 25DEC, 03-04JAN; return to Boston 03JAN; from Baltimore 19DEC, 22DEC, 25DEC and return 25DEC, 02-04JAN; from Newark 18DEC, 22DEC, 02JAN and return 02-04JAN; from New York (JFK) 22DEC, 02JAN and return 02-03JAN; from Philadelphia 02JAN; from Washington DC (IAD) 18DEC, 26DEC and return 02-03JAN; from Austin 18DEC, 25DEC and return 25DEC, 03JAN; from Chicago 18-19DEC, 28DEC, 02JAN and return 28DEC, 02-04JAN; from Denver 18-19DEC, 22DEC, 27DEC, 29DEC, 01-05JAN and return 22DEC, 26-29DEC, 02JAN, 05JAN; from Dallas/Ft Worth 19-21DEC, 25DEC, 02JAN and return 25DEC, 28DEC, 02-04JAN; from Houston 18-19DEC, 22DEC and return 23DEC, 27DEC, 02-03JAN; from Las Vegas 24-25DEC, 01-03JAN, 07-08JAN and return 24-25DEC, 02-06JAN, 08JAN; from Los Angeles 18-20DEC, 22DEC, 01-02JAN and return 18DEC, 01JAN, 03-05JAN; from Phoenix 18-19DEC, 25DEC and return 25DEC, 02JAN; from San Diego 18-19DEC, 25DEC, 01-02JAN, 08JAN and return 25DEC, 02JAN-05JAN; return to Seattle 03JAN; from San Francisco 18-20DEC, 02JAN and return 23DEC, 27DEC, 31DEC, 01JAN-06JAN, 08JAN. Flights to and from Orlando and Tampa and JFK to London City (LCY) are excluded from this promotional offer.

  3. Hello Ben,

    I don’t currently have the BA Visa, but I have a friend that does, can I take advantage of the offer if my friend pays for the ticket using his credit card? Or he has to be traveling in the same reservation? Thanks 🙂

  4. Star Alliance appears to have matched this sale late yesterday afternoon and the fare rules state that tickets must be issued by December 1, 2015. I was able to see listings for these fares this morning.

  5. @ Frank — You’ll just have to take a look at the aircraft operating a flight. They generally fly them to HKG, LHR, GRU, and soon SYD.

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