Fly From The US To Europe For 12,500 Miles

Earlier I wrote about Air France/KLM’s upcoming FlyingBlue Promo Awards, which are valid for bookings between December 1 and December 31, 2015. As far as North America destinations go, there are 25% discounts on business class awards to/from Mexico City, Montreal, and Vancouver. In other markets outside North America there are bigger discounts, of up to 50%.

However, it seems like I missed the even better promotion.

There are special Promo Awards to celebrate the 10th anniversary of FlyingBlue. These are valid for bookings December 1 through 10, 2015, and for travel January 15 through March 15, 2016.


The sale is valid exclusively for travel in economy, though it offers 50% off in all eligible markets. It’s valid for travel between Europe and 28 markets, including the following (prices are listed one-way factoring in the discounts):

  • Europe to Birmingham / KLM / 5,000 miles
  • Europe to Bordeaux / KLM/ 5,000 miles
  • Europe to Edinburgh / KLM / 5,000 miles
  • Europe to Genoa / Air France / 6,250 miles
  • Europe to Hamburg / KLM / 5,000 miles
  • Europe to Istanbul / Air France & KLM / 7,500 miles
  • Europe to Lisbon / Air France / 6,250 miles
  • Europe to London / Air France / 5,000 miles
  • Europe to Madrid / KLM / 6,250 miles
  • Europe to Milan / Air France / 6,250 miles
  • Europe to Montpellier / Air France / 5,000 miles
  • Europe to Moscow / Air France & KLM / 7,500 miles
  • Europe to Nantes / Air France / 5,000 miles
  • Europe to Prague / Air France / 7,500 miles
  • Europe to St. Petersburg / Air France / 7,500 miles
  • Europe to Toulouse / KLM / 5,000 miles
  • Europe to Zagreb / KLM / 7,500 miles
  • Europe to Zurich / KLM / 5,000 miles
  • Europe to Atlanta / Air France & KLM / 12,500 miles
  • Europe to Boston / Air France / 12,500 miles
  • Europe to Houston / Air France & KLM / 12,500 miles
  • Europe to New York JFK / Air France & KLM / 12,500 miles
  • Europe to Washington Dulles / Air France & KLM / 12,500 miles
  • Europe to Kuala Lumpur / KLM / 20,000 miles
  • Europe to Tokyo Narita / Air France / 20,000 miles
  • Europe to Dubai / Air France & KLM / 10,000 miles
  • Europe to Lima / Air France / 17,500 miles

As far as US markets go, you can book travel from Atlanta, Boston, Houston, New York, or Washington, to Europe, for just 12,500 miles one-way. That’s an incredible value.

The other great news is that the carrier imposed surcharges through FlyingBlue are quite low nowadays for travel in economy. For example, a one-way economy award on Air France between New York and Paris will cost you ~$76, which is much lower than it used to be (the below mileage pricing doesn’t reflect the 50% discount, which will be available starting tomorrow):


Availability is wide open at the saver level for economy travel, so you should have no trouble redeeming through this deal once it goes live tomorrow.

Air France A380 economy class

Bottom line

While my preference is usually to redeem miles for first & business class, this is an incredible deal. Paying just 12,500 miles for one-way travel between a handful of US cities and Europe is a fantastic deal, especially as it’s valid over more than a couple of months.

This deal will go live tomorrow, so you can start plotting out your travel now if you’d like your pick of dates. Keep in mind that this promo is just valid for bookings over 10 days, and isn’t valid for the entire December Promo Awards period.

Do you plan on taking advantage of FlyingBlue’s 10th anniversary Promo Award sale?


  1. How long does it normally take to transfer SPG points to Flying blue? Thinking of doing so now but wondering if the transfer would be complete when the sale goes live.

  2. Am I reading something wrong or are all the last days for travel are March 15, rather than March 31 in the article? Really good deal but unfortunately I can’t take advantage of it if the latest travel date is the 15th.

  3. Looking to transfer either American Express Points or Citi TY points. Which would you recommend? How long do the transfers from each take? I believe you said it was instant from Amex last year, not sure if its still current.

  4. Any idea how it works flying with an ‘infant in arms’ on a reward ticket? Would my 18 month old need his own ticket (award or otherwise) or would we just pay the taxes?

    We would be bringing a babysitter.

  5. Does anyone know if FB offers a free 24 cancellation on award tickets?

    Also any idea when the promo codes load in the system? Midnight Paris/Amsterdam?

  6. Their promo page is showing awards at 18.750 to North America and Atlanta isn’t one of the cities listed. Am I missing something?

  7. @ Lucky / Tiffany — what’s the latest on FlyingBlue randomly closing accounts if no/little activity after you transfer some points into them and book award tickets?

  8. @Gaurav, probably not since I see this under general conditions of Promo Awards at the flying blue website:
    Reservations must be made exclusively on or (except for bookings for children, infants and minors, who are not authorised to book an award on the website).
    In the event that a technical problem occurs when reserving the promotional fare or if the reservation cannot be finalised, the Flying Blue member must log on to the site and repeat the procedure.
    This award ticket may be used on connecting flights within Europe and on connecting flights from Europe to long-haul flights.
    These promotional Promo Awards may not be modified, cancelled or refunded.
    Promo Awards are available for one-way tickets and round trips.
    Flex Awards are not included in the Promo Awards offer.
    Promo Awards are subject to availability

  9. Please answer above qs about time to transfer points into account and about updates on accounts being scrutinized for just transfer/award activity. Thanks.

  10. @ Ivan Y @ mbh — We haven’t had any issues lately. If you’re transferring from an account in your name, to a FlyingBlue account in your name, and booking a ticket for yourself (or you’re at least on the reservation), I wouldn’t worry about it. Worst case seems to be having to go to the airport to ticket, but haven’t had that happen for about four months.

  11. Can you redeem affiliated partner miles for the Europe promotion? What airlines are affiliates of Air France? How do we redeem the miles?

  12. I’m fairly new to the world of miles and points, but after I read this article I decided to book my very first award tickets. I know these economy tickets don’t involve the glitz and the glam most of you guys are used to, but I’m beyond excited to fly to Paris for pennies on the dollar. I booked two round trip tickets for my girlfriend and I from JFK to CDG for a small getaway this February. I transferred 50,000 thankyou points from my Citi Premier card to book the two award tickets. I know this is all self explanatory to most of you, but there is no better feeling than earning the points and then redeeming them at an even better value. I’ll be hooked for life!

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