Good News: Lufthansa Union Calls Off Strike

On Tuesday I posted about how Lufthansa’s flight attendant union was threatening a strike this Thursday, Friday, and Monday. This follows their nearly week-long strike earlier in the month, which crippled Lufthansa’s performance throughout the system.

This arises from the issues that management and the union are having in negotiating a new contract, in particular when it comes to pension benefits.

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The good news is that Lufthansa’s flight attendant union, UFO, has called off this particular strike:

The announced strike for 26, 27 and 30 November 2015 has been officially canceled by the Cabin Crew´s Union UFO.

Lufthansa flights will operate as scheduled.

Why did they call off the strike? Apparently management invited the union to continue conversations over the contract. Here’s the statement posted on the union’s website (poorly translated using Google Translate):

Dear Colleagues,

yesterday we were in the planning stage to determine the exact times strike and share with you. It turned out differently: The Lufthansa Executive Board invited the UFO to a de-escalation conversation. Since, in our view, a strike is not an end in itself, and from this we have never made ​​any secret, we have followed this invitation. The conversation was expected that the problems have not diminished. Lufthansa, however, has not denied this week that the behavior of the Group Executive Board has led to this far completely muddled conflict. We have worked on the basis of common conversation UFO side a concrete solution proposal, which was then ready for signature in lengthy coordination processes on today’s early morning.

The announced strike is now off the table, and the participation of the UFO in the “Job Summit” is promised.

As of now the strikes are called off through December 2, 2015, though industrial action isn’t being ruled out after that.

Bottom line

It’s great that management and the union came to a temporary agreement to not strike. The two groups still seem way off in terms of what they’ll settle for, though hopefully they can talk it out and realize that repeated strikes don’t help either party.

In the meantime, if you’re scheduled to fly Lufthansa over the next week or so, it looks like you’re good to go.


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