Hilton Now Status Matching: Diamond & Gold Status Through 2017

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Hyatt seems to have kicked off a bit of a craze last week, when they announced that they would begin offering outright status matches. At first they were matching just about anyone to Diamond status, though in the meantime they’ve tightened the terms to match only SPG Platinum members to Hyatt Diamond, as far as I know, given that they’ve received 10,000+ requests.

Hyatt Diamond Twitter Confirmation

This represented a pretty big change on the part of Hyatt, as previously they weren’t offering any sort of a status challenge or match program. Presumably this was prompted by the announcement of the merger between Marriott and Starwood, which is leaving a lot of SPG loyalists concerned.

It looks like Hyatt isn’t the only one offering status matches, as Hilton is offering status matches as well. Per a message posted by HHonorsRepresentative on FlyerTalk:

We’re winding down for the Thanksgiving holiday and, as a heads up, I will be out of the office until Monday, but I wanted to let you know about our status match program…

We’ve been receiving a number of requests and yes, we do match status from other programs and we’d love to be your travel home.

  1. We are matching status for 2016. To make sure you’re all set for the year, please submit your request by January 11, 2016. You’ll enjoy that status through March 2017.
  2. All you need is something that shows your elite tier in another program and an HHonors number.
  3. Email us at HHonorMyStatus@hilton.com and we’ll help get you started.

Please note it may take a couple of days to process given the Thanksgiving holiday. We promise to process requests as quickly as possible and any request submitted prior to January 11, 2016, will be processed in time to enjoy your new status for the entire year.

Through January 11, 2016, Hilton is matching competing status, which will be valid through March 2017. In the past they’ve offered fast track opportunities, though this is the first time in recent years I remember them offering an outright status match.

I would assume that top tier status with many programs will be matched to Diamond, while mid-tier status with other programs will be matched to Gold.


Personally I don’t consider status with Hilton to be as elusive as with other programs, given that you can easily get it through credit cards:

I have HHonors Gold status, as I have the Platinum Card® from American Express, Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN, and Citi® Hilton HHonors Reserve Card.

I’ve had Diamond status in the past by spending $40,000 on the Citi® Hilton HHonors Reserve Card, though personally didn’t find it worth it. As someone who only occasionally stays at Hiltons, the difference in benefits are marginal. Gold status already gets you free breakfast and lounge access based on availability. Diamond status gets you guaranteed lounge access and possible room upgrades, though I didn’t have much luck with that.

Both HHonors Gold & Diamond members receive free breakfast, including at the Conrad Hong Kong

So while I likely could match (since I have 100+ elite qualifying nights this year with both Hyatt and Starwood), I don’t really consider it to be worthwhile, since I don’t stay at Hiltons much.

Executive lounge at the Hilton Manchester Deansgate

Bottom line

I’m sure many will get value out of this status match opportunity, as Hilton does have a huge portfolio of hotels. It’s interesting that Hilton is only requesting to see your elite status in another program, and not your elite qualifying nights or stays. This suggests you’ll be able to match, even if you’re doing so based on matched top tier status in another program.

Overall kudos to Hilton HHonors for how active they’ve been this year. They’ve really stepped it up when it comes to promotions this year, which is a stark contrast from the announcement they made earlier in the year, which suggested that the number of promotions would decrease.

Do you plan on status matching with Hilton HHonors? If you do match, please report back with your experience!

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  1. I emailed Hyatt within minutes of the tweet. I am SPG Platinum with a ton of stays this year. I didn’t hear back until yesterday, when I got an email saying they’d respond within 14 days to my request.

    Somehow I got pushed to the back of the line while a ton of others got immediate replies – and matches.

  2. Wow Ben I was not aware that the AMEX Platinum Card offers HHonors Gold Status…when did this happen? I’m going to enroll after I post this. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Thanks @Lucky!

    Hopped on it right after I saw your post!
    Even though I think Id only get Gold, very generous enough of them to match.
    Had only good experiences with Hilton. Last time stayed at Double tree by Hilton, Naha (in Japan)
    and my companion felt sick and needed to rest. Not only did they sign me up right away to Hhonors Blue and extend my stay for 2 hours til 3pm free of charge, but they went ahead and sent us some water up the room and offered to call an ambulance if needed.

    As I live in Japan, alot of the times the benefits posted here from the credit cards in the states wouldn’t help me at all, but Im happy when posts like this come up when I view your blog!


  4. Just submitted my request as Hyatt diamond. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks for the info. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Per the T&Cs i believe Gold only allows breakfast/lounge access if you are on (or upgraded to) an executive/lounge floor. How strictly this is applied , I don’t know as it seems to be relatively recent. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  6. Hilton Gold/Diamond is very valuable for those outside the USA – we don’t have easy credit status and Hilton are a massive worldwide chain (much bigger than Hyatt or Starwood).

    Annoying though, I’ve got Diamond until March 2016 but no chance of renewing it, would love to get a status match extension but somehow I doubt they’ll offer that 🙁

  7. @lucky “not worthwhile” when the only cost is a 10 second email? If true, that is a strong statement re: value of diamond! Unless there is a cost to you I’m not thinking of?

  8. @CSP

    You get breakfast as gold no matter what but you can only get into the lounge if you are bumped to a club room.

  9. @ CSP — As Mark O explained, you get breakfast no matter what, but only lounge access if upgraded to an executive room.

  10. @ Daniel — Sorry, should have been clearer. Worth a 10 second email, yes, but it’s worth keeping in mind that this is likely “once in a lifetime,” at least in theory. So for me personally it’s probably not worth using up that match.

  11. @Lucky – The irony is that this Hilton offer is probably once in a lifetime, but you used to be able to do the Hyatt challenge year after year. Kudos to the people who received Hyatt Diamond, but I’m one person who’s planning to spread out my stays next year more after what they did. I’ve also sent an email telling them how disappointed I am, giving out Diamond to every SPG gold and their mother.

  12. @Neil S – I am in the same boat, and I didn’t like that. I watched other people who requested after me, get matched already. I got the same “wait two weeks” email.

    I’ve been Hilton diamond for a couple years now, and I couldn’t tell you why. I’ve never received an upgrade despite numerous stays, and the additional benefits beyond Gold are weak. I was excited for a match to Hyatt as I am truly ready to move my loyalties.

  13. Pure conjecture as to what Hilton will do with these matches, hence, your title is a bit presumptive. However, why not do the status match? With Hyatt overloading the system with Diamonds, it’s now time to look elsewhere as I decide where to spend my money. Hilton, if you’re watching, match tier for tier equally and you’ll probably drum up some new business. Also, if you’re watching, you need to add confirmed suite upgrades to Diamond members – there’s almost no distinction between Gold and Diamond.

  14. I got matched Hyatt Diamond because I am a Hilton Diamond off the Reserve Spend. Not sure yet if Hilton Diamond is worth it because I’ve yet to have a stay as a diamond but I can shed some light on the Hyatt match process from my experience. I sent an email right after reading the post (I don’t have twitter). Big thank you to Ben and OMAAT in general for the great info they share. After hearing nothing back at all, I called in just to make sure they got the email and got a very friendly rep on the phone. She used my gold passport# to lookup my status match app. She said “since you sent your email before noon the day the tweet went out, we’re matching you to Diamond” She made it seem like I just “slipped in” (I sent the email around 10est that morning. Anyhow she went on to say that they were overwhelmed with over 10K requests, and there were only 6 people working on validating the screenshots in the emails. This is what she said however I find both comments somewhat hard to believe, but alas I suppose they are true. About the timing of the initial request being before 12am that day…I seem to recall data points from the comments section of hilton people and spg golds getting matched to Hyatt Diamond but if you’re trying to match from one of those programs and are having difficulty, perhaps check when you made the request and KINDLY bring that up if you call in.

  15. I can hardly wait for the posts in March when Lucky talks about not being able to get suite upgrades since there are thousands of new Diamond members in these programs and it has diluted the program.

  16. thanks Lucky.
    i just emailed hilton with my credentials(hyatt diamond, ihg spire elite). if i get the diamond status from hilton, i probably would shift majority of my stays to hilton next year.

  17. I’ve been a HH gold for a number of years through actual stays (No credit cards etc) and have to say that I absolutely love it. As an australian, our hotels here treat us very well and throughout Asia. I’ve never been denied lounge access and often receive suite upgrades also.. In the USA and other countries it is however a different story.
    I’ve applied for Diamond with Hyatt Diamond although unsure they’ll come to the table due to me already being an elite staying customer…

  18. Heya,
    I’m a Hilton Gold from stays last year but as all my work has kept me in one place this year, i have no way of renewing it. As I’m based in Asia, the credit card deals don’t work for me.

    Here is my thought, if my Hyatt Gold (which I’m waiting on due to the 14 days wait) comes through, I might just try to use that to match to a Hilton Gold for next year? 🙂

  19. Just sent my request. I probably won’t get top tier status with them, but the second to the top, but oh well – that’s still pretty good for me. I stay at the same Hilton hotel every year for a yearly trip and if it gets me a small point bonus, why not take advantage of it? As someone who doesn’t usually earn status in any hotel program, all these status match offers lately are like early Christmas presents – getting something is always better than getting nothing, especially if it involves earning extra points at your stay!

  20. I am a SPG Plat and apparently after few emails to them I finally had a reply which read as:

    Dear XXXXXXXX,

    Thank you for the additional information.

    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. In order for Hilton HHonors to continue providing the current benefits available for our elite tier levels, we are unable to provide direct tier matching or complimentary status.

    We’re happy to help you reach a higher tier with HHonors! Please reply with a copy of your detailed competitor stay and night activity for the last 12 months as a .doc, .jpg, or .PDF attachment along with your HHonors number and we will review your HHonors account for a potential fast track offer.

    If there is anything else we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact us. For immediate assistance, please click on the link below for the contact number of the Hilton Worldwide Service Center location nearest you.


    Best Regards,

    Bryan B.
    Email Coordinator
    Customer Care Email Department
    Hilton Reservations and Customer Care

    So basically I will just keep my business with SPG and/or Hyatt then.

  21. @ Siv — That’s surprising. Did they just stop status matches altogether, or did you not have enough elite qualifying nights with SPG to requalify…?

  22. @ Lucky
    Am not too sure either but they kept asking for my screenshots of SPG status of which I already sent 3 times. I am currently 1 stay/3 nights short of re-qualifying for plats. Had few upcoming stay with Starwood before year end. If they dont grant me Diamond theres no big deal I’ll just stick with Starwood or Hyatt. Although I thought they will match their SPG Plat to their Diamond HHonors but my case doesnt seems to be then.

  23. Just received a status match to HH Diamond from SPG Gold (from AMEX PLT) and HGP PLT (from mLife). Screenshot of SPG status only showed 2 stays, 5 nights, but no stays/nights were included on the HGP screenshot. I did have 10 stays with Hilton as a Gold this year if that made a difference. Was pleasantly surprised by them giving me Diamond status.

  24. Siv —

    I would re-submit your information.

    My partner received the same rejection even though I received Diamond.

    I re-sent the information from another e-mail address and specifically embedded the FT post that mentioned the status match instead of the challenge that she received.

    We will see what develops but it would appear that some reps have not gotten the word that there is an ongoing STATUS MATCH offer instead of a challenge.

  25. @ HORACE
    Yup I agree with you regarding resubmitting again for those that are in the same situation as me. Different reps might provide different outcome. But for me I will just stop responding to them and stay anywhere other than Hilton then. Thank for your advice nevertheless.

  26. I was HH through AmEx plat, Hyatt Diamond, sent in relevant info and got matched to HH silver, yes, a downgrade! I promptly called AmEx to reinstate my gold status and replied to HH to re-review what I presume is a mistake. If they are claiming a status match how could you equate Hyatt Diamond with HH silver ( downgrade aside!!!) Can’t say it’s left me all warm and fuzzy about jumping ship especially after a 4 night complimentary upgrade to the Hyatt Centric Chicago presidential suite and additional added benefits for very minor issues during a previous stay – a beach side villa upgrade 3 weeks ago in Abu Dhabi on points and cash celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary and a front desk manager, Ashutosh who made sure an ex colleague of his at the JW Marriott Marquis in Dubai gave us the Royal treatment with zero status….. Hyatt clearly want to take care of their loyal followers, I hope the recent addition of 10000 or so doesn’t overwhelm this ability, but other chains who are clearly less aspirational shouldn’t try and jump on the band wagon and fall way short on delivery.

  27. I’ve submitted my request to Hilton a week ago and received confirmation last night!
    They matched my Hyatt Platinum to Hilton Diamond! Makes me feel valued 🙂

  28. Wife and myself matched IHG Platinum to Hilton Diamond. No immediate plans to stay at a Hilton but might take a vacation next year before the Diamond expires and use some of my HH points I’ve been holding on to.

  29. Ben. Thank you for this status matching information. I got my SPG Platinum status last week and sent it in to HHonor for status matching. Within a few hours (~4 hours), I received an email from HHonor congratulating on my new Hilton HHonors Diamond Elite status. I am happy. CN.

  30. I just used the email address listed here to ask for Hilton match (to a marriott platinum) and they answered me that they now have a web page for requesting a match. So I clicked on the link to the webpage and uploaded a screenshot of my marriott platinum page. Haven’t heard back yet….

  31. For those of you that havent heard back from hilton, check your acct bc they matched my ihg elite status and and they never emailed me. I got diamond status, I hope it’s worth it. I will see in two months on my next vacation 🙂

  32. I submitted my request back in January and still have not been matched. Called Hilton and they know nothing about the status nor could they provide a number for me to call. What should I do?

  33. I applied for the status match in question with Hilton in June, and received an email earlier this month notifying me that my account was shut down due to a violation of terms and conditions, citing the fact that status matching is once per lifetime (I had Diamond membership from a prior status match). I’ll note that no where in the Hilton HHonors terms and conditions is it mentioned that status matching is once per lifetime, and that this was my first such dispute with HHonors. Very disappointed in the company’s actions, as they seized close to half a million points in my account. I cannot even call this an honest mistake, as I broke no clearly laid out condition and find it hard to believe that signing up for a publicly offered promotion counts as seeking to abuse the program. I’m leaving this here as a data point for anyone considering asking for an additional status match.

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