What To Do With That New Hyatt Status

Hyatt’s recent status match opportunity has been well documented here on OMAAT. Ben’s initial post about the match prompted me to status match to Diamond before Hyatt retooled the match criteria.

Hyatt Diamond Twitter Confirmation

Ben recently asked what was Hyatt thinking with the match. Even as someone who clearly benefited from the match, I’m surprised by how generous the initial terms were. Mid-tier status (SPG Gold) for top-tier status (Hyatt Diamond) was enough to make me act immediately when I saw the offer.

Clearly I wasn’t alone since Hyatt received more than 10,000 status match requests.

Current Match Opportunities

Hyatt has since revised the offer to be more reasonable. Based on recent reports, mid-tier status at SPG, Marriott, Hilton and IHG all match to Hyatt Platinum instead of Diamond. Top tiers can still match to Diamond.

I’ve seen conflicting reports about the exact terms of the match offer right now for top-tier elites. Your best bet if you’re a top-tier elite is to Direct Message @HyattConcierge on Twitter.

I think this is still a no-brainer for top tiers. Full Diamond status until 2017 including Diamond Suite Upgrades is outstanding.

For mid-tier travelers, this could still make sense. Hyatt Platinum definitely offers fewer benefits. I’ve been Platinum for years because of the Hyatt Credit Card. But, I’ve paid the annual fee for the free night at a category 1-4 property, not the status.

My experience with Platinum has been that it’s better than nothing, but not exactly something to write home about. If I was starting from scratch and looking for Platinum status, I’d probably apply for the card, which also comes with two free nights at any Hyatt property after spending $1,000 in the first 3 months.

Now that we’ve caught up on the match terms and updates, the real question for people who matched is what should we do with our new status?

Should I Reconsider My Maldives Trip?

In the comments of my of my post about being matched, reader Bill asked how this would impact my existing trip to the Maldives.


It’s a good question because part of my analysis on whether the Park Hyatt Maldives is worth it included the fact I was only Platinum.

Now as a Diamond, I can count on free breakfast and a space available upgrade to a park pool villa.

I had to think about this a bit before coming to the conclusion Diamond is not enough for me to change my mind this time.

One reason is I have a non-refundable deposit at Gili. More importantly for us, the seaplane transfer is still a huge barrier. We’d potentially lose an entire day getting back and forth from the resort after arriving in Male. I’m sticking with Gili.


I’m Absolutely Rethinking Other Trips

While I won’t be changing our confirmed plans for the Maldives, this match has thrown pretty much all of our other travel planning out the window.

While I had a pretty firm idea of which SPG properties we’d be staying at on some future trips, I’m now reevaluating to see if Hyatt is a better option. I already know the answer is yes for a couple of trips.

My travel style might change too. Where I normally like to stay on the move bouncing from city to city on a trip, Diamond status encourages maximizing the value of the DSUs by staying in one place for a longer period of time.

Hyatt Diamond Match DSUs

And for our trips that only exist as a concept or idea – we might have a region of the world or a specific airline redemption in mind – I’m spending a lot of time understanding where Hyatt’s footprint is the strongest. I’ll probably pester Ben and Tiffany about which properties are “can’t miss” hotels.

Finally, we’re already discussing adding a trip or two because the DSUs would make a couple of family vacations more affordable and more enjoyable.

These are exactly the kinds of choices Hyatt wants travelers to make with the match. And while my status is only a week old, I’m working to figure out how difficult it would be to maintain the status beyond February 2017 when the match expires.

More Fun

Another fun part about this match is it’s prompted me to dig deeper into Hyatt’s program. While I know enough about the program to have a basic understanding of the cash and points system and the award levels for each category, the math all changes with the addition of the DSUs.

I planned on using some Chase Ultimate Rewards points for a transfer to Singapore. I’ll probably keep those points at Chase and potentially use them at Hyatt. If I go ahead with the Singapore transfer, I’ll use Citi ThankYou points instead.

Bottom Line

The status match has huge implications for travelers who were matched to Diamond. It’s made me reconsider pretty much everything about my future travel plans and forced my out of my SPG comfort zone. From where I go to how long I’m there to what kind of points I use, my future travel calculus all changed about a week ago when I was matched to Hyatt Diamond.


  1. Apparently for HH the highest match they will give is Platinum (even if you are a HH Diamond). They have changed the rules….

  2. Mike, great follow-up post! I too received the Diamond status match. Before achieving Diamond status, I, like you, did not think that the PH Maldives made fiscal sense. Now, however, I’m more willing to stomach the $500+ RT transfers, and likely will end up pulling the trigger. I’m also researching other Hyatt properties around the world. I just wish there were more of them! Please write more on this topic when you get a chance.

  3. I also got lucky and got the match from IHG Plat. We are also looking at the next year plans to get the most advantage.

    Do the Diamond perks like breakfast and late checkout apply if staying on the free nights from the Chase CC? I am thinking of using the free nights in Sydney where they don’t give DSUs. Also, if my husband is using his free nights for the same trip, is there any chance of using my Diamond perks on his nights? He will only have the status from the CC.

  4. The Hyatt Diamond match has worked out nicely for me and for Hyatt. I’ve booked 4 stays with them since the match and have a confirmed suite upgrade at the Park Hyatt in Dubai and the Grand Hyatt Kauai. Two of the four bookings would have gone to Hyatt without the match but the other two were up in the air until the match.

  5. Hyatt completely underestimated the response. I was offered Platinum as a Hilton Gold which I declined. It seems they are in damage control. Hard to switch to a brand that has double standards of handing out Diamond to some and not to others. I just checked out of a Hyatt stay. Most of my stays are AMEX FHR so I get everything a platinum gets anyway and the rates I have seen at my properties are the same with AMEX FHR. 4 days to respond to Twitter and 14 business days on the email is really poor. Would I have liked Diamond? Absolutely. Would I have switched upcoming stays to Hyatt? Yes. Would I do the same for Platinum? I don’t think it’s worth it personally so I’ll keep my future stays where they are.

  6. An email that arrived this morning says that they’re plowing through all the request and should have me set up with 14 days. My SPG Platinum should one hopes translate into Hyatt Diamond.

    The Hyatt social media certainly seem friendly and responsive.

    And the enormous interest shows the benefits and risks of social media campaigns. One has to be prepared for a massive response so that customers won’t be disappointed if there’s a delay or the supply of free samples runs out. 🙂

  7. I am HH Diamond and Hyatt said that only equals Hyatt Platinum….whats up with that…will continue with Hilton in 2016…

  8. A plunge pool, though pretty to look at, is unnecessary unless it’s really big which the ones at the Park Hyatt Maldives aren’t. As for the free breakfast benefit for Diamonds, many rates already have that, including the advance purchase, AAA, senior, and Costco member rates.

  9. what sucks about HGP program is that the DSUs are only valid on cash stays (points and cash is worthless because they’re so rare to find). I’m still stoked to be a Diamond status for the next 14 or so months.

    Can DSU’s be used on Virtuoso bookings?

  10. I finally got my response. IHG Spire is no longer matching to Diamond. The email said they are only matching SPG Platinums. I get why, but it’s frustrating that they would change the offer, especially when I had contacted them via Twitter only a few hours after their post and didn’t receive a response for 2 days.

  11. @Peter IHG Spire matched me to Hyatt Diamond but it looks like they aren’t doing that anymore (per @Everybody Hates a Tourist and others). I’m a travel agent and these status matches are especially lucrative because I sometimes get up to 80-85% off at properties around the world. Most likely staying at the Grand Hyatt in Singapore and Taiwan for my upcoming trips there as they still have suites available. Wouldn’t have done that otherwise since my SPG and IHG rates are really inexpensive. Hopefully getting matched to Hilton Diamond and then I’ll have rounded out most of the major chains.

  12. They are not matching HH Diamond to Hyatt diamond – only matched to platinum. I very politely told them not to bother – why would I give up free breakfast and exec lounge access

  13. @Mike – Anyone at OMAAT know if one could use a DSU on multiple rooms at the same property (e.g. 2 DSUs for 2 rooms at the same hotel)? I searched the T&Cs and didn’t see anything. I’ve managed to use my first 4 DSUs for 2016 reservations. I’ll use next year’s DSUs for 2017 😉

  14. if I remember reading correctly you can use the suite upgrades for 2 rooms per stay… someone correct me if I’m
    wrong both need to be in the same reservation of course.

  15. I was matched. At first I wondered why they were so generous. Then I looked at my pattern of travel over the last decade. Never gave IHG a thought until an award promo (name the place, I think it was) made me give them a look. Have 24 stays with them this year. Same for Club Carlson, now stay 11 stays with them this year. Been Hilton Diamond for decade+ but doubt I’ll qualify in ’16, unless it’s done by cc spend. Smart move by Hyatt.

  16. Just to note, I’m HH Diamond the @Hyatt tweet back to me was they could give me Platinum. However once it was processed I got Hyatt Diamond. If you haven’t gotten your actual email from Gold PP (not just the Tweet notification) don’t despair you may well end up w Diamond. I am starting to look at a few opportunities with them to switch some stays due to that.

  17. Thank you for contacting Hyatt Gold Passport; I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

    Congratulations! You have now been upgraded to our Platinum Tier status which is valid through February 2017. As a Platinum member, you will be instantly recognized as one of our valued guests at any Hyatt worldwide.

    Platinum membership entitles you to a wide range of exclusive services and benefits including a 15% point bonus on your stays. In order to continue to receive exclusive Platinum membership benefits, simply complete 5 stays or 15 nights at any Hyatt hotel or resort worldwide during the course of the calendar year.

    Thank you for choosing Hyatt, and we hope you enjoy the privileges of Platinum membership when staying at any Hyatt worldwide.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any other assistance with your Hyatt Gold Passport account.

    Best Regards,

    A bit too late for Diamond….

  18. I have spg platinum. They deny diamond match for me because I’m already Hyatt platinum. Has this happen to anyone else? Seems a bit unfair.

  19. I sent them my Marriott Platinum and Hilton Diamond info a week ago. Today I got enail offering me Hyatt Platinum. No thanks.

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