Touching: Alaska Gate Agent Sings National Anthem

With all the bad stuff going on in the world, it’s nice to see people who go above and beyond to do a good deed. Regardless of where you stand politically, here’s the video of an Alaska Airlines gate agent singing the national anthem prior to an Anchorage to Los Angeles flight. What’s the reason for the singing? Apparently the ashes of a fallen soldier were aboard, and she wanted to pay her respects.

The video was uploaded to Facebook in mid-October, though seems to have gained more traction over the past week or so. I actually saw it for the first time this evening.

I’ll let the video and description speak for itself otherwise:

Neal recorded this and luckily enough he had his phone out to record it. I was fighting back tears! This happened in the Anchorage airport just before we boarded our flight to Seattle. A fallen soldier’s ashes were being carried home on our plane. He served 21 selfless years in our military. What a moving experience and what an amazing voice of that Alaska Airlines employee!


  1. How sweet and truly respectful of her. What an amazing, soulful voice.

    We Aussies do not respect enough those who have served, much less anywhere near as much as Americans do. Whatever one may say about the US, at least the absolute majority of you (Westboro aside) treat vets with the utmost respect, which they fully deserve. Wherever you may now be sir, rest in peace and thank you for your service.

  2. Awesome video thanks for sharing. I’m confused by your statement though. “Regardless of where you stand politically”. What American would be offended? Westboro Baptist? Someone else that hates America? Even if your offended by war you would still honor our soldiers I would think. I guess you do have some non-American readers as well.

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