WOW: 10,000+ Requests For Hyatt Diamond Status

Late last week Hyatt began offering what may have been their most generous status match offer yet. Through Twitter they offered anyone with any status with a competitor and proof of at least one stay Diamond status through February 2017. Yes, it was that straightforward. There was no challenge required, and new Diamond members even received four Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards, each of which can confirm a suite at the time of booking for up to seven nights.

Park-Hyatt-Vienna - 24
Suite at the Park Hyatt Vienna

Mike shared his experience matching SPG Gold to Hyatt Diamond, which was a painless process.

While I’m a Hyatt Diamond who stays 100+ nights a year with the chain, I’m still super happy for those who got in on the opportunity. We all benefit from amazing deals at some point, so I have nothing but positive feelings towards those joining the Diamond ranks.

Nonetheless I don’t actually get what Hyatt was thinking with this promotion. On Sunday I wrote a post about why I found the promotion to be so odd. While I totally get they’re trying to capitalize on the Marriott/Starwood merger, from their perspective you’d think they’d want to target such a promotion a bit more closely, and not give everyone and their brother Diamond status.

Overnight they went from offering no status match or challenge opportunity whatsoever, to giving it away like candy.

Perhaps the most shocking part is what @HyattConcierge just revealed on Twitter. Some are frustrated about Hyatt’s response time regarding the offer, though it seems there’s good reason for it. Hyatt claims that over 10,000 status match requests have been made over the past several days.

Wow! I assumed maybe a thousand or so people had expressed interest, but 10,000 is a lot. And that’s actually sort of concerning to me.

If we’re being honest, I suspect a lot of people who match don’t actually have the intention of requalifying for Diamond status. And I’d say matched Diamond members will also disproportionately use Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards, since they may only make a few stays with Hyatt.

If there were over 10,000 requests, let’s be conservative and assume “only” 5,000 people were matched. That’s 20,000 additional Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards in circulation, each of which can confirm an upgrade of up to seven nights. That’s potentially 140,000 room nights in suites.

Given that most people redeem Suite Night Awards at one of a few hundred properties, this could actually have a significant impact on being able to confirm an upgrade in advance. And for that matter it could also significantly impact the revenue potential of hotels, as these can be used to take suites off the market months out, when they could potentially otherwise be sold.

Suite at the Andaz West Hollywood

Bottom line

Like I said, I’m happy for anyone who was able to matched, though couldn’t rationalize the way Hyatt was running the promotion from the beginning.

Overnight they went from not even offering an SPG Platinum member a challenge to Hyatt Diamond, to offering anyone with any status and at least one stay Hyatt Diamond status for 16 months “no strings attached.”

If the 10,000 requests number is anywhere close to true, then I’m downright shocked. That could actually have a significant impact on suite availability.

Anyone else surprised by the claim of 10,000 requests? Or did they maybe not mean the 10,000 number literally?

(Tip of the hat to You Have Been Upgraded)


  1. Hyatt is bait and switchers.. I sent in my request early Thursday and they offered me platinum. You know they didnt plan this out properly. 10k of new elites does the reddit saying go. Thats how no one becomes elite.

  2. I have several hundred nights with each of Marriott & Starwood and a couple with Hilton as well, but all they offered was Plat…So no Hyatt stays for me.

  3. based on the response, the 10,000 may have been overstated. Also, ThePointsGuy reports Diamond matches come with total of 8 suite upgrades (4 through Feb 2016 & 4 through Feb 2017). If this is true (haven’t received mine yet), suite availability through Feb should be severely limited.

  4. Not surprised either. Although I am IHG Platinum (solely by holding the credit card) and had a few paid stays with IHG this year, I did not ask for the match because it was unlikely I would be staying there in 2016 given the number of points I have with IHG, SPG, and Hilton, as well as the type of hotels I stay in on paid stays (generally Hampton Inns and Holiday Inn Expresses, not Hyatt Regencies). I agree with Ben that most of these folks are probably going to be infrequent stayers, and I would add that many of them would be point redeemers using their upgrades on UR redemptions – which will accelerate devaluation of the program as hotels recognize that they are leaving money on the table.

  5. spg gold, 1 night stay YTD. requested last week, given hyatt diamond yesterday. can’t believe it but i’ll take it.

  6. That is pretty amazing.

    I submitted my SPG credentials the first night and the agent who responded told me that aren’t matching Sheraton status. She seemed confused with my proof of at least one stay. I resubmitted my information and included my HH Gold info. I hope this gets squared away soon as I booked a room at a Grand Hyatt for this weekend. I am ready to leave SPG behind.

  7. Sure, I believe there were 10,000 requests because they came from all over the place–Platinums from SPG all the way to Best Western and even lowlier chains I’m sure. If Hyatt had announced it was a limited time promotion (first 1000 or so responses) that would get considered for instant Diamond status on a case by case basis, that would have made some sense. The way the handled it, however. just guarantees they acquired a lot of suite upgrade “freeloaders” even if they are SPG Platinums.

  8. I originally didn’t request it until my friend pointed out crazier things have happened in the industry and for all we know Hyatt GP might not even be around the next time something like this happens.

    I still have heard back if they are even going to process the match. It is too bad as had they replied really fast I was ready to switch a couple NYC stays for Thanksgiving this week to Hyatt properties from Marriott.

  9. A few questions…

    1: Can we still submit status match requests now or is the party over? (I had an event all weekend and am finally now coming up for air)
    2: If I have IHG Spire and SPG Gold, should I submit both? Or maybe just Spire?


  10. Based in the number of bloggers (average followers of 2000 per blog) advertising the news plus including the link, the number may be low. Maybe if one wants to keep the perks to those who actually earn it perhaps NOT blogging about it may be a prudent approach.

  11. I am one of those who got Diamond from IHG Plat, although with several recent IHG stays. And yes, I got 4 DSUs through Feb 16. As I am a leisure traveler, I will likely not have many full cash stays during my status period. However in my 3 years in the hobby, this is one of the few times I have actually got in on such a good deal and most of you with Diamond the hard way would have tired for the match. Ben, how many regular blog readers does Boarding Area have? If over 10k, then that will explain the numbers.

  12. Holy smokes! 10,000+?! Guess they forgot about the Internet.

    Many of us benefit from these programs and offers in ways that maybe the programs didn’t anticipate or intend, and I’m sure it frustrates the super elite flyers when we snatch up an award seat they may have otherwise been upgraded to. But I’ll admit, I’d be a little annoyed if someone with one YTD Hyatt stay nabbed a suite upgrade that one of us who earned Diamond a ‘harder’ way may have otherwise used. Not that they don’t have a right to it, but still, what what Hyatt thinking? 10,000 additional Diamonds definitely represents a watering down.

    Diamond status for SPG Gold?! That’s amazing, I would have done the same thing, but still, grrrr.

    Hopefully only a small portion of those 10,000+ were given Diamond!

  13. The promo was laughable and the marketing dept needs to be evaluated and cleaned out. It doesn’t take a genius that the Marriott/Starwood deal could create loyalty issues for SPG Platinums. Craft your promo to try to capture those people and their $$. The way they crafted it probably pushed more people away from Hyatt rather than drawing them in. I hit GP Plat status on stays, I’m new to the business travel world (haven’t traveled for biz in 15 years) and had been looking for the right program for my loyalty. I liked Hyatt and Starwood and both have properties where I travel. I decided Hyatt since their local properties were a bit nicer than the Starwood offerings. I was surprised to be told, at my status match request, that there were no fast track to Diamond options for Hyatt’s own members. Talk about a slap in the face, they’d offer Diamond to a Hilton Gold but wouldn’t try to keep its own members happy.

  14. 10,000 requests, but not 10,000 granted Diamonds – many (if not most) got Platinum. Also, it’s 8 upgrades: 4 through Feb 29, and 4 more on March 1. Yes, it’s true I’ll probably not make 25 stays, but I will be going to Hyatt several more times through 2017. There *might* be lost suite revenue, but more likely there will just be more contention, which also suggests more paid stays. That’s business they’re stealing away from those Hilton and Marriotts I’d be going to. Therefore, I’d say it’s probably a win for Hyatt, and a loss for existing Diamond members that miss out on the suite they wanted. Of course, such existing members are likely to be staying 25 times… so they should have several opportunities to try for a suite.

  15. Great damage was done by this promotion. Both to the current Diamonds because of the flood of DSUs on the market and to those turned away after changing the requirements. I have no problem with a person obtaining a status match after a certain stay requirement. But to hand it out like candy with 8 DSUs within about four months is insane and this has caused ill feelings. Bad Hyatt!

  16. In the other thread on “What was Hyatt thinking?” @Sam said: “It’s not that expensive for them to give an upgrade away when there is a free room available so it actually makes plenty business sense.”

    What is reported here is why I thought the comment was mindbogglingly silly and had written:
    “It is not expensive to give upgrades away if and only if there are free rooms available to give away. With just some 500-ish properties, many of which, like Hyatt Place, do not do suite upgrades, how do you suppose Hyatt will be able to give away free suite upgrades if they swell the ranks of their Diamonds beyond their limited capacity with boneheaded status matches like the one that they just scaled back? Inquiring minds wanna know…”

    10,000 is a lot of people trying for this status. Pray that no more than about 10% get the nod!

  17. When are you going to get an interview with higher ups at Hyatt so they can explain why they did this and what they are going to do to repair the PR damage done for long term Diamonds? Please use your influence to get some answer and lean on them a bit. Writing articles is great, but taking it a step further and using your influence in the travel industry is even better. Thanks Ben.

  18. I requested a match shortly after this deal was published here on this blog. Took a few days but they finally responded saying that they can only match me to Platinum at this time. Sucks that other people got matched to Diamond and I didn’t, but how can I be mad? It wasn’t something I deserved to begin with. Good for those who got upgraded to Diamond, but if you didn’t, just carry on as if this never happened. You didn’t deserve it to begin with.

  19. According to some twitter posts and emails, they stopped awarding Diamond to anyone but SPG Plat after about the first 16-18 hours, most of which were in the overnight hours in the US. So, even if they did get 10K requests, I’m guessing a very large majority of those came in after the cutoff, and of those, very few are SPG Platinum. I’d put the number of newly minted Diamonds in the 2,500 range, as a guess. But really, nobody knows.

    Will it strain the DSU ‘system’? Probably a bit, but I’d guess that for the tens of thousands of preexisting diamond members, they’ll feel almost no impact from this. Meanwhile, Hyatt has the opportunity to convert and capture some new and loyal high-night members. Sure, the conversion rate is probably going to be low, but every little bit will make them more attractive as an acquisition target next year, if they end up going that route.

    Of all of the ‘real’ Diamonds who are whining and threatening legal action (no, I’m not kidding. It’s been discussed), I doubt more than a few actually feel a significant impact and defect to another program.

    This remains a win/win for Hyatt.

  20. I find it amusing that the guy who created the monster with his RS article and his pumping of AMEX Starwood/Platinum cards

    (which allow you to get SPG Gold and evidence of nights after meeting min spend, which he also spoon fed to people)

    is surprised at the 10k number. You wanted the hits on your blog and now you drove all your sheeple into a full blown DSU quasi-devaluation.

  21. I have stayed one night at Hilton and asked for a match.

    I wonder if they will laugh at my applicantion or give me something. I suppose platinum isn’t something?

  22. I sent in my request and just heard back. They’re offering Diamond status matches to SPG Plats, while all others get Hyatt Plat. As an SPG Plat50, I’m still getting what I had hoped for.

    Glad Hyatt did this.

  23. Ben, it would be great if you could speak to Hyatt management and get a statement as to what they were thinking and what they would say to the people that earned Diamond the hard way. This looks like they messed up but they are still on Twitter now inviting people with Hilton Gold etc. to DM them for details. Why not set the record straight and say what the terms of the offer are.

    In the meantime, good luck trying to get Hyatt Concierge to respond to anything via Twitter!

  24. So now the guy who thinks he’s made it because he got chauffeured by Etihad before his flight to an upgraded villa at Hyatt Hadahaa may have to cool his heels next to a schlub who went from free nights at Red Roof Inn (but at least he’s SPG Gold) straight to Hyatt Diamond. The mere thought more than makes up for being relegated to useless Platinum.

  25. I requested a match maybe 6 hours after it hit the blogs. Simply emailed them with a screenshot of my Hilton Gold (via credit card) and 3 nights this year. Didn’t hear back until yesterday morning but they matched me to Diamond. Surprised I made the cut.

  26. I sent in my request as soon as Gary posted it and didn’t hear anything for what must have been ~48 hours. They asked for my info again, but in an email, so I emailed it off immediately and I’ve still heard nothing.

    The thing is that I actually like Hyatt. I got stuck with Hilton this year after earning gold with one long stay. I’m not dissatisfied per se, but I feel like my loyalty doesn’t mean a whole lot to them (and this includes loyalty to specific properties).

  27. Sky not falling. Requests is not the same as approvals. Plus many new Diamonds probably did it on a whim and will take advantage of DSUs etc. only if the stars align. That’s my situation. I might use one or two upgrades in the next 15 months but won’t change my plans to pursue them. Hyatt may not get what they want from this promo, but existing Diamonds won’t get what they fear.

  28. I received a similar message via Twitter AFTER I was approved via email. Their message read “we received over 10,000 requests via Twitter and emails” and I admit I contacted them both ways. It’s possible the 10,000 requests were actually messages they received in total and not individual match requests so the real accounts matched maybe a lot less than 5,000. With that said it’s still a lot of suite upgrades for 2016.

  29. Just an FYI for anyone interested, I emailed them about the status match when Ben first made us aware of this. I was expecting them to come back saying that it would have to be requested via Twitter, but today i received this email:
    Dear Mr. Scott,

    Greetings from Hyatt Gold Passport!

    We are excited about your interest in Hyatt’s Tier Match Offer. All we need is a screen shot of your current tier status with IHG, SPG, Marriott or Hilton and at least one stay with the program in the last year.

    On receiving these details we will upgrade you to the Platinum/ Diamond status within Hyatt Gold Passport which would be valid through February 2017.

    To know more about our Gold Passport membership you may log on to

    Let us know if you require any further assistance.

    Best Regards,

    Noorsaba Sayyed
    Hyatt Gold Passport Representative
    Global Contact Centre

  30. I gave hyattconcierge a direct message yesterday about a possible match to Hyatt Diamond. Hyatt responded back today and told me I will be matched to Diamond. Looks like the party is not over! Looking forward to spending all 8 of my D Suite Upgrades in 2016/2017!

  31. First of all, suite upgrade only applies to paid stay or cash and point. In my experience, points and cash availability is very limited in most of the properties. So one has to pay to use DSU. I don’t know about others but I only use DSU for family vacation. What good is a suite when I am on a business trip alone. So I believe the suite availability around certain times of year will be severely impacted, and so will the lounge access/ breakfast. I do all my business traveling with Hyatt so I can book a suite and enjoy with my family for spring break in Hyatt Regency Maui or Christmas in Park Hyatt Tokyo etc etc. I don’t think there will be any availability in 2016 after this. Glad I am not making an effort to requalify for diamond next year. I did email goldpassport to let them know of my disappointment.

  32. So, some perspective from someone that was matched from SPG. I only travel about 40 nights a year, so I’m top tier with one and spread the rest around. I would NEVER tried Hyatt if not for the match. That being said, I’m planning on giving them 25 nights in 2016. Thats 25 stays they never would have received otherwise. Unless its a horrible experience, its a win for Hyatt. Since I’m lifetime gold with SPG, they will have to prove that the merger with Marriott is good for me.

    I have had status matches not work out for me. I matched my United 1K with American 4 years ago. I flew 4 flights with American and absolutely hated them. You could not pay me to fly them, so my top tier with them went unused for the rest of the year. They gained four paid trips they would not have gotten otherwise and I learned that the airline was not for me. We parted ways both the better.

    Some things I’ve already noticed is Hyatt is more expensive. A Sheraton night I already had booked for Friday is $55, where the lowest Hyatt is $71. I looked through the end of December and its the same story. DC is pretty slow on the weekends so the prices always drop, but Hyatt doesn’t sem to come close to the competitors. Interesting……

  33. I was very surprised by this promotion. Only a fortnight ago I requested a status match to platinum from Hilton Gold and was refused even a challenged..Then from this twitter promotion I got Diamond status… I do believe that Hyatt diamond is closer to HH Gold than Platinum so it does make sense to me due to HH Gold’s higher stay count… Will I maintain Hyatt Diamond? Unfortunately probably not, I’m Australian based and they don’t have enough hotels here but I am very excited to use them through the year.

  34. @ Paul – Hyatt to me is like the Avis of hotels–their rates are often so inflated they have no relation to reality. For example, when looking at the Hyatt Regency in Nice for last August, it was well over 300 euro for the smallest, no view room which was at least 80 euro more per night than comparable rooms at the Le Meridien Nice. Is Le Meridien as highly rated? No, but the Hyatt Regency certainly isn’t worth the stratospheric rates they were charging. That’s just one comparison, but it’s usually the same everywhere you look. If there is a Hyatt where you’re going, it will usually cost more to stay there, and it’s not just because the only Hyatt in town is a Park Hyatt or Andaz. This is the main reason why not having Diamond status isn’t heartbreaking.

  35. Marriott and Ritz Carlton have the same frequent stay number. My account shows as Ritz Carlton and they said even though I have 82 nights through Marriott branded hotels they will not status match.

  36. @Luis >>>Took a few days but they finally responded saying that they can only match me to Platinum at this time. Sucks that other people got matched to Diamond and I didn’t, but how can I be mad? It wasn’t something I deserved to begin with. Good for those who got upgraded to Diamond, but if you didn’t, just carry on as if this never happened.<<>>I requested a match maybe 6 hours after it hit the blogs. Simply emailed them with a screenshot of my Hilton Gold (via credit card) and 3 nights this year. Didn’t hear back until yesterday morning but they matched me to Diamond. Surprised I made the cut.<<<

    This is just another data point, but my situation is almost identical. I read about it the first night it was on FT. I sent in an e'mail with a screen shot of my Hilton Gold account page, but I have 30-40 nights. When I didn't hear back, I did not badger them. Finally today my Hyatt status, already platinum, changed to diamond.

    Like the rest of you, i cannot figure out why they ever extended this to all other brands, instead of exclusively to SPG, but I'll take it.

  37. Hey, your blog ate my comment. 🙂 Let’s try again.

    >>>Took a few days but they finally responded saying that they can only match me to Platinum at this time. Sucks that other people got matched to Diamond and I didn’t, but how can I be mad? It wasn’t something I deserved to begin with. Good for those who got upgraded to Diamond, but if you didn’t, just carry on as if this never happened.

    I agree Luis. I am disappointed that some of the road warriors come here and get angry with other people’s “found money.” Good for them, they got a temporary diamond. I don’t have the energy to be angry about other people’s business.

    >>>I requested a match maybe 6 hours after it hit the blogs. Simply emailed them with a screenshot of my Hilton Gold (via credit card) and 3 nights this year. Didn’t hear back until yesterday morning but they matched me to Diamond. Surprised I made the cut.

    This is just another data point, but my situation is almost identical to hakkatron’s. I read about it the first night it was on FT. I sent in an e’mail with a screen shot of my Hilton Gold account page, but I have 30-40 nights. When I didn’t hear back, I did not badger them. Finally today my Hyatt status, already platinum, changed to diamond.

    Like the rest of you, i cannot figure out why they ever extended this to all other brands, instead of exclusively to SPG, but I’ll take it.

  38. Hello Everyone. Hello Ben. Again thanks for the heads up.
    I did receive Diamond with Gold in HH, Spire Elite, Gold SPG, all with several stays this year. I also send info with Gold with Ritz Carlton. I do not know anything about Hyatt but every time in Hong Kong I stay at the Ritz in Kowloon and will try Hyatt in HK next time. So I do think it was a smart play on marketing.

    I also see how many suites go empty every year. A have a little trick that I do when I stay at hotels that I visit often as I request the same room often.

    Enjoying the info.

  39. Data point – sent a DM on first day and upgraded to Diamond with Marriott Silver, Hilton Gold and SPG Gold. Have had several expensive stays with Hyatt over the last year or two, but not a lot of nights. I actually have switched away from Hyatts after they changed out all the Hyatt Grand Bed I’s with Grand Bed II’s (much firmer) in my favorite spots. A few Hyatt Places still have the GB I’s, which of course there is not much benefit from Diamond. May come in handy if I try out Andaz. Best thing for me is the upgraded MLife status for Bellagio.

  40. Another data point, sent a DM and an e-mail the first day news broke (which was last Friday here) with a screenshot of my SPG gold status also showing proof of at least one stay with Starwood this year. And provided my HGP membership number.
    Received an answer on Sunday, that I should e-mail screenshots of status with SPG (the screenshot I already provided) and proof of at least one stay (so made another screenshot that also showed that) and a screenshot with my HGP number. And that they could offer Platinum status to me.
    Okay, I also made a screenshot of that as well. Maybe that’s more reliable than writing it simply down 😉
    Well, but that seems to indicate that they already stopped on Friday with giving out Diamond to simple SPG golds?
    Then I received an answer on Tuesday that they will review my request and will come back to me within 14 business days.
    So I don’t know for sure if I will get any status with HGP during this status match frenzy, though I sent in my stuff the very first day.
    So it may be more than 10k requests, the number growing. But how many of them will receive diamond status? Depending on the status of those requesting HGP status, it may be a small minority.

  41. As with nearly all prior HGP offers or, in fact, with the loyalty program itself, confusion or lack of consistency reigns supreme. There seems to be no pattern or rationale regarding whose status match request is approved or denied…

  42. They DMd me asking me to email screen shots of my SPG status. I did on 11/23. I just received a reply saying it will take them 14 days to review my submission.

  43. An update to my previous comment: I just received an e-mail from Hyatt telling me that they upgraded me to Diamond. Wow! Checked my account and indeed, I am a Diamond member.

  44. Requested for Diamond match, sent HH Gold info and showed tons of paid stays, and Hyatt number. Even though I’m already Hyatt Plat, got reply from @HyattConcierge that the best they can offer is Plat and requested me to sign up for GP acct then email CS… guess they were REALLY swamp and didn’t have time to even look at my request… LOL.. I’m sticking with HH for the rest of next year’s stays.

  45. Hilton Diamond, sent request via email with screenshot on Sunday afternoon, got “will respond within 14 days” email Monday, the. Saturday the ‘congrats you’re a Hyatt Platinum (not Diamond)” Saturday. As noted by others, didn’t earn it yet, but a little confused how some Hilton Golds were matched Diamond but a Hilton Diamond (plus Marriott Gold for kicks) was not? Interesting. That said, rarely stayed Hyatt before, will rarely stay in future given outcome, so what’s their loss with me? Zip!

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