Extra 10% Bonus On The Purchase Of Lifemiles

Yesterday I wrote about how Avianca’s LifeMiles program is offering a bonus on the purchase of miles through December 18, 2015.


As I explained in the post, LifeMiles is offering:

  • 2x miles if you purchase 2,000-40,000 miles
  • 2.15x miles if you purchase 41,000-100,000 miles (additional 15% bonus)
  • 2.25x miles if you purchase 101,000-150,000 miles (additional 25% bonus)


That’s an opportunity to purchase LifeMiles for as little as ~1.47 cents each, which is good, though not quite as good as a promotion we saw last month.

Anyway, it appears as if there’s also an InsideFlyer bonus linked to this purchase promotion, whereby InsideFlyer members can receive an additional 10% bonus on mileage purchases through November 29, 2015. This means InsideFlyer members can earn:

  • 2.25x LifeMiles if you purchase 41,000-100,000 miles (additional 25% bonus)
  • 2.35x LifeMiles if you purchase 101,000-150,000 miles (additional 35% bonus)

LifeMiles ordinarily cost 3.3 cents each to purchase, so if you purchase at least 101,000 miles during this promotion (pre-bonus) you can buy LifeMiles for ~1.40 cents each, when factoring in the 135% bonus.


To access the offer you’ll want to go to the “Award Store” on InsideFlyer’s website. That requires logging in or registering for InsideFlyer first. In the Award Store you should see the option to register your LifeMiles number, and then you should be contacted by email with an invitation to buy miles with the further bonus.


Bottom line

1.4 cents per mile is a pretty good deal, assuming you have a use in mind. You do have to buy quite a few miles to achieve that price, this is one of the best ways to book premium cabin Star Alliance award tickets on the cheap.


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