My Experience Matching SPG Gold to Hyatt Diamond

Update: It looks like there is official word from Hyatt that they changed the terms of the match. As of Noon CST today, Hyatt is now requiring SPG Platinum to match to Diamond. If you have SPG Gold, they’ll match you to Hyatt Platinum. While I’m sure this is disappointing for those who are still waiting to hear back, the new status tiers are clearly more aligned.

H/T to reader Guarav for the update.

As Ben posted last night, Hyatt is using the Starwood and Marriott merger as a marketing opportunity to pick up elites. They are offering Hyatt Diamond status matches via Twitter. If matched, the Diamond status lasts through February, 2017.

I have SPG Gold status and figured this was a great opportunity to bump my Hyatt status up from Platinum to Diamond.

I reached out to @HyattConcierge on Twitter via direct message to confirm they were offering matches.

After waiting a little while for a reply, I saw their Twitter feed was full of people requesting a match. I figured they were pretty busy responding and I’d just proactively send in the information they need.

They want to see your status and at least one stay at the chain you are matching from.

Hyatt Diamond Match Twitter 1

I direct messaged screen captures from the SPG and Hilton apps. SPG shows cumulative stays and your status tier on the same screen. So, the image below was enough confirmation.

Hyatt Diamond Twitter SPG Proof

Hilton’s app has status and stays on two different screens. So, I sent over both screen shots.

Hyatt Diamond Twitter HHonors Status

Hyatt Diamond Twitter HHonors Stays

It took a couple of hours for a reply but Hyatt confirmed I was eligible and requested I send over my Gold Passport number — something I should have included in the first place if I was thinking ahead. Hyatt Diamond Match Twitter 2

After they replied confirming I was now a Diamond, I immediately checked my Hyatt account online.

Hyatt Diamond Twitter Confirmation

They work quickly!

One outstanding question about the match is whether to expect Diamond Suite Upgrades. Without specifically mentioning DSUs, I asked if this means I get all of the Diamond benefits.

Hyatt Diamond Match Twitter 3

When I originally drafted this post, I speculated the DSUs wouldn’t be included as part of the match. Well, I was wrong. Just this afternoon I logged back into my account and saw the DSUs posted.

Hyatt Diamond Match DSUs

This makes the status match especially generous. I’ll guess this also makes it more likely the match will be stopped sooner than later. I can only imagine what the front line customer service representatives are hearing from Diamonds who qualified based on stays or nights.

A few other notes and outstanding questions:

It’s not clear to me if this match is only available to SPG elites. Hyatt’s response to me specifically mentioned my SPG status as the reason I’m eligible. I’m curious if anyone has had any luck getting matched from other brands.

Also, I’d point out this is a pretty generous offer since it doesn’t require any stays to maintain the status through February 2017. That’s a departure from their previous match offers.

Also, for those of you who earned Diamond status the hard way, I understand your complaints that this will swell the ranks of Diamond elites. Is it fair that some idiot on Twitter got the same status you earned with nights and stays? Probably not. But, Hyatt has gone through several different iterations of their match program and it’s clear they see value in it.


  1. Congrats! Submitted my information and crossing my fingers. I’m at 32 stays for the year with SPG and looking for a solid way out with this merger.

  2. I don’t expect anything, but you never know. I certainly don’t deserve it. But, I have nothing to lose so I’ll submit my information as well.

  3. “Is it fair that some idiot on Twitter got the same status you earned with nights and stays?”

    Well, is it fair when I get HH Gold from having either a AMEX Surpass or a Citi HH RES?

    Is it fair when I get IHG Plat from having the IHG card?

    Is it fair when I get top status with Club Carlson from having the CC card?

    Is it fair to get pre-boarding alongside AA Elites from having a Citi AA card?

    Why should Hyatt be different?

    At least this offer does require a paid stay with some brand, unlike the examples above…

  4. Wow. Any other Diamonds super pissed about this? I’ve spent thousands of dollars and 39 nights so far this year to ensure I requal for Diamond and now they give it away like candy. Anyone can get SPG gold with Amex and spend $70 for 1 stay at a four Points. Its going to be impossible to use those DSUs now…

  5. The messages you received from Hyatt are contradictory in terms of when the Diamond benefits expire. In your direct message, the customer service rep indicated that all Diamond benefits will exist until Feb 2017. However, in your screen capture of your visit to the Hyatt website, it indicated that suite upgrades are available until Feb 29, 2016. Can you confirm whether the the Diamond Suite Upgrades last until 2017 or only until Feb 2016?

  6. @Audi – Not sure but we might have an answer later.

    @Cory – That was basically my thought when applying for the match.

    @Robert – To be clear, I’m the idiot I referred to here.

    @Ericb – I’m certain you aren’t alone and I don’t disagree with your perspective. I really thought they’d withhold the DSUs and then other Diamonds wouldn’t really care (at least I’m assuming you wouldn’t care if I get free breakfast).

    @John – Those 4 DSUs expire this year. Then there would be more DSUs posted in early March next year. And remember, they can be applied to future stays. It’s explained a little better in the link within the post.

  7. @Ericb – Totally with you. This is pretty nonsensical by Hyatt in my opinion and a bit of an annoyance to me. Not sure why I am bothering to make those last 6 night this year, but taking advantage of this just seems…wrong, I’ll leave it at wrong.

  8. I mean, I could understand the business rationale of matching 25 stay/50 night SPG platinums, but golds with one+ stay? It just makes no sense.

  9. Wow, surprised you got direct help from their twitter account. I messaged them but got a reply back to email the gold passport support and I’ll hear back in 48 hours. I also have SPG Gold, was hoping for Diamond, but sort of expected Platinum. We’ll see I guess. Wonder what he meant by “targeted offer”.

  10. @John

    DSUs are issued every year and expire Feb 28th each year and new ones issues on March 1st.

    If you match status, you will get 4 to use till Feb 28th (book by then, don’t have to stay by then) and then 4 more on March 1 2016 which expire on Feb 28 2017.

    So you have 8 total. Spectacular.

    They should at least offer 1 year extensions to all current Diamonds and courtesy upgrades to all that are close.

    They are changing the terms on the fly (which is fine since they din’t release official T&C). As the deluge began, they started focusing more and more.

    I told all my friends about the offers within an hour of it coming out and some non-SPG mid tiers matched to Diamond. Then apparently it got stricter to only top tiers and SPG mid and top. According to above, they now seem to be focusing on only SPG.

    So YMMV

  11. Just got this back from @HyattConcierge: “We are only matching SPG Platinum members to Hyatt Diamond status. Your SPG Gold will qualify you to upgrade to Platinum status with Hyatt. I have updated your Hyatt account to Platinum status. ^LM”

    I wrote back and said a friend had told me about the offer and if there was any way for the better match to be applied. They replied back and said that as of noon CST, only SPG Plats would be matched to Hyatt Diamond. Glad it worked out for whoever got their match in time. I had tweeted them this morning but didn’t have a chance to follow up until later.

  12. Mike,

    Is it your conclusion that Hilton Gold will not match to Hyatt Diamond? Seems that some reports are trickling in of only matching to Platinum.

  13. I am glad i didn’t bother trying to requalify for my Diamond this year. I have noticed at several Hyatt that i frequent they are creating new room tiers. Seems to be a trend. Getting a room on points is getting harder, DSUs are also harder to use. The new points and cash bookable on web thing? nice move, except there is no availability. what a joke.

  14. For all those upset Hyatt Diamonds who ‘earned’ it the hard way, don’t worry about all the people getting their Diamond through this match process. I have a feeling that a lot, if not most, of them will not keep their Diamond after 2016 is over, so it’s just one year of added competition.

  15. Anyone else not getting a response? Sent all screenshots over at 1am last night Chicago time via dm, and nothing. Tweeted them about an hour ago asking. Thoughts?

  16. Seems like now Hyatt is turning away business…I’m closer to SPG Plat than I am Hyatt Diamond so I have to keep my $$ going where it makes sense. Hyatt had the chance to grab my business with this, too bad they changed the rules midstream. Here’s what they told me 2 hours ago:

    Unfortunately we are only matching SPG Platinum to Hyatt Diamond. There currently is no program to fast track to Diamond. ^LM

  17. @David – Not sure. That’s the hard thing about this match. There aren’t clear terms posted anywhere so everything is anecdotal. If you see @Sice’s comment below, it looks like they’ve possibly changed terms even since I was matched.

    @Daniel – I’ll bet they are getting a bigger response from this than they expected (both people matching and pissed off Diamonds). Could be that they are revising terms or they are just working to get through the backlog. I do find Hyatt’s twitter team to be the best out of the travel providers I ever interact with.

    @Ken – It’s two different pictures. If you look closely one still has the “terms and conditions.” They look the same since the information is standardized on every members’ hyatt account.

  18. I encourage current Diamonds to spend two minutes and write to Hyatt about your displeasure in this devaluation to the program. They will flood the market with more DSUs which are already difficult to use.

  19. Mike, if you were able to cancel your existing hotel reservations for the Maldives, would your new Hyatt Diamond status change the equation as far as staying at the Park Hyatt Maldives?

  20. this is an outrage.
    now, i have to compete with these faux diamonds for DSU and room upgrades in general.

  21. @Bill – That’s an interesting question. I think I’m pretty invested in Gili at this point – I don’t want to admit to the amount of time I’ve spent reading reviews or looking at Instagram photos.

    I might consider rebooking if we were traveling during peak season and the cost at Gili was higher. I also think the proximity to Male is one of the biggest factors keeping us at Gili since we can’t be gone for too long. I figure the roundtrip from MLE to the PH costs us a day of our trip.

    The status has absolutely turned other trips upside down for me, which shows the value for Hyatt to do these matches. My wife and I are probably going to add a trip with the kids next year. And we had plans for a trip to the Middle East and SE Asia that will now have stays at Hyatts so we can make the most of the status.

  22. Mike, how did you send over the screenshot on a DM? When I tried to attach a photo it just goes to the camera as if you’re taking a photo/video. No way to select from the screenshot in my photo album. Thx. (I did google it but couldn’t seem to find an answer). I too can’t understand why they would offer this. I’m only Gold in SPG and Marriott. But like you say, why not try. They can only say “no.”

  23. @100K – Sounds like you need to give Twitter access to your photos. On an iPhone, it should be under Settings>Privacy>Photos>Twitter. If you use an Android phone, maybe someone else can help.

    Also, you have to send them one at a time, but that’s easy enough.

  24. Cory! Me also! Stayed in an airport hotel in April that turned out to be Sheraton… Last year I had 1 Westin stay. I booked an upcoming Sheraton stay and logged on and saw ‘Gold Preferred Guest’… Hope I get Diamond… My wife is Marriott silver and I plan on matching us both 😉

  25. Lol this is crazy! I assumed you had to be plat at spg or diamond at hilton to get matched to Hyatt diamond!!!!

    I didnt bother doing this assuming that was the case as im only spg gold.

    DM sent!!!! Lol

  26. Interesting, I haven’t gotten a response from the twitter team in 6 hours but about 4 hours ago I sent all my info in via email. I am guessing they got overwhelmed with responses and changed the rules midway through. Horrible play by Hyatt. They should put Lucky on retainer and have him tell them when their plans are going to backfire. Who in their right mind at Hyatt would think they wouldn’t get 20K-50K requests for this as soon as it went live.

  27. It’s kinda ridiculous how easy they are giving it away. As a Diamond I’m not happy about it.

    Went to Flyertalk and someone posted that Hyatt has changed the rules

    “With this promotion we are only upgrading SPG Platinum to diamond.
    Other memberships will only qualify for a Platinum upgrade”

    Not sure if that is true or not

  28. i let hyatt concierge know of my dissatisfaction with this bum deal.
    hope more of real diamonds do the same.

  29. If a family member has Diamond with Hilton, but doesn’t have a twitter account, am I able to do it for him? Or does he have to sign up for his own twitter account in order to be able to do it?

  30. For the “true” Hyatt Diamond members who feel burned by this deal, Hyatt is a business not an exclusive club. For those who qualify but fail to get status through Twitter, Hyatt rates are consistently inflated and their corporate discounts negligible or nonexistent. Until SPG completely runs out of steam, I’m sticking with Starwood properies for now.

  31. How long is it taking to receive a dm reply from hyatt? I sent them a dm at 1:30 am est last night requesting match info and have yet to receive an initial response.

  32. Just going to have too many Diamonds competing for the suite upgrades next year. It’s not like Hyatt has a lot of properties worth upgrading at.

  33. @ Jason – Who, besides existing Diamond elites, is complaining about this Twitter promotion? If Hyatt wants to do a ton of status matches, that’s their decision, but I agree with Dan that Hyatt should apply the promotion with some degree of consistency. Giving some Twitter followers instant Diamond while others are left in the dark with no response isn’t doing Hyatt any good.

  34. I’m Marriott Plat, and Hyatt Plat via credit card, and was planning on starting out by staying at Hyatt for a family Christmas trip to London.. I’ve reached out to them, and haven’t heard anything back yet. I’ve sent my screenshots for expediting. Until these comments, I saw nothing explicitly stating it was SPG people only. Will let you know if anything happens.

    For those outraged, even if it works, it would simply give me another set of inventory for which to price match. I won’t be taking all of your upgrades away from you. Settle down.

  35. Well, I’m planning a trip to Europe next summer and definitely will NOT be staying at any Hyatt’s this year because of all those lousy status freeloaders.

    Me? Oh, I have SPG Gold via Amex Plat, Marriott gold via RC credit card, Hilton gold via Surpass, IHG Plat via CC, Hyatt plat via CC, Radisson Gold via CC, BW Diamond via match….

  36. @Mike

    How long did it take for your DSUs to post? Sounds like they did not show up in your account “immediately” with the change in status.

  37. I think I shot myself in the foot. After not hearing back, I sent a “just checking in” dm about 18 hours later.

    Now I’m thinking that moved my whole conversation back in the cue due to the new message. Doh!

  38. @Pete – You’re correct. Status was immediate DSUs posted the next day (today) around noon on the west coast.

    @Cynthia – That’s usually a a condition of status matches. But, with no rules published for this, your guess is as good as any.

  39. To everyone complaining about Hyatt’s seeming benevolence, might I suggest that this may be more of a survival tactic than philanthropy. Hyatt is nOw competing in a world of giant monsters – Hilton IHG and Marriott now have thousands of properties. Hyatt has 500ish. They are smart – not dumb – for enticing elite members from other loyalty programs. Stop complaining that you’ll now have more competition at the Cedar Falls Hyatt House – be glad they aren’t seeking to merge and dilute the program completely like SPG did. Then you’d have no status PERIOD.

  40. This Diamond Challenge is as boneheaded as the last.

    First, there is, of course, the lack of clarity and big confusion that usually surround pretty much anything that Gold Passport tries to do, which is why the program is, at best, a work-in-progress. Second, it should be clear to anyone that HGP had put very little thought into planning exactly what they wanted to accomplish and what would be the best way to accomplish it, since the acquisition of Starwood by Marriott was just announced a week ago. All they knew was that there would soon be many disgruntled SPG elites looking for a new home to catch on the rebound, so they dusted and rolled out the same old Diamond Challenge, oblivious to why they’d retired it in the first place. The consequences of this Diamond Challenge redux are, of course, the same as those of the last. I will illustrate those consequences with a concrete example.

    I have a SPG Gold status through my AMEX Biz Platinum and a couple of months ago I stayed at Sheraton Brussels for one night. Put those two together and it is clear that I would qualify for the Challenge. Although I do not care very much about becoming a HGP Diamond since I am treated extremely well as a HHonors Diamond and split my loyalty, this Challenge is practically begging me to abuse it and here’s why. As I noted elsewhere on this site today, I have three C+P award stays booked at Hyatt properties in SE Asia at the end of the year. With Hyatt dangling this Diamond status in my face, why should I not take the Challenge, immediately get access 4 DSUs, use these to upgrade my upcoming C+P stays, and then simply quit the program once I have used up the DSUs, without a thought to completing the challenge? See? It is boneheaded. Not only does the program get abused, it screws HGP Diamonds who got their status the hard way by swelling their ranks with folks who have no intention of giving their business to Hyatt.

    Well, I will not be one of those who abuse the program because while I have not bought into the bloggers’ hype about Hyatt GP, I do like Hyatt the hospitality company a lot, therefore, I have little incentive to abuse it. However, HGP is clearly a mess…a work-in-progress or an afterthought, at best; a joke at worst…


  41. @ DCS – Having read through your post, I’m still not sure what you’re trying to say other than you are not interested in aquiring suite upgrades through this status match since you’re not planning to switch your loyalty to Hyatt. Well, good for you, but not everyone who wants a status match from Hyatt is only after suite upgrades. If you do any significant amount of travel (from your single night at a Sheraton two months ago, that doesn’t seem to be the case) then you would know that things like free breakfast and late checkout are just as important as cooling one’s heels in a fancy suite.

  42. @chancer — You could not possibly have missed what I was trying to say because it is was in the very first sentence: “This Diamond Challenge is as boneheaded as the last.” Then I provided a vivid a example of how I could have easily abused it but chose not to, and I commiserated with HGP Diamonds who got their status the hard way and are justifiably pissed, all of which exposed HGP as a mess that’s not ready for prime time, the bloggers’ accolades and superlatives in describing the program notwithstanding.

    I do a lot of traveling [will become a UA million miler in 2016] and I do get free breakfast and never been denied late checkout as HHonors Diamond, despite the brouhaha that seems to imply that only Hyatt provides or “invented” these perks.

  43. I DMed my SPG gold and Hilton gold status to Hyatt on Thursday night at 1am est. got this response sat morning:

    I apologize for the delay. Thanks for reaching out. Yesterday we surprised some frequent travelers with Diamond membership. At this time we are happy to extend Platinum status to you. ^RS

  44. Yes Daniel, I can confirm that too.
    If it the same reply after sending them a message since Thursday. Took them 50 hours to reply.
    It’s has clearly backfired on them how they intended this to happen.

  45. Platinum may come in handy if you’re going somewhere that has a Hyatt, but it won’t encourage me to seek out their properties. The free breakfast for Diamonds would have swayed me. It’s too bad that Hyatt missed the chance to pick up a lot of business because of some misguided fear of suite upgrade abuse and all the whining that came from their existing elites.

  46. Just tried to match my Club Carlson Gold and received this reply: “Hello, currently we are only matching Hilton, IHG, Marriott and SPG. ^BP”

  47. Out of interest how do they validate current status. For example I have IHG Royal Ambassador, however I don’t mind them taking a screenshot of my details but don’t feel comfortable for example one hotel giving my details to another. Surely given today’s privacy laws hotels can’t pass on details?

  48. I just called Hyatt and it seems that the target now is just for Starwood Platinum to be offered Hyatt Diamond.

  49. Applied by sending email to on Saturday with proof of 2 SPG Stays this year (SPG Gold through Amex Plat), Accor Plat with 3 stays (Accor Plat through Amex Plat) and IHG Amb Plat (earned, my primary program, 20 stays so far this year, 19 at Intercon).
    Then emailed them back again this morning after creating HGP ID and just got status matched to Diamond through to Feb 2017 with 4 DSUs to be used till 29th Feb, 2016 (Presuming they will get renewed come 1st March).

    Works for me as it enables me to move to HGP from IHG (with RA status likely requiring 75 nights next year).

  50. I am hyatt Plat. I tweeted I have Hilton Gold and SPG Gold and they said there is nothing they can offer me now.

  51. Finally got upgraded to diamond this morning!

    I contacted them at about 10pm EST on Thursday and received a reply about 2 hours later asking me to send in proof of stay/status. Sent the screen shots in early Friday morning. Never heard anything back the rest of the day so I tweeted them Friday night and received a reply that I’d be upgraded “accordingly”. Two days went by and I still hadn’t heard anything and I tweeted them again last night saying I was told I would be upgraded to diamond and I still hadn’t (a bit of a fib, they never told me specifically I’d get Diamond). Got a reply this morning I’ve been upgraded.

    Two things I think may have made the difference in getting diamond, even days after the terms changed, are the fact I contacted them Thursday night and sent my proof in before noon CST on Friday, plus the fact that I have 200k points in my account transferred from Chase that I’m going to be using for stays next year.

    I’m gold with SPG, Hilton, Club Carlson and diamond with Best Western (from a status match with Club Carlson). I sent proofs of stays at Starwood and Club Carlson.

  52. Mike: I sent in CLub Carlson Gold and Kimpton Inner Circle and I only got Platinum. I emailed to ask if I could get Diamond with Kimpton Inner Circle again. Will see what they say.


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