Act Fast: Amazing Deal On Portable iPhone Charger

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Keeping electronic devices charged while on the road can be a challenge. Admittedly I’m a bit OCD, but one of my greatest focuses in life is always charging my devices when I have access to an outlet, even when they’re almost full. Because you never know when you’ll need them, especially when you’re traveling

Anyway, the iPhone charger I use presently has an awesome flash sale on Amazon. The Anker portable charger is marked down to $21.99, which is even lower than the sale price of $29.99 (the original price is apparently $89.99).

What makes it so awesome is that the Anker portable charger will charge your iPhone 6 five times on a single battery, and it will charge two iPhones at once. I’ve had all kinds of chargers in the past which will charge it maybe once or twice if you’re lucky, and sometimes it just feels like more trouble than it’s worth. With five charges per battery, I love this charger, especially since it will charge two devices at once.

Perhaps most useful for others with OCD, but I really appreciate that Anker puts the USB ports on the end of the unit, so you can easily charge it while it’s in your bag with the ports exposed, rather than having to take it out.

If you’re in the market for a charger, I highly recommend this one. Act fast, because the offer expires in hours.


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  1. Lucky,

    It is always available at 29 bucks…7 bucks off is hardly *amazing deal*. Unless you are buying in industrial quantities. Especially for a website which covers international first class. 🙂

  2. Go to or your favorite deals site and search for “portable charger.”

    You will see that there are deals as good or better than this all the time. This why I wish travel blogs would just stick to travel.

  3. I have a 21k mah Anker and a 13k mah Anker — love both of them. This is a deal, but I wouldn’t call it a screaming deal.

  4. This is a good deal and just purchased one. I have one that doesn’t even last two charges for more than that price. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. I find it odd that the travel blogs are promoting a high priced iPhone charger today @OneMileataTime @KLAtravel @pizzinmotion (as compared to the $5-$10 generics).

    If you are looking to promote tech products and as a strong affiliate program and great prices on generic items like this.

  6. For the two other people that don’t have iPhones: this will also charge Android phones (or anything that charges over USB, including cameras, portable modems, tablets, toothbrushes, etc.).

  7. I’ve had this for about a year, it’s great. I can charge my phone just over 5 times on it. I’ve charged Kindle Fires on it too, got about 2 times on those. This is a really good price, if you’re looking for a portable charging option this is a good one. Make sure you’re good with the size though…

  8. Saving $7 is a weird thing to write a post about, but on the other hand, this prompted me to buy one, which I’ve been meaning to do, so thanks for the reminder!


  9. started to branch out to amazon links are we ;), i guess someone has to pay for the lifestyle… having said that I bought one through the link as well

  10. Anyone else ready to pounce on Ben for his suggestion? If he spends two hours investigating an item that costs less than $30, then he hardly has time to research and tell you about the great travel deals which benefit you. Instead of being critical, a simple thank you is sufficient. And if you don’t like suggestions you see, allow others to make their own judgment instead of taking up valuable blog space with your faux outrage.

  11. “taking up valuable blog space”? LOL !

    But why all the emphasis on iPhone? It’s not an iPhone charger, it’s a smartphone charger. In fact as Tiffany mentioned, it works with non-phone devices as well.

  12. I just purchased the VicTec 10000mAh Solar Power Bank External Battery Portable Charger on Amazon for $15. Can charge the Iphone 6 Max or Samsung Note 5-6 times.. Can also charge 2 phones at a time, including tablets.

    The best part is after the initial wall charge, it can always charge from indirect and direct sunlight if not near a plug in power source. You cannot beat that!!

    I have an Anker as well which is more pocket size. There are several types on Amazon, I was just cautioned to always buy in the 10000mAh range.

  13. hey – he needs to diversify his revenue – hence the full disclosure if you buy one, i guess Ford is costing him more now !!! – agree,stick to travel blogs and leave the techy info to others.

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