500 Free Hilton HHonors Points

I love any opportunity to earn free points. Not only do I like free points for their value in being able to redeem them, but they’re also a great way to reset the expiration date of your accounts.

Hilton HHonors is offering 500 free HHonors points when you sign into the HHonors shopping mall. The terms state that this offer is only valid for those logging in for the first time, and is only valid to the first 10,000 people who take advantage of the offer.


I’m not sure whether they’ll actually enforce the 10,000 member limit, as it could just be a technique to get people to act fast. If there is in fact a limit of 10,000 members, I suspect they’ll take the banner off the website when the limit has been reached.

This couldn’t be easier, as you literally just have to enter your HHonors number and password.


And then you’ll be logged into the shopping portal.


The points don’t post instantly, and we actually don’t know how long it’ll take for them to post. That being said, since it literally takes 10 seconds to take advantage of this offer, there’s no reason not to.

I value HHonors points at ~0.5 cents each, so the 500 HHonors points are worth ~$2.50. But more importantly, they reset the 12 month expiration date of your HHonors points.

Bottom line

There’s no reason not to take advantage of this offer, even though I’d never actually use the HHonors shopping mall. There are more useful shopping portals out there given that there are much more valuable points than HHonors points. Still, this is an easy 500 points.

(Tip of the hat to View from the Wing)


  1. 100% agree with and emphasize the point that these maneuvers reset the expiration. I recently explained to a Starwood rep how helpful it would be to see the expiration date after we log in ( a la AA or UA). Seems like the hotel chains want to keep us guessing. And I wonder just how many miles and points every year are lost because they were simply forgotten. My sister sure learned the hard way a year or two ago when she discovered all of her US Air miles vanished.

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