Hyatt Guest Of Honor Benefit Extended Through 2016

Earlier today I wrote about the positive changes Hyatt made to their website when it comes to redeeming Gold Passport points. It’s now possible to do the following through their website (all of which previously required calling reservations):

  • Make Points + Cash bookings
  • Redeem Gold Passport points for club upgrades on paid stays
  • Cancel Gold Passport award bookings and get points redeposited

Anyway, Hyatt has made one other positive announcement today. Earlier this year Hyatt added what they called “Guest of Honor” benefits, whereby Diamond members can basically extend their elite benefits to friends and family when they redeem points for their stays. The benefit is described as follows:

Guest of Honor gives Diamond members the opportunity to extend their in-hotel benefits like Regency Club or Grand Club access, free breakfast, and late checkout to family and friends when they transfer a free night stay using points.


It’s a nice benefit, as it allows road warriors to redeem their hard earned points for friends and family members, while still allowing them to enjoy the benefits of status.


Perhaps the most exciting implication of the perk is that it’s possible to receive Diamond benefits for multiple rooms at a time. As it stands you only receive Diamond benefits for one room, but now a Diamond member can make a booking for themselves however they want, and then book a second room using points under the Guest of Honor program, and receive benefits for both rooms. That’s pretty awesome.

Anyway, previously the Guest of Honor benefit was valid through the end of 2015, though it has now been extended through December 30, 2016.


As a reminder, here’s a primer on how to make Guest of Honor bookings (it does require calling Hyatt reservations).

Bottom line

It’s nice to see this benefit extended, especially given how useful it can be when redeeming points for friends or family traveling with you. Kudos to Hyatt on this.

Have you been able to use Hyatt’s Guest of Honor benefit so far?


  1. I booked a room at GH Jakarta for my parents when I was still a Diamond. They extended the benefits to them. This was back in 2014.

  2. I’ve done a couple of GoH bookings 🙂 Would be nice if we could do them for P+C stays as well though.

  3. Lucky,
    Can I GoH booking for more than 2 rooms? Family (2 rooms) and friend (1 room) for upcoming wedding? Thank you!

  4. Do you happen to know if Guest of honor is applied to multiple rooms on which the Diamond member doesn’t stay?
    Thank you in advance.

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