Which Citi Prestige Benefits Apply To Authorized Users?

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Reader Patrick123445 asked the following question in the “Ask Lucky” forum:

What kind of benefits do additional users get with the Citi Prestige® Card?

I’m well versed about the benefits of the Citi Prestige® Card, and based on the number of times I’ve talked about the card, I suspect most of you are as well by now. 😉

I consider this to be the all around hottest credit card, and as previously explained, the perks on the card include the following:

The annual fee on the card is $450, though I consider that to be well worth it. The $250 airline credit is basically good as cash, as it can be used for virtually any airline purchase. And if you get the card soon, you’re basically looking at $500 worth of airline credits within the next couple of months.

Each authorized user on the Citi Prestige® Card costs $50. So which of the card’s perks apply exclusively to the primary card member, and which also apply to authorized users?

  • The primary card member receives one $250 airline credit per year; that being said, if an authorized user makes an airline charge, the credit can be applied towards it (which is to say that adding an authorized user doesn’t get you an extra airline credit, but those charges are eligible for the credit)
  • Fourth night free hotel benefit is exclusively for the primary card member
  • The $100 Global Entry fee credit has to be charged to the primary card, though it doesn’t matter who actually applies for Global Entry
  • Authorized users do receive a Priority Pass membership

That last point is pretty significant, since the Citi Prestige® Card arguably offers the most lucrative Priority Pass membership of any card. Not only does the Priority Pass member get lounge access, but they can also take either two guests or immediate family members with them at no additional cost. Getting a Priority Pass membership with guesting privileges for $50 per year is a pretty awesome deal.

Get access to the Alaska Board Room Los Angeles with a Priority Pass membership

Bottom line

Additional card members on the Citi Prestige® Card have the same bonus categories when it comes to everyday spend, but other than that the only other major benefit is a Priority Pass membership. Getting a full Priority Pass membership for $50 is a great deal, so it could still be worth adding an authorized user exclusively for that.

Personally I’d rather individually apply for the Citi Prestige® Card and get all the perks, given how many benefits there are on this card.

Has anyone added an authorized user to the Citi Prestige Card?

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  1. @Lucky, just got the card. Quick question: is my math right???

    I’m in Chicago going to Miami. Rt tickets on AA are $112 direct. So this will cost about 7,000 ThankYou points at 1.6 cents per dollar. HOWEVER, as plat, I will receive 2,400 miles * 2 = 4,800 AA miles for this.

    SO, assuming AA and ThankYou are roughly equivalent, I am spending about 2,000 points for a r/t to Miami????!!!!

  2. I have added 5 at different times and they told me no limit when I asked. By the way the $50 authorized user fee is prorated to the time remaining on the year so it can be less than $50…depending when you add authorized users

  3. Lucky,

    You forgot to mention one important benefit for golfers. The Citi Prestige also includes 3 FREE rounds at many clubs. You can see more here: http://thepointsguy.com/2015/04/enjoy-3-free-rounds-of-golf-with-citi-prestige/

    Even if the primary cardholder isn’t a golfer I found that I could register under my brother’s name (who IS a golfer) and I have as an additional cardholder. He has had NO problem using the free round since it’s in his name.

    This is a great benefit worth as much as $500+ if you go to expensive golf courses. One benefit that I see many bloggers forget to mention many times.

  4. AMEX plat who?? I got my prestige two months go and booked 2 free rounds of gold in Vegas ($245), global entry for my daughter ($100), $190 airline credit already got back my fee and more… Fantastic card… Just wish the card itself was bit more prestigious mafe of metal.

  5. I just added my fiance to the card as an authorized user because we will be traveling to Asia next month. What I find annoying about adding the authorized user to this card is that they do not prorate it to sync with your annual membership dues. So since I applied for this card 8 months ago, I’m now paying $50 for adding him as an authorized user, and in 4 months when my annual membership renews I will have to pay another $50 to renew his (or at least this is what the customer service rep just told me). I’m actually considering cancelling his authorized user account when that time comes right after our trip.

  6. I like the card a lot but am disappointed that my spouse doesn’t get access to all the benefits of the card. Only I as the primary cardholder do. We don’t want to spend $900 on two cards but both could use the benefits. There wasn’t a joint cardholder option on the card application. I’ll call them to find out, but this is a big drag for her, making the card a little less prestigious than it could be.

    I’ll be sure to post if they do allow joint membership, but I highly doubt it.

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