2016 Air France/KLM FlyingBlue Promo Awards — Up To 50% Off

One of the best uses of Air France/KLM FlyingBlue miles is booking their Promo Awards. FlyingBlue publishes these every month, and they offer 25-50% off select award tickets on Air France and KLM metal. Back in the day Promo Awards would consistently be for 50% off and would have a good number of options in business class, though unfortunately they’ve devalued the program somewhat since then, and the discounts now vary.


However, there are still some great values to be had. FlyingBlue just published their latest Promo Awards. These are valid for bookings made between November 1 and November 30, 2015, and for travel between January 1 and February 29, 2016.

For the past several months the Promo Awards have been underwhelming, which I suppose isn’t surprising given that the busy summer travel season is just wrapping up. For context, here are some of the Promo Awards we’ve seen so far this year:

Air France A380 economy class

For this Promo Award period, there are several North American destinations on the list. Here are the eligible routes to/from North America:

  • Europe to Boston / Economy Class / Air France / 25% off
  • Europe to Chicago / Economy Class / KLM / 25% off
  • Europe to Edmonton / Business Class / KLM / 25% off
  • Europe to Houston / Economy Class / KLM / 25% off
  • Europe to Montreal / Business Class / KLM/ 25% off
  • Europe to Vancouver / Business Class / KLM / 25% off
  • Europe to Vancouver / Business Class / Air France / 50% off

FlyingBlue-Promo-1 FlyingBlue-Promo-2

That’s one of the better lists we’ve seen in a while, as four of the seven Promo Awards offer discounts on business class awards, and one of them even offers 50% off those awards.

I’d say that Vancouver to Paris for 31,750 miles each way in business class is an especially good deal. As of the time of the post it doesn’t look like FlyingBlue has updated the mileage costs yet, though you can expect to pay about ~$230 one-way in taxes & fees, which isn’t too bad, in my opinion. I expect the mileage prices for this set of Promo Awards should be updated shortly.


Be sure to check out the full listing of Promo Awards, as there are plenty of Promo Awards for other regions as well.

Air France’s new business class product

As a reminder, FlyingBlue is transfer partners with Membership Rewards, and points generally transfer instantly.

Bottom line

While the Promo Awards aren’t valuable to everyone, if they coincide with travel you have planned, they’re a pretty good deal. Hopefully some of you can take advantage of them.

Do you plan on taking advantage of one of FlyingBlue’s Promo Awards?


  1. Another round with little to no 50% off for the U.S. again. Add in fuel surcharges, and you get a deal that’s not much of a bargain.

  2. Beware as J to YVR is on a B772 with AF and A332/3 on KLM with the old business class configurations.J. Same goes for YEG (A332), not sure about YUL. New J on KLM not until late spring 2016 and not sure when to AF on these routes.

  3. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of reward space on the AF routes in business. I’ve never actually found any but I haven’t looked too hard. Make sure you find what you’re looking for before you transfer all those miles over!!

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