Emirates Offering Targeted Status Match Opportunity

Emirates is an airline which doesn’t status match often, though they have a status match campaign available through November 30, 2015.


Here are the eligibility requirements to take part in the Emirates status match opportunity (it’s worth noting that in addition to the below, your Skywards account needs to be registered in France to be eligible):

You’ll need to hold a top-tier frequent flyer membership with another airline, with travel patterns similar to our Gold and Platinum tier requirements, and acquired on regular travels on long-haul flights on the Emirates network. These assessments are subject to the applicable criteria by Emirates.

  • Gold: 50,000 Tier Miles
  • Platinum: 150,000 Tier Miles

Here’s how you apply for an Emirates status match:

Simply send a copy of your frequent flyer membership card from another airline to offreskywardsfrance@emirates.com by 30 November 2015. We’ll contact you to let you know if you qualify for this offer.

Emirates has an interesting way of positioning this status match in two ways:

  • They claim that to be eligible your regular travels need to be on “long-haul flights on the Emirates network.” That being said, they’re only asking for a copy of your frequent flyer membership card and not your account statement, so I’m not sure if that’s more of a recommendation, or actually a requirement. It could be that they request a statement in a follow-up email.
  • They’re saying that they’ll “contact you to let you know if you qualify for this offer,” so we don’t know exactly who is eligible. That being said, if you have top tier status with an airline and a Skywards account registered in France, I’d say you have decent odds.

As a reminder, here are the Gold and Platinum elite benefits offered in the Skywards program:

Gold benefits include:

  • Lounge access with a guest throughout the Emirates network
  • 50% bonus Skywards Miles
  • A guaranteed seat on your chosen flight, even on fully booked flights
  • An extra 16kg baggage allowance
  • Priority check-in, boarding and baggage delivery

Additional Platinum benefits include:

  • First Class Lounge access in Dubai, as well as lounge access with a guest throughout the Emirates network
  • 75% bonus Skywards Miles
  • Complimentary Gold membership for a spouse or partner
  • ‘Last Seat’ Flex Plus reward tickets, even on high-demand flights
  • First Class check-in


Skywards isn’t the most rewarding frequent flyer program. I find their mileage redemption rates to be borderline outrageous, so I wouldn’t really be looking towards this program if your goal is to earn valuable miles.

Instead, Emirates status is valuable if you don’t usually fly premium cabins on Emirates. It’ll get you priority check-in, lounge access, etc. Perhaps the biggest benefit, which isn’t even published, is that you get priority when it comes to operational upgrades.

Emirates status may score you operational upgrades to business class!

There are many Emirates routes which are consistently oversold in economy and undersold in business & first class, and as a top tier elite member you’d be near the top of a list for an operational upgrade.

Personally all my travel on Emirates is using Alaska miles in a premium cabin, so I wouldn’t get much value out of the offer. And amusingly enough, award tickets on Emirates actually show the same as revenue tickets on the manifest, so you’re already treated as a “full fare” customer when traveling on an Alaska award on Emirates.

Bottom line

I know some people like shiny cards, and presumably some people frequently travel on Emirates in economy. So hopefully someone can get value out of this offer.

Emirates A380

Personally I’d much rather earn Alaska Mileage Plan miles for paid travel on Emirates, though that won’t get you the same status perks (though the two airlines are starting codesharing soon, which will come with some benefits).

If you take advantage of this status match opportunity, please report back with your experience!

(Tip of the hat to stimpy on FlyerTalk)


  1. But Alaska Miles can only be redeemed on Emirates for those originating and going to USA right? Doesn’t work out well for most people globally if they were to credit flights to Alaska.

  2. Why would I be making “regular travels on long-haul flights on the Emirates network” if I’m not a top-tier member of their program, but I am of another airline or alliance?

  3. I will be trying this. I am based in Netherlands and travel regularly to Asia with Etihad. I have Gold status and it would be great to have the same status with Emirates. It would definitely influence my ticket purchases, all things being equal.

    Regarding op-ups, I agree. My first flight ever with Emirates was upgraded.

  4. @ Adam — Something like 85% of Emirates passengers connect in Dubai, so it’s conceivable you frequently fly between New York and Delhi, London and Sydney, etc., which are routes many use Emirates on.

  5. @ Jubbin — Yeah that’s a very valid point. Though Alaska does have some other partners which allow redemptions for travel other than to/from the US.

  6. It’s been over 2 months and still waiting… anybody in the same boat? Extremely disappointed as all my reminders have not been answered

  7. Sent request on 21 Nov 2015. Received response on 23 Jan 2016. No upgrade! Will be closing account as it takes 2 months to get a response to a request – poor service.

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