Le Meridien Pop-Up Stand At Amex Centurion Lounge Dallas

American Express Centurion Lounges are already a huge step up from any other US airline lounges. They feature real food, a great selection of complimentary cocktails, and they have decor that’s from this century.


The two downsides are as follows:

  • They have a limited number of locations. As of now there are just Centurion Lounges in Dallas, Las Vegas, MiamiNew York, and San Francisco; there’s also a Centurion Studio in Seattle (which is basically a smaller version of a Centurion Lounge)
  • Centurion Lounges tend to get crowded. I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The lounges are considerably nicer than anything US airlines offer, so it’s no surprise that people flock to them

The nicest Centurion Lounge in the US is probably the one in Dallas, which is the largest and also features a spa, where you can receive a complimentary 15 minute treatment.


Anyway, via Hans Mast, if you are passing through the Centurion Lounge Dallas between now and Friday, you’re in for an extra treat, as Le Meridien has a popup stand in the Centurion Lounge.


Apparently the pop-up stand has eclairs (with a Texas twist) as well as made-to-order espresso, cappuccino, and lattes. Thanks to Hans for sharing these photos:




Now of course in and of itself this isn’t a reason to travel through Dallas, but it is a cool thing to check out if you happen to be passing through there. The lattes look like a huge step up from the usual Centurion Lounge lattes. While the Centurion Lounges have among my favorite automatic espresso machines out there, you simply can’t compare one made by a machine to one made by a barista.

So what’s the reason behind the Le Meridien pop-up stand? I have no inside knowledge, but Starwood and American Express do have a close to partnership (Amex issues SPG’s co-branded credit card), so I’m guessing that has something to do with it.

Will you be able to check out the Le Meridien Centurion Lounge Dallas pop-up stand this week?


  1. Visited the Centurion Lounge at DFW Saturday; was not impressed and do not think it lived up to the blogger hype. Probably in the minority in that thought and would say it would not be worth it to get the Platinum card just for access.

  2. @nick right there with you. I cancelled my Plat card because the lounges were simply not worth it. Way too few of them and even the ones that are open (been to all but Seattle) were way to crowded. Couldn’t sit, couldn’t get work done, couldn’t really get to the bar. It’s not worth it for the very select destinations.

    Sadly, the platinum card as a whole isn’t worth it anymore. Such a shame since I had it for such a long time, too.

  3. I was there twice for a trip to/from HKG. I was there for the “birthday” celebration of the Cent. Lounge and had a nice (very sugary) cake. Food was better fair than most domestic lounges, but was small-ish for the # of ppl using it and unless you had a long layover, you probably weren’t getting in a compl. massage.

    That said, it was a nice relaxation point, albeit a bit of a walk to get to…for free, not bad 🙂

  4. We will not make it this week, however a few of us are doing a mileage run the next week and we will be visiting both the DFW & SFO Centurion Lounges (plus throw in an SFO SkyClub).

    Hopefully, another treat shall be found along our way…

  5. I wonder how you got pictures with so few people in the lounge. It is always slammed to the point you stand in line to get a chair the few times I have been through DFW.

  6. Houston will the next and the seventh US location for the Centurion lounge. If AMEX lounges are the only consideration used to get the Platinum card, it is definitely not worth the money like what @Nick and @Jason said.

    Otherwise, the US Platinum card is actually a good bargain even for a frequent traveller compared to the same product from other countries (higher fees, less benefits). On top of the AMEX lounges, $450, you get $200 back from airline credits, another $100/$85 back for Global Entry/TSA Pre✓ application fees, SPG Gold, Hilton HHonors Gold, Priority Pass Select ($99), and no foreign transaction fees, etc. The hotel elite status (especially for late checkout) helps when you have loyalty to Marriott, IHG or Hyatt affiliations but is still in a city where only SPG or Hilton hotels are available.

  7. I’ll be there Monday and Friday next week, hopefully when the pop-up stand leaves it takes a chunk of people with it…and DFW’s Centurion Lounge sure feels small, so much floor space is used getting from area to area in the club. Plus the spa consumes a chunk of real estate. But it is a nice place, we’ll see if I keep the Plat card for year 2, getting the airline credit 2 calendar years for one annual fee made it a no brainer, esp with a bunch of business travel to DFW this year…

  8. This exact set up was done by Le Meridien at the SFO Centurion Lounge last summer right before 4th of July. As I recall, they also gave discount coupons for Le Meridien stays.

  9. They gave away Le Meridien discount coupons in my past visits to DFW, without the pop-up. Something like 3rd night free.

  10. I’ll be flying out on Thursday night! Going to stop by and grab a cappuccino for sure! This looks great!

  11. I was at the lounge at DFW yesterday. There were quite a few people there, but the lounge is huge and there was plenty of seating. No waiting in line for food. And the eclairs (the vanilla ones) were delicious. The had run out of chocolate. The salmon and bbq brisket were wonderful. Lounge is top notch and the staff friendly.

  12. I agree with the @nick and @jason, the Centurion Lounges do not live up to the excessive blogger hype. Sure, they are nice but not on the level they claim. My guess is any blogger who does not have an Amex agenda, would review them with a more critical eye.

    I live in Dallas, so I was a frequent user. (And really, the LAS club kicked butt all over the DFW club) The food, although pretty good, was frequently not maintained to be fresh and appealing. The serving platters/pans/bowls are not maintained and typically have dried food on the edges. The service utensils are pretty, but not functional. The set up on the cold buffet is pretty, but cumbersome. Ideally, the human elbow needs to function like a U-joint to maneuver under the sneeze glass and up into a high-level bowl on the cold buffet. Many times there are over-spills and splashes… the nature of a buffet, but they are not cleaned up with any urgency.

    The restrooms were not maintained… In fact, on two visits there was no hand soap (after checking three times during my stay) and on one of those visits, no hand towels. There are urine stains on the floor under the urinals. Overall, its a mediocre experience unless one places free drinks and free food on a level above the overall experience.

    As a rule, the staff was very nice.

    The airline clubs are remodeling and upgrading their offerings and have many more club destinations. In many cases, they are larger and not as crowded as the Centurion. Perhaps most telling about the changing nature of American Express, they now deny entry unless there is a seat assignment on the boarding pass. There are times when ticket holding passengers don’t have a seat assignment and/or they stand by for a different flight. This also affects airline employees who are traveling. This effort is to reduce crowding but reading the online reviews, crowds are still a problem. What class of Amex members will they deny next?

    I had the Plat card for one year and after evaluating the options, I closed the account and moved to a competing card. More than Centurion lounge access, we valued Priority Pass and now have a card which includes that as well as a major airline’s clubs. The combination gives us Club accessibility almost anywhere we travel.

  13. Slightly unrelated. My amex platnium gets another annual fee on November 5. If i cancelled on the 4th and reponed a card in December would I be able to get another $200 airline bonus for 2015 in addition to the one for 2016??

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