JetBlue’s “HumanKinda” Short Film

Travel brands often creative abstract short films as a means of advertising.

Sometimes they’re brilliant, like British Airways’ “Visit Mum” short film (“Awww, now I feel emotional and want to go home to visit my mom! Which airline should I fly there? British Airways!!!”):

And sometimes they leave you shaking your head, like Marriott’s “Two Bellmen” short film (“Boy, violence happens at Marriott hotels, and they don’t seem to have good security. Which hotel chain should I stay at? Maybe not a Marriott!”):

JetBlue is the latest travel provider to sponsor a short film, in this case called “HumanKinda.” Here’s how the short film is described:

Do we need more of doing less? Is busyness robbing us of our humanity? Are you so busy that you’re actually kind of surprised you read this far? In this short film, host Sam Richardson explores our need to stay busy and how it affects our happiness by following the lives of two crazy-busy people in an attempt to find out if humankind is becoming humankinda.

If you don’t have ~16 minutes to watch the film, here’s a trailer:

And if you are intrigued, here’s the full short film:

I think it’s a well produced, amusing film with a valuable underlying message. We truly do live in a time where we’re all “busy,” regardless of whether or not we’re being productive. And in many cases we miss the simplest pleasures in life because of our busyness.

Of course JetBlue’s angle is very simple here: we should be less busy so we can take more vacations and relax… and fly JetBlue when we do take those vacations. 😉

Bottom line

In general I love when travel brands create short films like this. If you haven’t seen the British Airways “Visit Mum” video above, it’s an absolute must see (and tear-jerker). And I thought the JetBlue film was well produced as well.

If you did watch JetBlue’s HumanKinda video, what did you think of it?

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