Emirates’ Soccer Stadium Safety Demonstration

Emirates is an airline with global brand recognition which extends way beyond the people who have flown with them. The female Emirates uniform is iconic, and I think just about anyone who sees an Emirates crew in an airport can identify them.

Part of that is probably due to the amount of money Emirates spends on sponsorships for sporting teams and events. Every second soccer jersey I see seems to have the Emirates logo on it.

Anyway, Emirates did something really creative at a soccer game this past Sunday, October 25. Their cabin crew did a “safety demo” at a stadium in Lisbon in front of 65,000 fans… with a twist.

Here’s the video:

Well done, Emirates. Absolutely brilliant and innovative!


  1. Good idea. Poor execution. The fake crowd sounds on top was simply annoying. I understand they needed to emphasize the crowd reacting, but it was way too fake.

  2. @Lucky — The Emirates demonstration isn’t innovative. Back in 2008, Delta produced a “pregame video” that was played before Atlanta Falcons games at the Georgia Dome. The Emirates presentation hits almost exactly the same notes:

  3. Ouch. In light of the Falcon’s recent fine from the NFL for piping in fake crowd noise, that reference in the DL ad to the cheering crowd noise is a little . . . . well, awkward.

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