Unbelievable Air-To-Air Emirates A380 Footage

I’m every bit as much an aviation geek as I am a miles & points geek.

This past week footage surfaced of air-air filming of an Emirates A380. Apparently Emirates was flying an A380 around Dubai for one of their next ads, and the air-to-air footage was captured from a helicopter hovering immediately above it. Here’s the incredible footage:

Wow, wow, wow! I could just watch that over and over. I can’t wait to see what it’s used for.

Maybe it’ll be used as footage of the Emirates A380 circling near Dubai Airport so it can fly for an extra hour, per Jennifer Aniston’s request? 😉


  1. Very cool, but I wish they had waited for a few more days when I would have been been there. My hotel would almost be underneath them.

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