40% Off Select British Airways Economy Awards

British Airways Executive Club has announced a sale for economy award tickets on British Airways metal.


Executive Club is offering a 40% discount on reward tickets booked between October 19 and November 2, 2015, for travel through March 20, 2016.

The sale is valid to over 60 destinations out of London Heathrow and London Gatwick, as follows:


Unfortunately it’s limited to travel originating in the UK, though one-way or roundtrip travel is permitted. Furthermore, it appears as if only Executive Club accounts registered in the UK are eligible for this promotion.

On the surface this promotion is of limited value, given that British Airways has lots of carrier imposed surcharges for travel on their own flights. Furthermore, when you factor in the UK Air Passenger Duty, you’re out of pocket quite a bit for travel originating in the UK.

That being said, in terms of the number of Avios required, British Airways has very reasonable economy award costs, especially for off-peak travel. Here’s their current award chart, after the Executive Club changes which took place earlier this year:


For example, a London to New York off-peak economy award is ordinarily 13,000 Avios, so through this promotion you’d pay only 7,800 Avios. That seems cheap, though there will be $300+ of fees one-way, between carrier imposed surcharges and the UK APD:


Still, there are some instances where airfare is super-expensive, making this a great deal:

  • If you’re traveling during a peak period
  • If you’re booking your ticket last minute

When crunching the numbers on whether this makes sense or not (by comparing the total cost of booking an award to the cash cost), do factor in the Avios you’re forgoing by booking an award rather than a revenue ticket.

The terms of the promotion are as follows:

The required amount of Avios will be reduced by 40% on the selected destinations as stated. The full airline taxes, fees and carrier charges will apply per person, which as of 29 September 2015 are approximately as follows in our economy, World Traveller cabin, for a return journey:

All prices are correct as of 29 September 2015 but are subject to change. Discounts are available on British Airways operated flights to the destinations stated in World Traveller cabin only. Changes and cancellations are not permitted. All flights are subject to Avios Terms and Conditions and British Airways conditions of carriage.  Flights are strictly subject to availability which may be very limited or not available on some routes and will not be available at all on some dates. This offer is available on both peak and off-peak Avios prices and cannot be combined with any other offer. All prices are quoted in GBP.


Bottom line

While this is of limited use to many given the requirement for accounts to be registered in the UK, I still think some people will get value out of this. If you’re booking a ticket that’s last minute or during a peak travel period, this could very well be the best option.

(Tip of the hat to View from the Wing)


  1. Oddly, three weeks ago, I needed a last-minute flight from JFK to LHR, and BA offered me an economy class seat for 7,800 Avios. Needless to say, I snapped it up, thinking it must be some kind of error, and flew it. Surcharges were “only” about $200.

    But… my Avios account is registered in the USA and the flight was originating in New York. So… be aware that this promotion may be more widespread than BA is letting on. Worth checking.

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