Hilarious: WOW Air Giving Away Tickets On Tinder!

Okay, this is hilarious. WOW Air, the low cost Icelandic carrier, has been flying to the US since the spring of this year. They launched service to Baltimore and Boston, with fares starting at just $99 one-way.


They’ve offered great fares ever since, regardless of whether you’re terminating in Reykjavik, or looking to connect to one of their gateways in Europe.


Earlier this month WOW Air announced that they would launch flights to Canada, initially to Montreal and Toronto starting in May 2016. That’s exciting for those in Canada, though there’s something entertaining about it for those on this side of the border as well.

WOW Air is taking a hilarious approach to getting attention in Canada. Via WOW Air’s Twitter, they’re presently on Tinder in Canada giving away tickets:

Here’s what their profile looks like:


And here’s one of the hilarious conversations they shared:


I’m not sure whether the above conversation is real or not, but it’s brilliant!


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