SNL’s Over The Top Delta Flight Attendant Spoof

Saturday Night Live had a Delta-centered skit last night, starring Amy Schumer and Vanessa Bayer. The skit is about flight attendants trying too hard to be humorous. The beginning is funny, though I sort of don’t get the over-the-top second half of the skit, or why it had to involve one flight attendant falling out of the emergency exit, let alone two.

I guess you could say SNL was trying too hard to be funny in their skit about flight attendants trying too hard to be funny. 😉

Here’s the skit:

This isn’t the first time flight attendant humor has been spoofed in pop culture. In July I shared a Funny Or Die video about a flight attendant who keeps cracking jokes during the safety demo, but then later in the flight passengers realize they don’t actually recall anything from the demo:

That video was clearly based on the humorous safety demonstrations which have gone viral over the years, in particular from Southwest. As noted by View from the Wing, while the SNL skit is funny in many ways, the “real thing” is better in most cases.

SNL could learn a thing or two from this duo on Southwest:

Or this lady on Southwest, who has possibly the most viral safety demo ever:

What do you make of SNL’s Delta skit?


  1. Why does it seem like all the laughs during the announcements seem forced and over the top? Sure some of the jokes deserve a chuckle, but some people are laughing as if it’s the funniest thing they’ve heard their whole lives.

  2. @marcmsj That’s probably because it’s not live audience laughing, it’s a recording.
    I always said that SNL is just kot funny and people are just excited about it because it’s cool to be excited about it.

  3. The Delta Flight skit was completely ridiculous. It is impossible to open the door of a plane in flight, if the door was opened the whole cabin would depressurise and everyone would die, outside a plane it is around -119 degrees and therefore they would freeze to death in seconds, she couldn’t have swallowed “so much air” as the air at cruising altitude is very thin it is too thin to breathe, and plane doors open into the plane plus they aren’t on hinges and they move left and right not forward and back. In comedy, especially in skits, you are allowed poetic license, but you can’t completely disregard reality and the laws of physics.

  4. SNL is pretty lame. The new skits are totally for millenals who don’t know what real humor is. Not sure they even watch this on a TV or just their head down phones

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