A Humorous Definition Of Year-Round Flights

A reader sent me a link to something on Finnair’s website which made me chuckle. Finnair has a “destinations” section of their website, which shows information about a lot of the places they fly.

Perhaps the most amusing is their destinations page for Dubai.


Specifically, what displays at the bottom:

Finnair flies from Helsinki to Dubai year-round, except for between 28 April and 8 October. Please check your arrival airport, as Finnair flies to both Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC).


Year round service… except for six months of the year. Minor details!


  1. Apparently they’re upgrading every single Y passenger to J on those flights!*

    *Only applicable if said Y passenger was eligible for upgrades

  2. I also heard Finnair is celebrating Finland’s independence day, 6th of Dec, all year round, except 7th Dec through 5th Dec.

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