LifeMiles 150% Mileage Bonus Extended Until October 8

On Monday I wrote about the promotion Avianca LifeMiles is running in conjunction with the relaunch of InsideFlyer. The promotion basically offers a 150% bonus on the purchase of LifeMiles, which is the best publicly available bonus we’ve ever seen from LifeMiles. That means you could purchase miles for as little as 1.32 cents each.

Lifemiles-Bonus - 1

The downside is that you have to purchase at least 100,000 miles pre-bonus in order to take advantage of the deal. While $3,300 for 250,000 LifeMiles is a good deal, that’s not an insignificant amount of cash to spend.

Furthermore, the terms of the promotion have been quite confusing. Basically you had to register through InsideFlyer, then you were supposed to receive an email from LifeMiles with a link to buy the miles with the bonus, and you had only 24 hours to take advantage of it.

Apparently everyone else found that equally confusing, as InsideFlyer sent out the following update yesterday:

There was some confusing instructions for this program at its beginning and for those of you who clicked to the LifeMiles website, you know that the confusion started there … we were just the messengers! SO, InsideFlyer worked almost all day on Monday to negotiation some better terms for ours members. Effective immediately LifeMiles has agreed to rescind the 24-hour purchase rule. This means that you will have until October 12 to pay for the miles you are interested in. This is a bonus for members like me that are waiting for the loan papers at the bank to come through to pay for these miles. AND we have more good news. We were able to get an extension of the date for which you have to register with us for this promotion. Initially they wanted us to only make available registration for two days. We argued the point that with all that was going on with the relaunch that we thought it fair to have a total of four days which they finally agreed to and now we have been able to get them to six days. If you know a member (or a fellow traveler >> this is your time to be a best friend to someone) who was on the fence for purchasing these miles, please let them know that through Thursday they can register with us to purchase LifeMiles and still be eligible for the discounted Star Alliance partner awards.

For your patience, things got better for you.

As for payment, once LifeMiles has you in their system as registered by InsideFlyer (we send files twice a day to LifeMiles), they will contact you with confirmation and payment instructions. InsideFlyer does not get involved in that part of the promotion.

We hope this helps clarify and update a few things for you. As always, we stand by to assist you and feel free to contact us at any time about any thing.

In other words:

  • You can register to buy LifeMiles with a 150% bonus through tomorrow, Thursday, October 8, 2015
  • Within 24 hours of being registered, you should receive an email from LifeMiles with a link to buy miles at the discounted price
  • You have until Monday, October 12, 2015, to buy miles with a 150% bonus, regardless of when you registered for the promotion


When you follow the link in the email you should see the 150% bonus reflected on the purchase page:


Bottom line

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of this offer, it’s not too late. With a specific use in mind, picking up LifeMiles for 1.32 cents each is a great deal. That being said, I suspect that the minimum purchase requirement of 100,000 miles pre-bonus will prevent a lot of people from taking advantage of this offer, since that’s quite a cash outlay.

Redeem LifeMiles for travel in ANA first class

I’m still going back and forth on this promotion, though am leaning towards passing on it.

Do you plan on picking up LifeMiles for ~1.32 cents each?


  1. “You can register to buy LifeMiles with a 150% bonus through tomorrow, Tuesday, October 8, 2015″
    Thursday October 8th”

  2. Ben, do you mind writing up a post on the best uses for Lifemiles? I think that’ll help many readers determine whether we want to take advantage of this offer or not.

  3. If I had the available funds, I would be a buyer. I’m planning a trip to India for next fall and don’t have access to flexible points, which is unlikely to change soon enough for me to rely on using them.

  4. This is an intriguing offer. At first glance, the only extra charges I am seeing beyond the mileage requirement is a service fee per ticket of $25 to $80 depending on destination. If there are no other fuel charges or taxes, then I see that for $3,300, you could get just shy of two free roundtrip tickets from North American to Europe (1 business class ticket equals 126,000 miles).

    Now this is on the high side when comparing against other mileage programs, but if you don’t have to be hundreds of dollars in extra fees and taxes, it would be a great deal. Thoughts?

  5. Too bad there are some complexities in getting the bonus miles now. The bonus was a publicly available offer on the LifeMiles website in September, accessible by any LifeMiles member. I used the 150% bonus to pick up miles and redeem for a great Asiana ticket for January, First Class JFK-ICN, Biz Class HAN-ICN-JFK. A good return on the $2400 investment!

  6. The Avianca website doesn’t effectively allow you to search large blocks of time to find J/F awards.

    Ben: How would you suggest to search for award space? I have used KVS before.
    How about Expertflyer? Set an alert and then try those specific dates on the Avianca website?


  7. I am getting the same error message cannot seem to figure out how to get on this site. Any suggestions?

  8. There’s always another offer over the rainbow, but this one seems fairly lucrative. While their mileage requirements are high-ish, when I consider the amount spent it seems reasonable…. For about $4000 you can get 300K miles. Which is good for 3 one ways to/from South Asia in F class. Or nearly two round trips in C. There seems to be decent availability towards the end of schedule. I think I will probably do it. I agree that the outlay will probably limit the number of people who can do it. Now, as long as they don’t devalue again any time soon…

  9. Isn’t one of the big issues with Lifemiles is that they are difficult to conveniently redeem? I’ve been considering a purchase, but when I look on their site for flight options, I can only find routings too awkward to be bothered with.

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